Big News!

Hello my people.

Today I have some super exciting/terrifying news for ya. Eek.

I’ve sat down to write this post a few times over the last few days, only to shop.pinterest browse.start again.

I’ve stared at the screen thinking about the best way to talk about this without sounding annoying and braggy.

But here we go.

I am writing a book.


So I guess it’s real now. WHAT?

I am going to tell you, because we’re close, that I am pretty much scared out of my pants. It ain’t pretty.

Let me start at the beginning. I know you might have some questions.

Back in May I was approached by my peeps over at Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books. They told me that they were interested in doing a book together. Of course I read, reread and reread again the email. After some back and forth like an “ARE YOU FOR REAL?” email and an “ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PERSON?” email and a “SHUT UPPPP” email, I sat down and decided to think hard on the situation.

Do I want to write a book? Like REALLY?

Well, I have to be honest. I wasn’t sure initially. I have been close in the past. Then stepped away. I didn’t think that a book was something that would fit into my life. Some days I feel like I am barely hanging on with just normal routine. And writing a book just seems like an overwhelming, life-consuming, eatdrinkbreathe situation. A HUGE commitment. And I really wanted to be sure that if I were to consider it, I could give it the just right amount of breaths. I mean, I still have a whole other life to tend to…mouths to feed, homework to check, soccer games to watch.

And right now the little humans in my life are the most important. I don’t want to miss a moment.

But. BUT. Could I possibly make it work? I have a supportive husband who I know will help, but. BUTTTTT.

Anyhow, the enthusiasm that S&S and Gallery Books had about the project was enough to help me make the jump. I’m telling you, my editor has me pumped UP.

And I decided to not let fear be the reason I didn’t grab the opportunity. I have so many doubts…will people BUY IT? What if it’s a giant flop? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to? What if people give it ONE STAR ON AMAZON?

But for the love. Grow a pair woman and take what is being given to you. Be a doer.

So I did.

I mean, I didn’t “grow a pair”. That would be weird.

I took the opportunity.

I signed on the dotted line, so to speak.10565020_10204609533897190_8459596478899728489_n

And there you go.

It’s happening.

Actually it’s BEEN happening.

I’ve so wanted to talk about it up until this point because I’ve been working on it for months now. And I have to tell you as much work as I thought it was…it’s more.

The details of the book aren’t ready to be completely revealed…but it will be all mine. My ideas, my recipes…all me.

It will have loads of sweets, desserts, baking..obvi. But I will also be throwing in some savory stuff too. I mean, you gotta eat, right?

I can’t wait to share the whole process with you guys. I mean quite frankly the only reason that I have even been given this opportunity is because of you.When I started this site back at the end of 2008 I would never have thought that I would be writing a cookbook in a few short years. Never. Ever.

But hey, here we are.


This summer I have been busy with recipe development. And I will tell you, at this moment if I never see another pie crust again in my life it will be too soon.

But I do want everything to be perfect. I will have a few of your favorite recipes included in the book too.. so it will be mostly new, but with a few “best of” here and there. I’m hoping you guys will help me decide  which recipes from my site should make it into the book! I have too many favorites!

Since May my dishwasher has been consistently full…getting run 2 and sometimes 3 times a day…


I have worn make-up maybe 3 times this whole summer.


Ok, that’s a lie. But that’s usually how my face looks. Especially after the 15th round of biscuits went in the trash.

And also, can we just talk about how I should have included a gym membership or lap band surgery clause into my contract. The fitbit ain’t cutting the mustard. Making and testing food all day err day has caused me to put on a few el-bees. It’s a job hazard I wasn’t expecting.


Anyhow, right now the book isn’t set to release until early Spring 2016, which seems like a million years away at this point…

But I plan on keeping you guys in the loop every step of the way. So by the time the book comes out you’ll buy it just to shut my face. That’s a solid strategy, right?


So there you go. My news. My life. My exhausted face. My liar fitbit and my overwhelming feeling of gratitude. To you.

I like really love you guys.

Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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355 Responses
  1. Tracy Knapp

    Hi there! I read your blog and all but have never left a reply till now. Just wanted to tell you briefly about my friend from dental hygiene school oh so many years ago. I had lunch with her back in summer of 2010 and she told me she was writing a book! I was excited for her but didn’t really know what was to come. Its a psycho thriller she tells me. Well now just barely 4 years later she is about to publish her 7th book and has an unbelievable life of jet setting to author events all over the world. She is clearly living her dream! Her name is Aleatha Romig….look up her books. Dreams do come true…..and you can NEVER have enough cook books! I wish you the best!!!

    1. Shelly

      Well, dang! That is quite a story! I could never imagine writing seven!! But jet setting around the world certainly seems fun!! I will look her books up for sure!!

  2. MelindaB

    Woohoo! Go you! Count me in for buying a copy. Your Salted Caramel Cashew Oatmeal bars get me raves wherever I take them. I don’t dare make them too often, though, or I’d weigh 400 lbs.

  3. Ashley

    Soooo excited!!!! I have read your blog for years and it is still the first one I go to each morning!!! Congratulations!!! You are going to kill it!!!

  4. Kristy

    Congrats!!! You are one of my favorite bloggers! I have always wondered why there is a cookbook with your name on it! I also can’t believe you have been working on this book and keeping up with the blog. I can usually tell when my food bloggers are making a book because their blog never gets updated. Way to make it happen!!!

    1. Shelly

      hahaha! That’s too funny. I hope to be able to keep doing both, because my site is my first love…let’s keep our fingers crossed I can keep up!

  5. Cory

    Congrats! This is so well-deserved. I have never been disappointed with any of your recipes and your writing always makes me giggle. Can’t wait for Spring 2016!

  6. Juliann

    I’m so happy you’re doing a book! When I make your recipes, they actually work. It’s not braggy to be successful. Congrats and you’re awesome!

  7. Wow, how sweet for you! I’ve just been getting to know you over this past summer, but I’m loving your blog, etc. I hope it all turns out super awesome for you and your family!

  8. CONGRATS!!!! I had a feeling. I just kind of felt like you were writing one! And omg amazing, awesome, with S&S no less. What a respected, amazing publisher and I loved this, “And I decided to not let fear be the reason I didn’t grab the opportunity.” Amen!

    It IS wayyyy more work than anyone imagines, yes. It’s more so, bigger than, more than, all of that…but in the end, it’s worth it 🙂 I cannot wait to see all the recipes you’ve developed! Congrats, Shelly!

    1. Shelly

      Thank you so much Averie…the whole process is so nerve-racking, I have no idea how you have done it multiple times in the past few years! Your support means the world!

    2. congrats that is such awesome news I will be buying it for sure me and my cookbooks lol good luck and if you need a tester let me know I would be happy to be a taster if I lived closer..keep us all updated 🙂

    3. Madeline

      Looking forward to it, what I need in a cookbook is pictures of the finished dish and some of the process, good luck, I’ll be waiting!

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Shelly Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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