30 of the Best Frosting Recipes

Today, I’m sharing 30 of the best frosting recipes! From basic buttercream to very vanilla and everything in between, you’re sure to find a perfect frosting for your next baking endeavor!

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Party in a Mix

Making cute stuff is fun, isn’t it? I’m not gonna bore you with a story today. Probably because it’s Sunday evening and my brain is weekended out. And because I know some of you might not feel like reading right now…I get it. But, that’s cool…the fact that you even...
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Black and White Cookie Bars

These Black and White Cookie Bars start with a cake mix! So easy and yummy! I’m all about a short cut. Don’t you love driving with someone and you take a detour and they’re all, “Where are you going?” and you’re all, “oh, it’s just a short cut”. You get...
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Mashuga Nuts

These Mashuga Nuts are SO good, they are candied nuts and can be served right out of the oven or room temperature! Just like the NYC street nuts! A few weeks ago my friend and I spent a whole day baking together. We made all sorts of yummy treats for...
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Mini S’more Pies

So, today I am doing another guest post. I know you won’t mind. You know how I know? Because I feel like we have a relationship, you and I. I feel like I know you and you know me. So I think you will like where I am taking you....
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Peanut Butter Cup Blondies – A Guest Post

Hi guys! Hoping to entice you with the picture of these delicious, buttery, white chocolaty, peanut butter cup blondies. I’m doing a guest post over at Add A Pinch today. Robyn’s site is pretty great and I feel kinda fancy posting over there! Hop on over now, check out my...
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Cookie Dough Fudge

This Cookie Dough Fudge is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! It’s rich, chocolaty and loaded with homemade cookie dough!  Well, I hope everyone out there either had a great Mother’s Day and/or spoiled your Mom endlessly. I had a very low-key, but completely enjoyable day. My husband...
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark

 Did I ever tell you about the time I almost got arrested? Thought that’d get your attention!! ok, let me break it down for you… My long-time best friend came up to NJ for a visit from Austin, like she does once or twice a year. We were freshman college...
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Rice Krispie Treat Pizza

So, I was told to “act my age” this morning. The disher of the advice was my 7 year old son. He told me this as I was playing air guitar. That’s normal, right? Air guitar in the morning? It’s a strange phenomenon when you go from being the only...
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Stuffed Brownie Truffles

Ok, you need make these. Not because they’re yummy. Not because they’re cute. But because they are EASY! I promise.  The hardest part here is the dipping in the candy coating.  But lucky for us, these truffles are wearing a cover up…pretzels. The pretzels are like your favorite beach sarong…there...
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Pretzel Crusted Key Lime Squares

I went to my first ever karaoke party on Saturday night. It was an…experience. I learned there are karaoke “types”: Type 1: The practiced songstress.  She sings beautifully, has clearly done this before and even has a “signature song” Type 2:  The “in-on-the-joke” singer.  This person gets up, knowing that...
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Eye Candy

I’m gonna keep the verbiage to a minimum here because there are going to be lots of pictures. Pictures of stuff I have made and haven’t posted. Enjoy… Here are some tries at fondant… A baseball cake for a little guy’s birthday.  The hat is made from rice krispie treats...
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Snickerdoodle Pie

This Easy Snickerdoodle Pie is so easy and delicious! Can be whipped up in just a little bit of time!  I’m gonna gripe. If you don’t want to hear it, please fast forward to the tasty recipe below. If you’re on-board to listen to my diatribe, please carry forth.  Today’s...
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Counting Sheep

There comes a time in your life when you realize you’re “older”. Not gonna say “old”. But “older” is accurate. My time happened a few weeks ago at the birthday dinner for my very dear friend. After a dinner soaked with wine she decided that it would be fun to...
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Pudgy Cake

Pillsbury Cake Redux. This cake was inspired by a few different things…first and foremost by the cool Pillsbury products I received in the mail (that you can get too) AND by haters. I have to admit to you, I kinda love haters. I mean if you have people who take...
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Funfetti Brownie Cake

Here’s a little video on how to make and decorate a Funfetti Brownie Cake! Here are the details of the cake I just made in case you’re super lame and didn’t watch my Emmy Award winning clip: Bake 1 box Funfetti cake mix in 2, 9″ round pans according to...
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