Nutella Crunch Cake

What is Nutella Crunch Cake?

This Nutella cake starts with a fudgy chocolate sheet cake, which is covered with a chocolate-Nutella topping. Add a Rice Krispie crunch layer, and it's perfection!

What You'll Need

You'll need chopped chocolate, Nutella, and a few other simple ingredients to make the cake, the topping, and the crunch layer.

Make the Crunch

First, lightly toast the hazelnuts. As those are cooling, melt chocolate, butter, and Nutella together. Then, toss in the hazelnuts and the Rice Krispies, and mix everything together.

Bake the Cake

Mix together the cake batter and then bake the cake until it's set. Next, poke holes in the top, mix the condensed milk and Nutella together, and pour the topping over the cake.

Add the Crunch

Once the topping has cooled, sprinkle the crunch evenly over the cake. Place the pan in the fridge for at least an hour so that everything can set.


Serve a slice of this Nutella cake with some ice cream, fresh fruit, or caramel sauce, and enjoy!

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