Hot Chocolate on a Stick

This Hot Chocolate on a stick is the perfect sweet Valentine’s treat!
We all have our own little idiosyncrasies.  They say this is what makes us an “individual”…or in layman’s terms, makes us a little freaky.
Most of us are quiet oddballs, while others are very public…case in point:  Tuesday nights on Fox.  For those not “in the know”, that’s American Idol folks.
Seriously, people…wave those freak flags high!
I know it makes for interesting TV and all, but sometimes those auditions are bah-RU-tal!!
Maybe that’s why I feel normal πŸ˜‰
While (in my opinion) I am not a full-fledged crazy, I do have some things that make me a little strange.
I will share one of these.
Certain words in our English language I cannot handle.
 I might go as far to say that they should be banned.
Now I am not getting all politically correct or topical…wrong blog.
I am staying strictly superficial here…buckle up.
We’ll start with a word I find ridiculous ~ “whimsical”.  I HATE it.  It has to be one of the most annoying adjectives out there.  I am not a fan of the word or, really,  anything that one would describe by using that word.  I have found that I am unable to watch certain shows on DIY, or HGTV because of their abundant use of the “W” word.  Say it out loud now..see?  It’s annoying.
Moving on.
“Scrumptious”.  This word makes my skin feel icky.  I will never say it.  Even thinking about it is making me want to take a shower.
Next up…
“Delectable”. Yes, another food adjective.  You are only allowed to say this if you are from England and you are wearing a bow tie.  Then and only then, is it appropriate.
Now, while not being a word, I am going to throw this one in…the phrase, “if you please”.  I am not Siamese and I do NOT please. Thanks.
And the mother of all horrible words…”moist” .  You don’t know how much that pained me to type.  It is the word equivalent to spit in the corners of someone’s mouth.  Or smacking.  It’s really the worst.
I couldn’t possibly be alone on this.
My family is aware of these words and quite regularly try to slip them into forms of conversation, whether they apply, or not.
Me:  “How was school today?”
Son #2:  “I had quite a whimsical” day.
Mean.  Just mean.
Now I will share a word that I personally love, but is my best friend’s nemesis.
Isn’t that hilarious?  I love that word and it is her kryptonite.
So, if hating these words makes me weird, I will accept it, because it is the time of year that we celebrate the ones we love, word issues and all.
Valentines Day.
Some love and it and some hate it, but either way, if you’re a mom your kiddo is having a Valentine’s party at school you’re gonna need to send them in with something sweet.
I saw this cute idea over at Sprinkle Bakes (who got it from giver’s log) before Christmas and had planned on making them then, but life happens and I saved them for V-day.
Hot chocolate on a stick…
Adorable, right?
I will tell you, though, Sprinkle makes them look easy…that wasn’t my experience.
But I think it was worth it in the end.
I have never worked with chocolate molds before, and actually don’t own any, so I improvised.
Here’s what I did:
Hot Chocolate on a Stick
from the giver’s log
Makes approx 32
You will need:
2 lb. melting chocolate (don’t use candy melts) you want to go with a real chocolate with a high content of cocoa butter (it helps it melt smooth)
2 cups sifted powdered sugar
1 cup sifted unsweetened cocoa powder
Ice cube trays – or some sort of mold for the chocolate (I used a mini-muffin pan)
Large ziplock
Popsicle sticks or spoons
Now, I actually used fondue chocolate because you can find it in a big bag at WalMart, it melts well and is real chocolate.  Perfect!
Melt your chocolate over a double boiler careful not to get any water in the chocolate.
When chocolate is 2/3 melted remove from boiler and stir until all  is melted.
Add the sifted cocoa and sugar.
Stir together until smooth.
Dump the mix into your large ziplock and sip of the end when you’re ready to fill your mold.
Fill molds.
Insert spoon or wooden stick.  It should stand up in the chocolate.
Let cool completely, either at room temp or in the freezer.
To remove, since I used the muffin pan, they didn’t release out very well, so I put some warm water in a baking sheet and set the muffin pan in for a few seconds to heat up the chocolate, so it would slip out.
I decided to add some Valentines sprinkles, which is optional, but also hides any imperfections on the chocolate…of which I had many πŸ™‚
I melted about a cup of chocolate and dipped the bottom in the chocolate and then in the sprinkles.
Let them cool and package.
I attached a little note
Follow the instructions and you have yummy hot chocolate
Side note–I tried to use shot glasses for the extra chocolate, but they didn’t seem to release out, SOOO I had to eat them πŸ™ 
…OR πŸ™‚
So I am dying to know, am I alone here in the word war? 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kerri

    Those are so cute! I wish that my son's school allowed homemade treats. But they don't and we have to send in pre-packaged junk that just doesn't take that good. πŸ™

    I will have to keep these in mind for holiday gifts for work. πŸ™‚

  2. Diane {}

    Yours look great!
    I have a ton of chocolate molds (haven't made much in a while) the chocolate pops right out of the flexible plastic molds they run about $1. if you decide to make chocolates again:) as mini muffin pans aren't flexible to pop them out by twisting. I hopped over to see what sprinkle used and I have the mini brownie silicone tray she used-and don't like it at all for baked items and had lots of trouble with my pink fudge in it-maybe I'll see if it works with chocolate. I love the idea! so great! My kids aren't aloud to bring home made items any longer so that it why I haven't made chocolates in a couple years.

  3. a fan of anything chocolate

    My mouth is watering! You do a great job of explaining the process and the finished product looks so tasty. I am enjoying reading your blog…

  4. sarahe

    so cute! I hate the word "panties" blech. your hatred of the word "moist" make me think of an episode of "How I Met Your Mother"–it is a character's most hated word, and another character makes them all come to his one-man show, and the entire second act is him saying that word and squirting her with a water gun. hilarious. but i think it would be torture for you! πŸ˜‰

  5. Melody

    What a great idea. Your most hated words make me laugh. I have a 2 year old and therefore I watch Sesame Street. There is a celebrity bit with Jessica Alba defining the word scrumptious and showing different foods that looked scrumptious. It always makes me uncomfortable. Glad it's not just me. πŸ™‚

  6. Joanna

    Love the hot chocolate pops!

    And no, you are not alone in your word fear, especially not with moist. I think it's the most popular on the hated word list! I'm more of a regional phrase hater. Like "I'm going to a movie, wanna come with?" or "Where is my hat at?" ARRG!

  7. bridget {bake at 350}

    That's so funny! I kind of like all of those words. πŸ˜‰ I have a phrase that I despise, though…"it is what it is." Well, duh. Everything "is what it is," just don't way anything at all! πŸ™‚ Had to break my hubby of that one!

  8. SprinkleBakes

    Oh my gosh, yours turned out so CUTE! They look great, and I love the valentine hearts especially!
    Thanks for the mention too, you've got some really nice readers! A couple have popped by my blog to say hi! πŸ™‚

  9. Jaime

    Haha… i use the words scrumptious and delectable πŸ˜‰

    those spoons are so cute! love them. great idea (even if you didn't come up w/it)

  10. Bridgett

    These look heavenly! I love listening to those call in radio shows where people have the most insane problems since it makes me feel so much more normal, lol. I love the word list as well!

  11. Suzanne

    Those look really good..albeit p.i.a's to make! πŸ™‚
    I can't stand the phrase "well, let me ask you this.." drives me crazy. Just ask the stinkin' question already! πŸ™‚
    Have a great day!

  12. Natalie

    Whimsical reminds me of Alice in Wonderland – which subsequently reminds me that drugs destroy dreams – so I can agree with you on that.

    Delectable, however, was the word that entailed my winning of the 3rd grade spelling he holds a special place in my heart..or at least on my plastic dollar-store trophy. Same difference.

  13. Lauryn

    you crack me up!! All of my friends and I agree that the M word is the worst! Sometimes I feel like I have no choice but to use it when writing about something I make, and it always makes me cringe. And u know what, I never thought about it, but I cant stand the W word either! Hot Chocolate on a stick is such a cute idea!

  14. Chic Cookies

    Beautiful! So gorgeous… I'll be sure to post a link on my column tonight( I was going to work "whimsical" and "scrumptious" into the comment, but that would've been mean. Oh…wait. crud.

  15. Kathleen

    Really cute Valentine treat. The word war; you are not alone. I have my own list. How about flustrating! Frankly, I don't even think it's a real word! That one gets under my skin and truly frustrates me! But moist… else do you describe well, say, a "m" cake? Just askin?

  16. Mara...

    These look fabulous!! And I love how you used a mini muffin tin, i'm going to have to try that. And I just LOVE those little tiny heart sprinkles. Cute cute cute.

  17. Teanna DiMicco

    You are HYSTERICAL and I am obsessed with your blog. SO so so glad to have found it. Wow. Those are adorable… and delectable and whimsical are SO annoying! If you please… I almost spit out my wine. Hahaha! Love love love!

  18. Kristie

    Oh these look absolutely wonderful. I can only imagine what a cup of hot chocolate made with these would taste!
    As for the words, there aren't a lot of words that bother me, what does bother me is when people say word wrong, use it in the wrong way or just totally don't know what they are saying. Now that really gets to me!

  19. Amanda

    First I have to tell you this real quick before I forget. From your blogger profile, on the left under contact info there's a link that says "my Web Page". However, the link doesn't work, I think you left off the "s" at the end of cookiesandcups πŸ™‚

    NOW I must tell just how adorable and yummy these look! What a fabulous idea for VDay!

  20. Amanda

    First I have to tell you this real quick before I forget. From your blogger profile, on the left under contact info there's a link that says "my Web Page". However, the link doesn't work, I think you left off the "s" at the end of cookiesandcups πŸ™‚

    NOW I must tell just how adorable and yummy these look! What a fabulous idea for VDay!

  21. cookies and cups

    Amanda-thanks! I updated my profile…I guess I never paid attention to it! Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚
    I love that I am not alone on this, so crazy that other people have words too that they don't like! My husband think I am a kook for having words that are "off-limits" πŸ™‚
    Love all your comments!

  22. Angie

    You are not alone on the word war!!! I have a word that is a huge enemy of mine, ready, "panties"!!! Hate it, it is like nails on a chalkboard!! Oh, and "moist" reminds me of certain teacher πŸ˜‰

    The treats are awesome, can't wait to try them. I LOVE hot chocolate!

  23. Monica H

    I didn't really get what these were until I read the tag and now I think they're just so darn clever! I love them and they're so unique. So much better than a paper valentine and lollipop. Though I wouldn't turn one of those down either.

    I have issues with the word infrared.

  24. Brisbane Baker

    YUMMY! What a great idea!

    I really like your blog. I think I might just have to follow you πŸ˜€

    And totally there with you with the word 'Scrumptious'.. it's just one of those words that remind you of really weird memories :S

  25. Ingrid

    I saw those over at Sprinkles. She makes everything look easy. I think yours turned out great and the sprinkles were a great save.

  26. Anna

    I don't mind the W word or moist, but I'm with you 100% on the others. And may I add "yummo" to the list? I know that Rachel Ray has coined it, but it makes my skin crawl whenever I hear it.

    Also, I too made the hot chocolate on a stick but i used lollypop sticks. I love your idea of using spoons! Very cute.

  27. gatesofgrace

    These are darling. I will use the mini muffin tin as a mold, but I will pour my chocolate into mini muffin paper cups. They will release from the tin and peel away from the chocolate leaving a nice design behind πŸ™‚

  28. Kylan

    LOVE this idea… My 5yr old is on her 3rd day off (due to snow/ice and wind)so this will help fill the day with a fun activity. I also thought of using muffin wrapper.. but am not to sure how they will release from the paper…. so I am going to do a 50/50 split (muffin wrapper – no muffin wrapper)

    Thanks for sharing – you ROCK πŸ™‚

  29. Audrey

    I made these tonight! I needed some sort of goodie to make for the Christmas party so instead of the sprinkles, I crushed up some candy canes and dipped them in that instead.

    I wish you had specified whether you had used semi-sweet chocolate or not. Mine came out too bitter. Next time ill get it!!

    I put the spoons in a little cup filled with marshmallows. LOVE IT!


  30. Kelly

    This post was hysterical! I’m still laughing. My s-n-law has a serious problem w/ the word “creamy”. So of course, I have to drop the “c” word as often as possible. She seriously get squeemish when anyone says it.

    The candy cups look cute too.

  31. Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Had to chime in with all the fellow wordaphobes! I LOATHE the word “ain’t”. Every time I hear someone utter it, their IQ immediately drops 20 points in my opinion. I don’ care if they’re reading a quote from Huckleberry Finn….it’s an obnoxious word! I teach 2nd grade and I tell my students:

    “When you use the word, “ain’t” it makes you sound uneducated. If you are uneducated then I am not doing my job!”

    My husband wants to argue with me that it is in the dictionary. My counter-argument is that there are PLENTY of words in the dictionary I don’t want to hear!

    Oh, and another funny story; my daughters (12 and 13) watch the t.v. show “iCarly” sometimes. Jerry Trainor (this generation’s John Ritter) plays the older brother of the main character. In one scene, Carly is telling her friend (who was staying with her and her brother at the time) that she (her friend) had left her panties on the stairs again.

    The friend said, “Ugh! You know I hate that word!” and the older brother (Jerry Trainor) shouts out,

    “Well too bad! STAIRS, STAIRS, STAIRS!”

    You can see why I find that so hysterical!


  32. Hailey

    Love this idea! And in addition to the most hated words, I would like to add words that make my mother hysterical. 1st and foremost would be “slather.” The other is “meds”. These words send her into a tantrum. Sometimes when she irritates me I combine them all in a sentence that will send her from the room. πŸ™‚

  33. jules

    My first time visiting this site and i am really truly enjoying! Also glad that i have found a spot to vent about the word “decadent”. So often used to describe the best of the best~ I have only found dictionaries to use the word in a negative form~ as in “deceased” or “decay” If anybuddy (my favorite made up word) has an explanation on how this very sick sounding word became awesome, please lmk . THX ???

  34. Jackie Wood

    These look great for a cookie swap. I have to think ahead because I can’t stand to just take little bags of plain old cookies. So unique!

  35. Donna Walker

    My daughter and I love this idea! We are going to use it as ‘Thank You’ gifts for her Baby Shower. So thanks for the idea!
    But I have to tell you that she had sent me a link so I can see and read it for myself. I really tried to read it. But it was so annoying to read with all whimsical – dookie the talk, that I gave up trying. So she printed it for me and cut out the annoying part!
    If you and I were having a conversation, I’m sure I would have enjoyed it! But reading it when I’m trying to read a recipe idea, was too much!
    Thank you for the idea. I’m sure it will turn out perfectly! And I’ll pass it on without expressing my own silly annoyance!

  36. sarah

    Have you tried using paper cups in the muffin tin? (the kind for cupcakes and muffins) Or even try lining the molds with parchment paper.

    I kind of agree with Donna about the words thing, but I agree some words Are annoying.

  37. Denise

    Why not use mini cupcake liners then pour the chocolate mix into them ……when set peel off the liners and you will also have a cute design on them

  38. Jackie Wood

    Better yet, just spray the mini muffin pans with Pam cooking spray (or equivalent) and they pop out like a charm after they’ve been refrigerated a few minutes! Just did it today with my daughter-in-law and it was about the easiest project I’ve done. I bagged them in the 2×4″ clear bags and put a colorful ribbon around it and they’re adorable. I can’t wait for the cookie swap. The recipe made 43 for me. Now, I just hope my friends don’t look at this….. πŸ™‚

  39. Nicole B

    I just had to write you…I couldn’t even finish reading your post until I had to tell you I hate the “M” word too!!! I thought I was the only one haha. People at my job love to write that on my dry erase board. Just wanted to share, lol Happy crafting!

  40. So I was totally going to post that I made these and I LOVE them, but then I noticed that apparently I made them all wrong and just used your concept. I didn’t add the cocoa powder or sugar. I just used high quality chocolate (Merkers) that I thinned down with paramount wax. I tried the fondue chocolate, but all they had was Wiltons. It didn’t mix really well for me. It beaded and a lot of it floated to the top. NOt anywhere as good of a flavor as the Merkers. Oh and I think the paramount wax helped the chocolate pop out easier. Once mine cooled completely in the mini muffin tin, we just had to twist and they broke free. I used mini freeze dried marshmallows instead of sprinkles. They were super cute and super tasty! Thanks so much for the share and your photo is beautiful!

  41. JULIE

    just a quick thought…maybe it would work good with styrofoam egg cartons?…or those disposable little plastic cups that are sold at walmart in the paper products section..i use them for jello shots..but i think they would work great and it would release easily…<3

  42. Elnaz

    Hi there, I love your idea, very cute. I wanted to ask, before I attempted, do these “keep” well outside of the fridge? I am thinking of giving out as favors at a party and wonder, will they melt if I leave them out? Thanks kindly in advance.

  43. Annette Anderson

    Love it! My word is nummies! Whenever I hear it, all I can think is baby talk…do people still do that…kids are smarter than that! I’m going to make these treats for a Christmas Open House! If they turn out, i might just make them and keep them on hand all winter!

  44. Erin

    These were absolutely delicious!! Loved making them and eating them πŸ™‚ We decided to put white chocolate on the bottom with candy canes, delish!! Thanks so much for the awesome recipe.

  45. Creina O Leary

    Thank you so much, they turned out fab ???? I used plastic shot glasses and gave them a quick thin spray of oil. Came out perfect! Using them as a small Christmas gift for family x x

  46. Just wanted to give you a tip on getting them out. Pop in fridge for cooling (about 10 min) directly from the fridge “bend” back and forth a little and they will pop right out of the tins! Didn’t see that response, but I work with chocolate a lot!!

  47. Judy Guffey

    I tried this recipe but I think I did something wrong. When I added the cocoa and powdered sugar to the melted chocolate it was so think like clay. I molded them into the spoon and dipped in plain melted chocolate. It came out ok but takes a long time to melt into the hot milk. Any ideas?

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