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The Cookies and Cups Cookbook

A Jar of Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Beside an Old-Fashioned Glass of Milk

The cover, the pre-order situation and all the details!!

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Oh friends!! Here we are!

I have been waiting to show you the cover for my book for like EVERRRR. Of course we didn’t really decide the cover of my book for sure-for sure until a few weeks ago. But I’ll say, those weeks seemed like FOREVER. So YAY the COVER!

Honestly every picture I’ve taken along the way during this process I’ve wanted to show you. No kidding. Every recipe I’ve made, photo taken, idea that went into the trash bin…I’ve wanted to SHARE IT ALL WITH YOU! But finally FINALLY I can share this.

The cover.


Actually today I’m sharing not only the cover but HELLO YOU CAN NOW PRE-ORDER A COPY!!!!!!

Please pre-order a copy? Please! Please? (exciting details at the bottom of the post)

Ok, before I get ahead of myself let’s talk a little about the book. I have been waiting for AGES to share with you all the details. My book, like my website, and my life is all about desserts first, both literally and figuratively. I mainly focus on sweet treats around here, but occasionally I will sprinkle in an easy dinner idea. Well, that’s what I wanted to do for my book. I wanted to stay as true to me as I could, and still make it a fun concept that you guys would love. In other words a cookbook in reverse!

Let me explain…a normal cookbook starts with all the meal stuff…appetizers, soups…you get the idea. But if you’re anything like me (I know you are) you flip to the back chapters first to check out the desserts. I mean let’s cut to the chase.

SOOOO, the first 3/4 of MY book is dedicated to over the top baked goodies like OMG Pull Apart Praline Bread and Ice Cream Soaked French Toast to my spin on classic favorites like Vanilla Bean Snickerdoodles and Texas Sheet Cake in a Jar. And the the last 1/4 of the book full of delicious everyday dinner recipes like Garlic Bread Pasta and Chicken and Waffle Tenders.

Desserts first all the live-long day. It’s kind of fun, right? RIGHT?


Gah, I have been waiting a YEAR to tell you guys all this. A. YEAR. That’s basically infinity in my can’t-keep-a-secret brain.

As for the cover shot, we wanted it to be beautiful but also comforting and delicious. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe all those feelings except with a chocolate chip cookie. (Actually they’re Salty Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and they’re absolutely ridiculously amazing).

So anyhow, I am RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED to share the cover of my book with you! It’s not set to release until April 12, 2016, so yes there will be lots of talk about THE BOOK before then.
BUT in the meantime because pre-orders are a whole huge deal in the publishing world, I would love you forever if you decided to pre-order a copy or four.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am about this! It’s been over a year of work for me…and we’re still working on it, getting it ready for it’s debut next April.

Over the next few months I will be giving you guys sneak peeks of what you can find on the inside pages. I can’t wait to share more!

Pre-Order Details!

(Amazon|Barnes&Noble|Books-A-Million|Indie Bound|Simon&Schuster|Amazon Kindle|Nook by B&N|iBooks|Google play)

Thank you for all your support, kind words and virtual high fives. And for your patience with my overuse of ALL CAPS and exclamation points!!!!! I adore you.


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81 comments on “The Cookies and Cups Cookbook”

  1. Jane Walkinshaw

    oh my gosh, I just love love love all your receipes and so want to buy your latest book, could I get it any where here in New Zealand. Thought I’d ask before I run all over the place. If not then I’ll order it online if its still available. I just love your stuff, and my grandsons and I are making your Rice Krispie slice tomorrow as its Sunday here plus the school holidays. I can’t wait will let you know how we get on. Once again thank you so much for all your lovely recipes.

    1. I would recommend ordering online, as you might have trouble finding it in all bookstores because it’s been out for a few years now 🙂

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