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  1. Anxiously awaiting news about your cookbook! Do you have a release date yet? I am ready to preorder it!

    1. HA! I love it! I am still writing and working and testing and photographing 🙂 So it will be a bit. Right now we’re looking at Spring of 2016…seems like an eternity!

  2. I am curious if you are ever going to get linked up with Ziplist Recipe Clipper? There are so many great recipes on here, but I have no interest in PRINTING out all the recipes that I like. I know with my group of friends, that’s a big part of the reason many of us don’t really bookmark and utilize this site. In a digital age, many of us foodies want our recipes digital and mobile in one program. Please consider it.

    1. Ziplist is a service that is being discontinued, so I recently switched from it to Easy Recipe. All of my recipes were on Ziplist for years.

  3. Shelly,
    I’m having trouble printing the Cornucopia Thanksgiving tag…I click on the link but nothing comes up…is there something I’m not doing? Could you send me the printable via my email?

    Such a cute idea!!

  4. sandi weathers

    These cookies look and sound fantastic. I love coconut.
    Do you know the calorie count per cookie for the chocolate chip coconut cookies?

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Shelly,
    Tried a few of your recipes recently, very nice I was looking for a banoffee pie recipe however I can’t find one, was wondering if you had one or have any tips many thanks Hannah x

  6. Karen Peebles

    I am new to your site, so far I rely enjoy it. However yesterday when I log on for recipe was I shocked to see what popped up on my screen. Glad to hear that problem has been resolved.

  7. Gerard Hartcher

    Hi Shelly,

    Gerard Here, love your cookies and cakes, I was wondering if you would like to do a review of my simplicity baking mat, I saw a picture of your Butter finger cookies with a mat there. We could do a giveaway for your readers as well if you like to. When you get a minute could you get back to me please about the idea.

    Thanks for your time.
    Dragon Bakeware.

  8. Hi love your site!! I live over seas , don’t have the normal cake mix.Do you have a homemade cake mix recipe?? In your vanilla cupcakes you have cake flour.. How can i make that homemade. Thanks

  9. I am on your cookies and and cup love your site,.
    Do you have a good butter cream icing recipe ? Thank you so much in advance

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