Easy Fudge Recipe

What are some tricks for making fudge? Use Real Butter!  Alternatives, like margarine, will not set correctly.  Stir with a wooden spoon when melting the ingredients.  Metal spoons can conduct heat and cause uneven cooking.

What You'll Need

- Butter - Milk Chocolate - Semisweet Chocolate - Marshmallow Creme - Sugar - Evaporated Milk - Pinch of Salt

1. Combine butter with both types of chocolate and the marshmallow.  Give it a good mix with a wooden spoon.

2. In a saucepan, combine sugar, evaporated milk, and a touch of salt.  Heat until boiling, and continue to boil for a couple minutes.

3.Take the milk mixture off the heat and slowly stir in the chocolate mixture.  The mixture should be silky smooth.

4.Pour the fudge into a 9x13 pan lined with parchment paper and nonstick spray.  Cover tightly and let it set for several hours.

ENJOY! Once it is set, cut the fudge into squares and serve.  It will keep for 2 weeks  in an airtight container, if it doesn't get devoured first!

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