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Using up Halloween Candy!

Collage of 5 recipes to use up Halloween Candy

Got tons of Halloween candy left over?

Well, hide your favorites and then get baking with the rest.

I have some ideas for you!  Let’s talk, “Using up Halloween Candy!”…

It’s always fun to use up your leftover candy in cookies and treats.  I’m sharing some of my favorites candy treats that I have made in the past with you today…

1.  Rolo Cake Mix Bars ~ Like Rolos?  These bars are so simple and start with a cake mix.  Hardest part is unwrapping the Rolos!

2.  Milky Way Cookies ~ These are some of my favorites.  I like to make a deep-dish version using THIS PAN.

3.  Candy Pie ~ I love this pie.  You start my making the most delicious chocolate pudding ever.  Honestly, it’s life changing.  Beyond that there is A LOT of candy involved.  So good.

4.  Reese’s Stuffed Oreos ~ This might be my best invention ever.  I came up with these last year on Halloween.

5.  Movie Candy Cookies ~ These are so good…and loaded with candy.  Also, totally adaptable to what you have on-hand.

6.  Salted Rolo Brownie Cookies ~ I love Brownies.  I love cookies.  I also love Rolo.  I love these cookies.

7.  Icebox Candy Bars ~ Dude, y’all have to make these.  Left over candy galore..make them with your own candy favorites, but definitely make them.

8.  Butterfinger Caramel Bars ~ Butterfinger? Caramel?  Marshmallow?  Got it all.

9.  Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches ~ Lordy, these are good.  A Reese’s Cup stuffed between 2 warm chocolate chip cookies.  Yep, this is real life.

10.  Snickers Popcorn ~ I love making popcorn creations and this is one of my favorites.

11.  Frito Snack Mix ~ I created this a while back for my friend Lori’s site.  Salty, sweet and totally addictive.  Sounds weird, but it’s incredibly yummy!

12.  Butterfinger Blondies ~ Blondies are my favorite food group.  And adding Butterfinger to them.  Heck yeah!

13.  Blow Pop Cupcakes ~ You always end up with bunches of suckers for Halloween.  Stick them in a cupcake topped with bubblegum frosting and call it a day!

14.  Sour Patch Cupcakes ~ Get your pucker on with these strangely unique cupcakes that totally mimic the sour in Sour Patch Kids!

15.  Twix Blondies ~ Perfection.  Make them.

I hope your Halloween was great and filled with sweets!

We’re dealing with hurricane stuff for a while. so we didn’t end up with as much candy as usual…but luckily I bought some just in case 😉

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22 comments on “Using up Halloween Candy!”

  1. Emily @ Life on Food

    This is the best part of Halloween. I think my teeth have rotted but I have gone to heaven!

  2. Shelly, love all these ideas. I have a 3 year old who is in love with candy corn. We are making the scarecrow bars today. But most importantly I hope you and your family are safe and not too water logged.

  3. luv what you do

    Best post EVER!
    I don’t even know where to begin. We don’t have tons of candy around here but we do have some PB cups!

  4. Thanks so much!! I was going to search for leftover candy recipes on Pinterest today but your blog saved me a trip 🙂 Now which to try first …

  5. heather bell

    our awesome grandma neighbors gave each kid A BAG of candy!! So, yes we will be making many of these. Thanks!=)

  6. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    Totally making 9 and 12. I have tons of leftover Reeses and Butterfingers (I hoarded them because they are my favorite)

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