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No Bake Twix Pie

This No Bake Twix Pie takes all the elements of the popular candy bar and turns them into a decadent dessert! A creamy layer of thick caramel sits on top of a shortbread crust all topped with chocolate!

No Bake Twix Pie slice on a plate

Twix happens to be one of my most favorite candy bars. I mean OBVIOUSLY. The shortbread, the caramel…it’s a texture lovers dream! So I decided to turn it into a pie, because why not?! Plus, this is a no bake situation, so you don’t even have to turn on your oven.

No Bake Twix Pie

The beauty of this recipe is that it can be made in advance…or even in stages! You can make the crust a day ahead, or even the crust and the filling…

No Bake Twix Pie

And I did top mine with a little flaked sea salt because I love the salty/sweet.

No Bake Twix Pie

I have been known to eat this pie sliced cold out of the fridge with my hands. I mean it IS based on a candy bar.


For the FULL RECIPE hop over to Imperial Sugar. You will LOVE this one!

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5 comments on “No Bake Twix Pie”

  1. I made Twix Pie today for family that came into town and it was a big hit!! I loved the fact that is was a no-bake. I did crushed shortbread cookies on the top, not salt, but that’s just my personal preference. We ate it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream because we are just kinda “extra” that way! Thank you sooooo much for a big yummy hit!

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