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A disclosure sounds serious. Like real serious business.

So I hate to disappoint you, but we all know I am not very serious.

What I WILL disclose to you is the fact that this website is mine. All mine.

I am by no means an expert on anything and have learned everything I know in the kitchen from my Grandma, my Mom and the worldwide web.

I have had no formal training, unless you count waiting tables in a BBQ restaurant while I was in college. And trust me, I was not a good waitress.

I do the writing, the picture taking, the baking and the taste testing. Well, maybe not all the taste testing…I have some helpers for that 😉

All the opinions here are mine…I understand that we may not all agree, and that’s cool, but know that whatever you read here is coming from me.

I occasionally do giveaways and /or reviews of products but they are products I stand behind.

All advertising on this site is generated by a third party advertiser.

If you would like to use any cookies and cups recipes or photos please request permission first, it’s the right thing to do 🙂

Thanks for reading the serious legally get on back to reading about sweets!

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2 comments on “Disclosure”


    I want to try your sweet dinner roll recipe. I always thought using yeast was hard and tedious.

  2. Brenda Andrews

    I would love to share this receipe with my staff…is this okay?
    I will give you 100% of the credit and share your website which will drive some traffic to you…

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