Instant Pot Corn on the Cob

What kind of corn should I use? Nothing beats the freshness of in-season corn on the cob, and you can even cook it right in the husk.  However, this recipe also works with frozen corn on the cob any time of the year!

What You'll Need

- Corn on the Cob - Butter - Fresh Parsley - Seasoning

1. Prepare the herb butter by mixing the softened butter, herbs, and seasonings together with a spatula or fork.

2. Stack ears of corn in alternating  directions on the rack in the Instant Pot.  The corn can either be shucked or in the husk.

3. Add some water, close the lid, and seal.  Pressure cook on high for about 3 minutes and vent using a quick release.

4. Remove the corn from the Instant Pot, slather with herb butter, and serve!

ENJOY!  Corn on the Cob is a classic summer side dish. Enjoy it with some easy grilling recipes or alongside your favorite BBQ.

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