Mint Oreo Snowman Truffles

Mint Oreo Snowman Truffles

My husband and I are the midst of a 13 year disagreement.

I’m not going to be embarrassed about airing my dirty laundry here with you, because we’re all friends, yes?


Our argument is about donkeys.

More specifically the pronunciation of donkey.

He swears the 4 legged creature is called a “DUNkey”.

I certainly don’t remember the context of our initial donkey conversation, as everything pre-donkey has faded away.

I define our relationship in terms of pre and post donkey.  For every couple there is that moment…donkey was ours.


I argued for a good hour about how the correct pronunciation is “DONkey” not “DUNkey”.

He lead with the viable point that it is “MUNkey” not “MONkey”, hence DUNkey is correct.

I countered with the fact that his brother’s name is “Don”, not “Dun”.

He then pulled out the big guns…his closing case argument…his Tom Cruise moment…

The donkey in Shrek says, “DUNkey”.

For him, the conversation was over.


My fate in Battle: Pronunciation Donkey was determined by an animated ass.


Over the years I have tried to convince him that he is wrong. I tend to be a little sour grapes over arguments lost.

Especially this time of year where “Dominick the Donkey” will be heard no less than 7 bagillion times.


So I need your help.

A public vote, so to say.  Tell me how you say donkey.

It’s imperative that you vote in my favor…I am not a gracious loser.



Now, before you make the final donkey call, you need to clear your head for a moment.

I have found that a good way to gain perspective is by ogling sweet and delicious treats that are formed into adorable snowmen.

I suggest with all the large decisions in your life you take that advice.

It’s really quite an adaptable rule.


These are Mint Oreo Snowman Truffles.

Just mash up some Mint Oreos, cream and all, and mix in a little cream cheese to hold the crumbs together.  Form them into round truffles.  If you are going to make the snowmen make small, medium and large sized truffles.

Chill them for a bit and then melt almond bark or candy disks.

To assemble the snowmen I used a toothpick to hold the snowman together (gently pressing the truffles together tightly) while I dipped them in the chocolate.

When my snowman truffle was covered in chocolate I carefully removed the toothpick before the chocolate set.  If some of the chocolate comes off the top when removing the toothpick, just dot some on to cover the toothpick hole.

Before my chocolate completely set I added a round orange sprinkle for a nose.

Let the coating dry and then using a food writer you can dot on eyes, a mouth and some buttons.

I tied a ribbon around my snowman’s neck for a scarf.

If you’re feeling less ambitious you can easily just make these into standard round truffles.  They are really just as sweet.

Since it’s officially Oreo snowman day, you MUST check out these adorable snowman cupcakes by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen! I love love love them!


Mint Oreo Snowman Truffles

  • Author: Cookies & Cups


This recipe will make approx 14 snowmen


  • 1 package of Mint Oreos, finely crushed, cream and all
  • 1 8oz block of cream cheese, room temp
  • 1 lb. of vanilla almond bark, or white candy melting disks
  • 1 Tbsp vegetable shortening


  1. Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs until well combined.
  2. Form your mixture into round truffles. (If you make them all uniform size you will get approx 45 truffles)
  3. Place the truffles on a wax paper lined baking sheet.
  4. Put in refrigerator to chill for at least 1 hour.
  5. When truffles are chilled melt your almond bark or melts with 1 tablespoon of vegetable shortening according to the package directions.
  6. Dip your truffles carefully in the melted candy candy and with a fork remove and tap off the excess before transferring back to the wax paper.
  7. Let coating set.


You can use this recipe for any flavor Oreo.
Oreo Truffle recipe from Kraft

Now that you’ve thought about my donkey dilemma, I would kindly appreciate your vote on this very important matter. Thank you for your consideration πŸ™‚

159 Responses

    1. I fourth this! Recipe looks delicious and how your husband says Donkey is wrong! Dunkey? Your post made me laugh though. :]
      I say DON-Key…that’s how I always thought it was! Definitely not Dunkey. Tehehe.

  1. Athena R.

    This post made me chuckle. I too am a southern girl and pronounce it dawnkey, but your donkey is correct and not dunkey…lol…too funny. Also, the snowman is adorable.

  2. Gay

    I’m behind you all the way on this one… it’s DONkey! Sounds like the argument my hubs and I are having… Smokey Bear, or, Smokey THE Bear. I say Smokey Bear. But no argument about the snowmen… very cute!

  3. Michelle

    Definitely Dawnkey! He can’t use Shrek as proof because Shrek has a Scottish accent! Everything sounds different with an accent! I vote with you. If he needs more, tell him Merriam-Webster says Donkey rhymes with wonky

  4. Melissa

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but both you and your husband are correct. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has both pronunciations for donkey. Sorry.

  5. Jessica

    I’ve never even heard anyone call it a ‘DUN’key. Except in shrek…. which I’m pretty sure has a few other odd ways of saying things. Plus, they are animated, talking animals. So probably not an authority on the matter. Just saying…

  6. Lisa

    DONKEY!!! Shrek is the ONLY time I’ve ever heard Dunkey. I’m in the south so unfortunately I hear the word donkey far too often & can speak to the actual pronunciation. πŸ™‚

  7. Dunkey? Serioulsy? DUNKEY? Please go make fun of your husband for me. He’s so wrong. It’s clearly DONkey. πŸ™‚

    As for the snowman, could those possibly be any cuter? Love them!

  8. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    Mint Oreo Truffles or not, it is – and always shall be in American English – DONkey. You can’t really use a fake Scottish accent as your guide to pronounce anything, especially something that causes a marital rift.

    I think your husband needs to admit he’s wrong, apologize, and take you out for a lovely dinner and movie.

  9. Victoria

    DONkey. As in annoying animal that eats all the wood it can find. You know how when you buy a house sometimes it comes with a washer/ dryer? Ours came with two DONkeys. Trust me, I yelled to my hubby about those stupid DONkeys enough times to know how it’s pronounced.

  10. Brandi C

    I am in agreement with you. It is DONkey. My husband is the same way. He is convinced the correct way to pronounce PILLow is PELLow. This has been an ongoing argument for 12 years. He will not admit defeat but in my mind he lost years ago.

  11. Melissa D

    LOL!!! You are too funny. You are absolutely 100% correct. It is DONkey. I once heard that men have DONkeys in their brain that have to carry information from one side of their brains to the other. I am convinced my husband’s DONkey has three legs. LOL!! Love the truffles.

    1. Stephanie

      Love that! Although, around my area, naked and nekkid are two entirely different things. (I think Jeff Foxworthy might even have a joke about it. He’s entirely right, btw, if he does.) Naked is when you have no clothes on. Nekkid is when you have no clothes on, and you’re up to something you shouldn’t be up to… πŸ˜‰

  12. Dunkey is something you do with your oreos and a glass of milk, it is clearly not an animal πŸ˜› We pronounce it DONkey like everyone else who is right πŸ˜€ hehe

  13. You are most definitely right…it is DONkey! Don’t let anyone tell you different.:) I guess you could always look in the dictionary to see the phonetic spelling. teehee! Those mint truffles look amazing. I am a mint fiend!:) I hope you get to enjoy your victory!

  14. Vicki

    You are right! ’nuff said….however, further proof = google donkey definition and you get:


    There are also MP3 downloads.

  15. Kathi

    I raise miniature sicilian donkeys and you are right. The miniature donkeys come from you guessed it Sicily and they can be no taller than 36 inches. So I call them my yard stick donkeys. You can not ask for a better pet.

  16. Jocelyn

    Okay, time my 2 cents. I’ve always pronounced it DONkey…never even thought of pronouncing it any other way. But I have to give him props for his creativity in “trying” to argue the pronunciation DUNkey. His logic sounds a lot like the logic my husband would use in an argument. LOL

    On a new note…those snowmen are absolutely adorable. Just made some of these the other night, but never thought of making it an actual snowman…I made the single truffle and let the bark pool at the base to make it look liked it “melted”.

    To solve the toothpick problem, when you pull the toothpick out, just top his little head with a mini oreo and you won’t see the “toothpick hole” or any chocolate that might have drudged up when you pulled it out either. πŸ™‚ Love your page!

  17. JS

    DON-Key. Absolutely no doubt about it. You are right, he is wrong. This reminds me of some throw pillows I saw. One said Mr. Right; the other said…Mrs. ALWAYS Right! πŸ™‚

  18. Vicki P.

    So if Chris is going to base his argument on a silly pop culture reference, you should feel obliged to do the same. My suggestion is to refer him to Trace Adkin’s most wonderful song “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”. His eloquent lyrics draw the parallel between a woman’s posterior and the beast of burden whose name pronunciation is in question.
    I know a lady here in TX that raises mini donks and while precious in their petite size, they are not short on attitude and would surely kick him in the ass should he refer to them as “DUNkeys”.

  19. These are absolutely precious! Thanks for the great tutorial too.

    Hysterical about your hubby! I find it hard to believe that he grew up in America and has probably heard the correct pronunciation, DONkey, a gazillion times, like in the song you mentioned, but yet he still thinks it is DUNkey…..too funny….you gotta love men. I say this as I sit here with my husband playing Donald Duck singing Jingle Bells, loudly, (yes such a song in the background.

  20. Veronica Cooley

    You are 100% right! And to prove your point to him the Merriam-Webster dictionary says that “Donkey” rhymes with “Wonky”, unless he says that as “WUNKY”, which I doubt he does…then you are right and he is wrong! LOL!

  21. Caroline Gallant

    You are so right in this case… I have a similar battle royale with a co-worker who insists on pronouncing raspberry as RASPberry rather than RAZZberry… and as a person who has a linguistics degree with a focus in phonetics it irritates me to no end so I can truly appreciate your frustration with your husband on this matter! Using mike myers with a crappy scottish accent saying dunkey is a terrible reason… puh men will use anything to win.

  22. 1) The snowmen are SUPER cute.
    2) I might have to stick to regular ol’ truffles.
    3) DON-key.

    I have complete sympathy for you… my husband is the KING of mispronounciation:

    “Rather or not you believe it is beside the point…”


    “Did you want some Gram crackers? There’s about 1 graham of fat in one.”

    No seriously.

    And I am the Grammar Police, so… this could be grounds for divorce.

    You didn’t even have to use sweets to sway me. Your hubster belongs to the same club as mine!!!

  23. Lisa L.

    Oh my goodness… it is totally pronounced “DONkey!” You are totally right! I agree with your blogger cohort. It is absolutely absurd to base your language knowledge on an animated ass!

  24. Stephanie

    So funny! If he’s going to pick something to be so stubborn about, shouldn’t he at least pick something he is correct about? DUN-key- ain’t it! You are obviously correct. And someone should tell him never to believe anything he sees in movies or tv shows! πŸ˜‰

    Truffles look gorgeous, btw! Might have to try to find time to try them… πŸ™‚

  25. DON-key. Totally with you on this one.

    And these fabulous treats most certainly did not sway my opinion at all. Not one bit. Not even when you count the cuteness factor.

  26. Amber

    DONKEY lol, but my hubby and I have a similar disagreement. It’s about the word accrual. I saw it A-CREW-AL he says it A-CURE-AL…we’ll go on forever on that one πŸ™‚

  27. Love the truffles! Too cute!

    It’s definitely DONkey…your husband can not be allowed to win that one. I recently had a similar arguement with mine over the pronunciation of bologna. He says “bologNA” and called me and idiot when I told him everyone says bologNEE!

  28. I am a Southern girl, too, and I pronounce it DAWNkey. But I think DONkey is the way the rest of the US pronounces it.

    My dictionary says this: ORIGIN late 18th cent. (originally pronounced to rhyme with monkey). See that “originally pronounced” bit? I think it’s fair to tell your husband that he WOULD be correct IF he were a very old man indeed. Say, at least 230 years old. Any younger, and he’s really kind of obligated to stick with the modern pronunciation, in my opinion ;).

  29. Courtney

    Absolutely DON-key! My husband and I have a similar marital keystone regarding the proper pronunciation of “root beer” – his version rhymes “root” with “foot”, mine is more like “hoot”. I feel vindicated every time he tries to order it in a restaurant, and the server doesn’t understand him. πŸ˜‰

    Also, great snowmen!

  30. My vote: “dawnkey”. πŸ™‚ I was blog hopping this morning reading up on blogger vs. wordpress and came across your charming blog. I always fix the same tried and true sweets for our holidays but always like to try one new thing and THIS IS IT. I know everyone will love these. Thank you for the recipe πŸ™‚

  31. Krista B

    It sounds very much like a po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to kind of argument. Did you both grow up in the same area? if not, I’d agree to disagree that because you grew up in different areas, that you pronounce things differently which makes neither or you right or wrong πŸ™‚

    Oh, and can you verify that you sent me an email about a giveaway? I just want to make sure it was for real πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!

  32. Carolyn S.

    You win. It’s totally DONkey. I actually say DAWNkey, but maybe it’s a Chicago thing.

    This really made me laugh though because my fathers wife says NUN-stop. Like “it was a nun-stop” flight. Me and my sis were like “WTF” who says that. And it’s not like she can’t pronounce it. My dads name is Bob and she doesn’t call him Bub πŸ˜‰

  33. Joanna

    Mispronunciations drive me nuts! You’re definitely the one saying it right. I’ve never even heard anyone pronounce donkey the other way.

  34. Alice

    donΒ·key noun \?dΓ€?-k?, ?d??-, ?do??-\
    plural donkeys
    Definition of DONKEY
    1: the domestic ass (Equus asinus)
    2: a stupid or obstinate person
    See donkey defined for English-language learners Β»
    See donkey defined for kids Β»
    Examples of DONKEY

    Origin of DONKEY
    origin unknown
    First Known Use: circa 1785
    Related to DONKEY
    Synonyms: ass, burro, jackass, moke [British slang]
    Antonyms: brain, genius
    Related Words: jack, jennet, jenny; hinny, mule; pack animalNear Antonyms: egghead, intellect, intellectual, sage, thinker, whiz, wizard; polymath, Renaissance man; sharpie (or sharpy)see all synonyms and antonyms
    Rhymes with DONKEY
    conky, wonky, yanqui

    So my vote is DON-key

  35. trish cain

    DONkey. Mike Myers is Canadian….so maybe that’s why he said Dunkey in Shrek….but Canadians also say aboot for about….so they just don’t know how to pronounce things πŸ˜‰ (And my husband side of the family is Canadian….so I’m not bashing them….)

  36. Carla

    At our house we say DONkey, our discussion is whether catsup or ketchup is correct.
    I say ketchup my husband says is not a game of catching up- hence ketchup, BUT
    catsup. Whatever….. I do the grocery shopping and ketchup it is!

  37. Jane

    It’s totally and completely DON-key. It works way better for jokes on Donkey’s names, like Donkey Hotey. (Don Quixote). Say it out loud, you’ll see.

  38. Brenda J. Moore

    Poor absolutely WRONG hubby.

    For his listening pleasure simply GOOGLE : dictionary pronunciations of the word Donkey.
    None of the listings, EVEN the American Dictionary doesn’t sound like him. Although perhaps the definition of a “stupid and obstinate person” or something about an “ass” does. Hhahaha.. Didn’t create it…just wrote it down for ya’!

  39. Trish

    DON-key. I’ve never heard anyone EXCEPT Skrek (and now your hubs) say it that way. And doesn’t Mike Meyers do a Scottish accent for Shrek? That explains it…

  40. Tamar

    Definitely DON-key! Not only is he wrong about the pronunciation, but he’s even wrong about Shrek! It’s Shrek who says Dun-key, not the donkey, and that’s only because he has a Scottish accent. If your husband is Scottish, he can say it that way.

  41. Tabitha

    I vote DONKEY! Although your husband’s reasoning kinda makes sense with MUNkey and all; however let him know that he is wrong and nearly everyone thinks so!
    I’ve made those oreo truffles from Kraft before and they are great. What a cute idea to turn them into little snowmen.

  42. Monica

    Your story cracks me up. My hubby of almost 20 years and I have an on-going argument about the tiger. He says Tag-ger, I say T-eye-ger.

    Perhaps you need to make him a DUNK-ey cookie.

    Have a great Holiday.

  43. kylie marriott

    Don-key is the right way to pronounce it and agree with you all the way. I have a simillar problem with my brother inlaw with Mcdonalds is it Macdonalds or Micdonalds. We here is aus say lets go to maccas so do you prounounce it mc or mac..donalds i am saying mc not mac. What do you think.

  44. Dee

    Silly men, when will they ever learn? Hubby is slowly but surely realizing that he not only found Mrs. Right, but my first name is Always πŸ˜‰ It’s DONkey. Shrek is a fictional character, therefore his vote doesn’t count.

    And I totally understand how frustrating these arguments can be. Hub thinks that a headache (head-ache) is actually pronounced like “head-ick”. Silly boys…

  45. Christine

    You made my morning with that story! Of course you’re right… I’ve never heard it pronounced “DUNkey” except in Shrek.

    I too love frosting. I overheard my husband tell someone at a party that he’s spoiled by my frosting. I think he enjoys my volunteering to make cupcakes for any occasion I can justify.

    I love the snowmen! Planning on getting the ingredients today!

  46. Donna

    Your are right…he is wrong. Has your husband not heard “Happy Wife…Happy Life”. My husband lives by that…most of the time!

  47. HannahBee

    It is DONkey! You are right. If he hasn’t noticed, Donkey from Shrek isn’t exactly the brightest light on the Christmas tree.

  48. Jenni K

    Can you add a link to “Pinterest” to your site, so when we like your recipes, we can “pin” them to our boards and share with others?

  49. Lenea

    I hope your husband reads all these replies… but by the sounds of things, it does not sound like you will let him get away without so here goes… You ARE correct. It is “DON”key….Look up the pronunciation in an online dictionary where it will say it for you… It is pronounced DONG-Kee…. Verdict in…. No one should take grammatical advice from a donkey. Enough said!

    So let it be known, two points for you. One for the Donkey debacle and one for the cute snow man treats!!!

    Thanks for the laugh thou!!!

  50. Alyson

    It is def DONkey!! Next time you’re at the store take him to the toy department, find a see and say, turn it to DONkey and BAM! “The DONkey says HeeHawww” you win!! I mean is FIsher Price gonna teach kids how to pronouce it wrong? lol

  51. Sarah

    This is too funny. My husband teases me for how I pronounce ridiculous, but i don’t notice that I pronounce it any differently than he does…

    This also makes me think of the word wash, and how some people pronounce it “warsh”. It perplexes me where the “r” sound could possibly be logically pronounced when it is no where in the word.

    And – for the record, you are right. His monkey reference was a pretty good effort, but not justification – that’s like saying brown should be pronounced “brone” and using the word own as justification. =D

  52. LOL! Maybe if he was Ricky Ricardo it would be DUNkey, but I’m with Lucille Ball… DONkey! This would totally be a I Love Lucy scene! Have a great day! The truffles are fantastic and so is the Samo Bark!!!! :)))) Merry Christmas

  53. Made a variation of these with Glutino gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies and they were AMAZING! I posted the recipe (complete with link-back of course) on my blog. Gave some out as Christmas treats and everyone agreed that they are off the hook!

  54. Diane

    My husband and I both agree DONKEY. Mike meyers can do whatever he wants. Normal people say dawnkey, End of discussion with your dawnkey – he loses !!!

  55. Kim

    The holidays are just around the corner and these truffles are on my XMAS list for sure.

    Setting the record…on the dunkey doo doo…it is DONkey and its because we said so, not the animated ars married to a flying dragon lady that could’t possibly be a match made in fairy tales, that logic annoys me, but they made adorable little arsy-dragons.

    Thanks for sharing!

  56. Tina

    It would be interesting to know where your husband (or more precisely, his ancestors) are from. I’m originally from Co. Clare in the west of Ireland, and everyone in the areas pronounces it ‘dunkey’. I should point out that this is by no means a universal pronunciation in Ireland – it definitely marks the user out as a culchie (basically, a country bumpkin). Living in the UK, I have to make a real effort to pronounce it ‘donkey’, and even after 20-odd years, it still sounds so, so wrong! It’s a relief to go home and say it properly!

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