Campfire Bars

Campfire Bars In a JAR! Great Gift idea!!

So you guys.

I have this book.  It’s called Desserts In Jars.  I have talked about it before a few times here and here

I love it.


It’s written by the sweet Shaina Olmanson who also happens to write the site Food For My Family, which is great!


Since it’s the holiday season and everyone is gifting sweet treats, there hasn’t been a more perfect time to get the Desserts in Jars and invest in some sweet jars (HERE are the ones I use for most recipes in the book).

While I was flipping through the pages of the book I came across the fun recipe for “Campfire Bars”…

While everyone else is giving cookie trays, I thought it would be fun to give a jar with all the ingredients for a sweet treat that my friends could make when they weren’t being inundated with already made treats.

So that’s what I did.


And while “Campfire Bars” sound all outdoorsy and camp-ish, I guarantee you they are not.  You bake these inside your warm home with your oven.  No campfire needed.

I mean, if you want to eat them BY a fire, well, that’s totally your choice…and I think a nice fire in the fireplace would work perfectly well!


So back to my bars.

All you ‘ll need is a 1 quart jar (like THESE)

Just layer your ingredients…

It’s totally easy.

Also, you can attach a cute label on the top of the jar, or on your ribbon with the directions.

Shaina has some already made labels for these HERE.


Giving this as a gift along with the Desserts in Jars book would make such a sweet hostess gift!


So I decided, just for quality control I needed to make the bars.

I’m a good friend like that.


And the thing about these bars is they couldn’t be simpler.  All you have to add to your ingredients is melted butter.


That’s it.


Spread it into your pan and bake.  That’s it.

PhotobucketThey come out like a sweet, crunchy bar/bark.

Sweet and sticky and totally addicting.



Campfire Bars and a Desserts in Jars Giveaway!


makes 1 jar mix, enough to make 16 bars prepared


  • 1 1/2 cups graham crackers, chopped into 1 inch squares
  • 1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
  • 3/4 cup milk chocolate chips (I used Hershey’s Baking Kisses
  • 1/2 cup granola
  • 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar


  1. Layer all ingredients in a 1 quart jar in order they are listed. Seal with a lid.
  2. To make bars, mix all ingredients with a bowl with 8 tbsp of melted butter.
  3. Spread in an 8×8 baking pan and bake at 350ยฐ for 12-15 minutes.
  4. Cool completely before cutting.


recipe adapted from Desserts in Jars




411 Responses

  1. Pat Hoffman

    I have never made a dessert in a jar, but I love the concept! These look wonderful! What a great idea, gong to make soon! I would love to win the book and try some other recipes as well! Thank you for the chance!

  2. Haley S

    Does sweet tea in a jar count? Haha! I’ve never made desserts in a jar, but this is an amazing idea!! it would make THE perfect Christmas gift! YAYAYA!

  3. Patricia Glover

    I haven’t made desserts in a jar before but this one sounds PERFECT to make as a Christmas gift. Yep, I need like 12 different ideas….sigh….Thank you so much for making it easy to enter to win, instead of having to go all over the web to click like or follow on Pin-Interest. I get sucked into FB enough,I don’t need to add anything else. LOL!!! Thanks again!!!

  4. Laura F.

    I have a recipe for cranberry white chocolate pecan oatmeal cookies that I’ve given to friends at Christmas before. This recipe is amazing, and I make it often myself, because I can prep ahead of time, since it’s has a lot of ingredients, but they can all be pre-measured and simply dumped in with butter & egg.

    This book looks right up my alley!

  5. These bars sound delicious — and what fun! I’ve printed this recipe, and will look for jars at the store today. This will be a wonderful little gift for the members of my stitching group. I’d LOVE to win a copy of the cookbook so I can try the other recipes as well.
    Thanks ~ Jeanne

  6. SaraJ

    I have not made any desserts in a jar yet but I’ve saved a bunch of recipes! Holding off only because I have so many kitchen supplies and gadgets I don’t use I wonder where I would store the jars and how often I would use them. The book would be the push I need. :). Love your blog btw.

  7. Jane Dough

    I’ve made “salad in a jar,” but never “dessert in a jar.” Funny thing is someone just dropped a whole lot of old quart jars on my porch last week. Don’t know who it was, but I hope they come back to see what I’m doing with them. The Campfire Bars look great!!!!

  8. Michelle Henderson

    I make my father-in-law a dessert in a jar EVERY year! He’s such a challenge to shop for, so I figured you can’t go wrong with something so delicious and a good shelf life! I’ve made double chocolate chip cookies (Threw in red and green M & M’s to make it festive, then last year I did brownies.
    He’s on a diet this year… So, not sure what I’ll do! LOL

  9. Renee

    I have given chicken noodle soup mixes away in jars a few years ago. For the last few years I have given away goodies that I canned from our garden. This will be the perfect addition to the baskets I make for neighbors. I’m off to add this book to my wishlist on Amazon–just incase I don’t win!

  10. Kristie Moffatt

    I made peppermint play dough in jars for my nieces and nephews for Christmas and plan on trying other jar gifts for family! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Jan

    Honestly, I made something in a jar one year for Christmas, but I can’t remember what it was – guess that means it was special ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to do more and am already planning to do the campfire bars.

  12. Julie

    I have never made a dessert in a jar before but I have a similar recipe to your campfire bars that are made like rice krispie treats but w/ Golden Grahams, melted chocolate, & marshmallows. They are called Indoor Smores. My daughter begs me to take them to all parties, & they are always gone in the 1st hour. I think I got the recipe from Iowa Girl Eats, which is a GREAT blog if you don’t already read it.

  13. Bethany

    My mom and I have made all kind of things in a jar: cookies, brownies, bars, caramel popcorn, and even full blown meals. We usually find ourselves mass producing gifts in a jar once a year or so to give out to friends.

  14. Debra Asmussen

    These look so yummy! I made mini unbaked cheesecakes in a jar for my kids teachers at the end of school last year. So good!

  15. Mrs. Z

    I made a dessert in a jar Mother’s Day, 2012. It was going to be a trifle, but I did not find a trifle bowl in any of the stores around me. So, my brilliant husband suggested mason jars. The dessert was a angel food cake, with cut strawberries and lemon curd along with homemade whipped cream. It was a hit and now my mother in law expects it for next year!

  16. Maureen

    My husband received a cookie in a jar once as a gift at Christmas from a co-worker. We make them as they were Chocolate Chip and they were pretty good.

  17. Emily Maggi

    I’ve never made a dessert in a jar, but I’ve received one as a gift and I think it’s a great gift idea! It was Rocky Road brownies.

  18. Keri

    I have never made a dessert in a jar, but would love to try doing a pie in a jar – they always looks so cute! Would love to win this book!

  19. Pam

    To be honest, I have never made anything from a jar nor have I given it as a gift because I thought they looked sort of hokey. The campfire bars seems to have changed my mind. I have already copied the recipe into Microsoft Word and am making a list of what I need for my next trip out of town. Thank you for the holiday idea!

    1. I have never made a dessert in a jar. But boy sound fun and what a creative gift! Since I am new to the the baking world my mind cannot even imagine the possibilities. I am definitely gonna check that book out the next time I go to the book store!

  20. Cyndi

    I have made Cowboy cookies in a jar as Christmas gifts before… They were amazing!! I would LIVE to make apple crisp, cupcakes and pies in jars…. Though it seems like a lot of work! lol!! But so impressive! I LOVE these Campfire Bars in jars as gift ideas… They look delish ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  21. Lauryn

    I have seen so many food in a jar things on Pinterest and need to try it out. It looks like such a fun and personalized gift to give especially for the holidays

  22. Rebecca

    Just a brief reminder that you have loyal Canadian followers too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love this idea and have been trying to perfect a s’mores bar myself! Can’t wait to give this to friends!

  23. Barb Mc

    Love making desserts in jars. They are always so cute! My favorite is a red velvet cupcake with cream creese frosting in a little jar.

  24. Several years ago we made cookies in a jar and my children gave them out as Christmas gifts. I have to say that it is one of the best Christmastime memories that we have, everyone enjoyed the gifts.

  25. So a few years ago, my department had a “secret santa” gift exchange.
    I drew my boss.
    Scratch that: I drew my BOSS’ boss – the head of the entire department. Oh, and also: I had only been working there six months. No pressure or anything.
    This was about 2007, before the Jar Craze hit the Internets. But I had remembered someone mentioning the idea of cookie mixes in jars, so I decided I would be all crafty-creativey and make THAT my gift.
    Except I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I had no jars, so I think I cleaned out a pickle jar (or maybe it contained paint, I can’t remember) to the best of my ability and began layering ingredients.
    Only I didn’t layer them right, so they sort of started to settle together.
    Oh, and I decided to put this together in the half-hour before I was to present the gift.
    And I couldn’t find the cute ribbon I SWORE I HAD IN THE CLOSET! SERIOUSLY WHERE DID IT GO?! so I think I ended up tying some brown twine around the jar. Oh, and you’ll remember the jar lid was CLEARLY a pickle jar or paint jar. But I didn’t have time to paint it. So I sort of taped some construction paper to the top.
    And hoped that I could sneak out of the party early.

    Your post makes me want to give it the ol’ college try again. Thanks!

  26. Sarah

    Around the holidays I like to give away jars filled with a homemade mix for gingerbread cookies. Tie a little gingerbread man cookie cutter to the jar and bam! Perfect little gift.

  27. This past Mother’s Day I did a project with my daycare kids (before I closed my daycare because we were moving) and my own kids where we layered ingredients in quart jars to make chocolate chip M&M cookies! They were a lot of fun to make, and fun to decorate with fabric and ribbon. My kids made the jars to give to their grandmas and great-grandmas. It was fun!

  28. Alisha

    I’ve made lots of jar desserts. Last Christmas, I made Snowball Cookies in a jar and gave them out to the office staff at my kids’ school. The most recent jar thing I’ve made is much less exciting: hot cocoa. It was homemade hot cocoa, though!! :o)

  29. Jill

    I’ve never made a dessert in a jar, but I’d love to try some cute cupcakes in jars! I have made yogurt parfaits in jars, though, and they were pretty yummy! (But I count that as breakfast!)

  30. One year i made pies in a jar. uncooked crust and filling were in the jar and you froze it. all you had to do was pop the jar in the oven. They were really yummy because, you know i had to quality control a few. Turned out to be a bummer as I made them for my uncle, who’s oven had just gone kaput. Oh well. My mom ended up eating them instead and loved them!

  31. Christine Barnes

    Never made anything in a jar yet, but plan on it for Christmas gifts. Excited to try it and hope that everyone will like it. Maybe even make one for the puppy with puppy treat ingredients!

  32. danielle

    I made a bunch one year for Christmas gifts. White chocolate scones and beer bread are the two I remember. I’ve also made the mini pies mentioned above. They were perfect since it’s just me and one was just the right size with no leftovers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. fitz

    I love getting dessert in a jar and have even bought some cookbooks for it. My problems is that I never layer them so they are pretty. I think it is an ADHD thing. LOL

  34. Lisa Frazier

    I recently made a chocolate chip cookie in a jar at a MOPS meeting. But I think that’s it. I haven’t even tried the cookies, so I better for quality control….just to be a good friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. Shawnna

    I’ve made choc. chip cookie dough to give as gifts.

    I would love to see your take on cake in a mug – I’ve tried choc. cake in a mug, but I’d love to see what you would do…..

  36. Elainen

    Oh yes. In face I have a jar of “Cowgirl Cookies” on my counter right now. Bought it at a Church Bazaar. Can’t wait to make them.

    1. Laurie Thompson

      Lol … and yes, I just realized it is basically the same recipe as your post …. which must make it FABULOUS! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Karen

    I never have before. seems like every Christmas I plan on doing making gifts in a jar, but then it gets overwhelming – with the lack of knowledge on how to go about it…this book would be awesome to have….the recipe looks awesome!

  38. Shirley M

    I got cowboy cookies in a jar once, they were yummy and fun to make coming from a jar. I would love to learn how to make desserts in jars as gifts.

  39. Andrea

    I have neither made anything from a jar nor given as a gift before – but definitely want to make these as gifts because they totally remind me of s’mores bars from Ladies Home Journal that are so simple, to die for & addicting – we jokingly refer to them as crack bars – same ingredients minus the granola – 12 whole graham crackers, 2 cups mini marshmallows, 1 bag milk chocolate chips, 3/4 cup butter, 3/4 cup packed brown sugar -Preheat to 350. Arrange graham crackers evenly in 15 x10x1-inch jelly-roll pan. Sprinkle marshmallows, then chocolate chips on top. Combine butter and brown sugar in medium microwaveproof bowl. Microwave until butter is melted. Stir to blend. Spoon evenly over marshmallows and chips. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until barely golden. Cool completely in pan on wire rack. Cut into squares. Makes 24 bars.

  40. Jen P

    I love this idea! Every Christmas I make Jar gifts like these. It’s so easy and makes fun gifts for people with kids. This book is a great idea. I haven’t heard of it until now, but it sounds like a wonderful book. Definitely need to pick it up!

  41. Kelly Hendel

    I haven’t made a dessert in a jar before, but have always wanted to give them as gifts. I would love to win this book and try all the recipes!

  42. Terri Betz

    I have made soup mix in a jar for gifts, but I love this recipe and plan on making it! These are great gifts and they have a jar of their own, or 2 or 3, after they make the recipe! Everyone I know loves these gifts! Great Giveaway! A signed book, especially a cook book is a Moms’ Holiday wish come true! Thank you!

  43. Betty Spears

    Just yesterday I taught a class of “Apple Brown Betty” in a jar with a group of young girls in our church…and then I MADE the recipe so the girls could actually taste the outcome. It was a complete success!!! (and the recipe was easy also)…

  44. Marilyn M.

    I have made cookies in a jar for gifts for the holidays….people love it! Totally going to be Scrooge this year and keep this one for myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Elin

    I make those cookie mixes in jars all the time to give to people as gifts. I love coming up with new ideas based on what will layer really nicely in the jars. However, I’ve never put an already made dessert in a jar…yet.

  46. Barb Kaiser

    I have not made any dessert in a jar items but our little 4-Her’s made cookie mix in a jar last week-end for giving as Christmas Presents! This would be an awesome mid-winter project for them also! Thank, I love your blog so many easy, quick & normal ingrediants are use in your recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Julie Vance

    I’ve never made any desserts in a jar because no one has ever gifted me one! But, I would love to make some soon. And what a great gift idea…totally adding it to my list this year. Thanks!

  48. Theresa

    My neighbors will be getting these as gifts this year. Thank you so much for the great idea! I have never made any “desserts in a jar” but I’ve seen them around during the holidays.

  49. Shanna

    I’ve actually never made anything in a jar, but I love the concept! Anything that’s delicious without the work is amazing in my book!

  50. Marion

    I have never received or baked anything from a jar. I did get a soup in a jar and it was tasty and easy. My new kick is 24 hour oatmeal… you put it in jars and stick it in the refrigerator. No cooking and delicious.. my favorite is with coconut milk. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  51. jenni

    i would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this book! i’ve been crazy over the entire idea of having desserts (and salads and soups) in jars….it’s just THEE coolest thing. i’ve made apple pie and pumpkin pie in a jar as well as cheesecake and cupcakes. these campfire bars look amazing to eat, but more importantly, cute in the jar. love mason jars. love ’em. and i would love to give some away with shaina’s fabulous ideas. thank you so much for this opportunity to win a book. signed at that. it would totally make my christmas.

    1. shelly

      Jenni ~ Just wanted to email you and let you know you won one of the copies of Desserts in Jars! I will be emailing you to follow up!

  52. Catherine

    I haven’t yet made anything, dessert or otherwise, in jars, but I am kinda obsessed/in love with giving baked things to other people…maybe these will make their way onto the Christmas giving list this year!

  53. Danielle Parr

    What a great idea to give both as a give. And then of course get a copy of the book for myself. I have never tried anything in a jar myself but I think it is time to try it ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry Christmas !!

  54. Tracey

    Yes, I have created chocolate chip cookies in a jar as well as soups. Everyone said they were delicious.

    Thanks for the chance to win a signed copy. I know I’ll get plenty of use out of this if I’m a lucky winner.

  55. Catherine

    I’ve been doing salads in jars for awhile. As a new diabetic I would love to see recipes for low fat, sugar free dessserts. Love your blog and all the great information you share with us.

  56. Megan

    Every Christmas I make all my family members that come over for dinner a little gift kind of like this. Each year something different. Last year I used little baby food jars and made a homemade ranch dip mix from different spices and all they had to add was the mayo and sour cream. The herbs used were pretty much green so I attached a recipe card with instructions, red ribbon, and everybody got a different cute ornament tied around the lid to keep. Everybody loved it. I should of made one for myself. Lol.

  57. Meghan

    I have never made dessert in a jar, but did receive one at a wedding once that had two cupcakes with icing in between and on top. I like your S’Mores dessert and the one you shared today sounds awesome. I’m definitely bookmarking this one and hope to win your giveaway! I’m a new follower of yours and am loving every one of your posts. Keep up the good work!

  58. M. Vivian

    I’m obsessed about desserts in jars… been thinking about having them for my wedding dessert table. Can you do wedding cake in a jar?!

  59. Emily

    I haven’t ever made a treat in a jar, I’ve been tempted a couple of times but I haven’t done it! I would love a book to jump start me in that direction!

  60. Elliot Amos

    Boston Cream Pie in a jar! Taken from here, of course. I ran out of jars fairly quickly, though! Didn’t have 14 lying around, hahaha, that was a bit too many!

  61. cherl

    I’ve never made desserts in a jar, but they look like a wonderful “Made with Love” gift for the holidays or any time. I have rec’d a couple before. One for cookies and one was a hot cocoa mix. Both were yummy and simple to toss together.

  62. I have seen several desserts in jars and have been given one or two, but I’ve never made anything before. The closest I think I ever got was putting 2 cupcakes in a jar and giving it for Christmas. I’m going to have to get more on the trend!

  63. juli

    I LOVE this idea! I think my kids and I made some other smores type dessert of yours (and we LOVE the pretzel kisses – yum and I have given those as gifts in jars!)
    Something with caramel sauce in a jar would be my pick.

  64. Linda F.

    I used to make gifts in jars all the time. Everyone especially enjoyed the cocoa mixes with mint, mocha, and or hazelnut flavors. I have also done the cookie mix in jars. I always enjoy putting them together.

  65. Nette

    Oooh – would love to try anything in a jar – LOL! I’ve also done the bean soup mixture, but have always wanted to give gifts in jars. I must say, the Boston Cream Pie sounds fabulous, as do the cupcakes and cheesecake, though!

  66. Stephanie

    Hmmm… please make pizzas in a jar!! Oh crap.. dessert pizza? I guess not. How about…something so cute and awesome that we can all steal your idea, sell them and make millions. Thanks.

  67. Barbara:)

    I would like to experiment with the s’mores in a jar with tiny peanut butter cups , or flavored mini marshmallows.or wherever our imaginations take us.

  68. Ann

    I’ve made a few treats in jars, but my favorite was individual pies that could be kept in the freezer and then pulled out and baked whenever the desire for pie should hit. I gave some as favors at a shower I gave one fall and everyone about died over them:) Jars make everything more special!ha!

  69. Marcia

    I think I have made these years ago — sand brownies sound familiar — but I have never actually made one from a jar! Would love to win this book!! Thank you!

  70. Desirae

    I have a close group of 6 co-workers on my team; pretty sure they are getting these for Christmas gifts! Love the idea and the book looks fun too.

  71. Lyndsi Bowman

    I have never made a dessert in a jar, but I’m thinking I’m going to be making these and giving them to my children’s teacher’s as gifts!!!! Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Crystal

    I have never made a dessert in a jar (other than raspberry jam, because I eat that by the spoonful like it is dessert!) but I would like to!

  73. Theresa P

    I’ve never made sessert in a jar, but this year I have seen so many great recipes for them, that I have printed out and think I will make as cute Christmas gifts!!

  74. MaryB

    I’ve made Key Lime Pie in a jar and it turned out great. Love doing things in jars! Thanks for offering the chance to win a great book.

  75. Vicky L.

    I have not made a dessert in a jar, but am simplifying my gift-giving this year and this sounds like the PERFECT gift for neighbors and friends. I usually KILL myself making all kinds of cookies and always fear that the recipient is, as you mentioned, inundated already with others and my creations will end up going stale before they can be appreciated. This idea is GREAT!! Can’t wait to get started!

  76. Rebecca

    I’ve only made cookies in a jar, but would love to see different variations of cookies! The possibilities are endless! ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Stephanie

    I’ve never made a dessert in a jar, but this book has been on my wish list! I am going to a party on Sunday and I may just have to make the Campfire Bars in a jar as a small gift! Perfect timing!

  78. Lori A.

    YUM! This looks like great teacher gifts or for my boss. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve never put together a cookie in a jar but have received one before from my daughter, who made it in Girl Scouts. It was yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Jacqui

    I’ve never made a dessert in a jar, but I have been dying to! It is such a cute and fun way to bake. I have been wanting this book for awhile!

  80. Kristen

    I have made the jar with all the ingredients in it to give as a gift but I’ve never made a dessert from a jar. If that makes sense?!

  81. Lisa

    I am trying chocolate peppermint cookie mix in a jar this year. I is SO pretty and I *might* have had to try a batch to do a little quality control, natch. ;-).

  82. seanna

    I’ve never made cookies in a jar, but i want to so badly! i’d love to see a caramel/chocolate chip turtle cookie in a jar though! or a candy bar cookie in a jar

  83. Cheryl Kauffman

    I made chocolate chip cookie mix in jars one year for one of the items in gift baskets I made for friends. I took mushroom baskets and hot glued red and white gingham fabric to the basket as a basket liner. I added the mix in a jar, homemade macadamia nut bread, homemade beer cheese and a jar of homemade hot fudge sauce. It was a huge hit! I’d like to have other gift ideas in jars – not as basic as the chocolate chip cookie mix.

  84. Jan

    Have given gifts in a jar – hot chocolate and cookie mixes – in the past. Would be fun to do it again using recipes from this book.

  85. Jessie Buehler

    For my son’s 5th birthday, we celebrated at a kid’s cooking school. Him and his friends were able to make their own pizzas and were encouraged to be creative about it…no typical “round” pizzas. We had dinosaur pizzas, race car pizzas, robot pizzas, etc. To go along with the “cooking” theme, I made “Dessert in a Jar” type favors for each kid. The recipe was for Cowboy Cookies. I used mason jars and tied a pretty fabric over the lid with raffia and attached a mini whisk. The card thanked everyone for coming, a note to the parents about this being a fun cooking project to do with the kids, especially on a rainy day and the recipe of course! Thanks for your blog….LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

  86. Lisa G

    I have made chocolate chip cookies in a jar. I love the idea of giving yummy gifts in jars. It is so fun ๐Ÿ™‚ And like you said, they can make them later, after all the already made goodies are gone.

  87. Please don’t enter me, I’m a Canuck and I have the book. We got them as swag at Mixed. I love desserts in jars. I do stuff in them all the time. It’s just so much fun. This is adorable and I’m thinking this would make perfect Christmas prezzies.

  88. Jari

    Yes, I was given a dessert in a jar as a gift one Christmas from a student. It was sand art brownies and they were delicious! I have also given away a few brownie mixes in jars as gifts, too. These are fun and I love to give and get them!

  89. Heather S

    I have not made a dessert in a jar, but have pinned a couple of recipes, and will probably try out this one, yum! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  90. Nassra

    I just co-hosted an ornament exchange for a bunch of Army wives and we did some SCRUMPTIOUS white and milk chocolate chip cookies in a jar to give to each wife. The recipe was from my friend’s fantastic neighbor that was gracious enough to share her awesome recipe, bring us all the baked results, AND give us tips on the perfect cookies.

  91. Teri

    I’ve made layer cakes in a jar ๐Ÿ™‚ Those were my Christmas gifts last year. Maybe I’ll try something new this Christmas!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Carolyn Solem

    I have made, and given, both chocolate chip cookies and brownies in a jar. I also make cappuccino in a jar and have given that away almost every year to my staff at work. They love it!!
    These bars look fantastic!! I’m excited to try them!

  93. Jessica B

    I’ve made cookies in a jar in the past and they always turned out disgusting for me. I have no idea why (I am also no good at baking pre-made cookie dough… go figure. Cookies hate me). Bars may be a good alternative!

  94. Maryann Tiscione

    Would love to get this book. I love giving unique/different gifts to family and friends. It’s fun to make and exciting to receive. This has sparked some ideas or me. Thanks for sharing the creativity!

  95. Theresa Smith

    Never made desserts in a jar, but they look and sound great. I have received cookies in a jar. The gifts to my children’s teachers this year is going to be your Santa party mix in a jar. Can’t wait to give it to them.

  96. betty lindstrom

    just forwarded this to my daughter at grad school. She was trying to think of an easy inexpensive gift to give at school to her friends. This one is so easy with only adding butter. I love your web sight and check it out everyday. We have made numerous recipies.

  97. Melissa

    One year I was given a jar of cookie mix that made triple chocolate M&M cookies-the jar had a red ribbon around it & the directions were printed on a little gift card attached to the bow, it was very fun!

  98. Stacey

    Those look so tasty! I have not made anything in a jar, but I think it’s a great idea! Maybe it’d be fun to figure out a lemony dessert to put in a jar.

  99. Jillian Locke

    Ok, this might sound strange…no, I’ve never made a dessert in a jar, but I joined a good friend of mine today to make sugar scrubs in a jar for Christmas prezzies…which got me thinking. Can you figure out a way to make edible, delicioso sugar scrubs…in a jar? BOOM! ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Joyce Ferguson Gaines

    I found a couple north of our town who grow organic (and very beautiful) flowers and herbs. I started putting together little Quattro jars (from The Container Store) full of my special tea I blend from these awesome plants. I use hibiscus, rose petals, lavender, raspberry, passion flower and even clover with a tiny little bit of clove (not related to clove-r) and some slices of organic lemon peel that I dry in the oven. I have made different blends of tea, but everyone has loved this one unanimously. I put a label and a little ribbon with a small tea infuser ball tied onto it and that’s it. And it really feels good that I can actually make something like that and other people like it so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Holidays to all!

  101. Denise A

    I once made white chocolate cake with coconut frosting in a jar, topped with Ferrero Raffaellos. It was wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m thinking of making these for my sister’s housewarming!

  102. These bars look so wonderful – I’m making them today! I’ve never had a dessert in a jar but love the idea and especially love the idea of giving them as gifts.

  103. I never have made anything in a jar but I love that the gift is self-contained and I need not have to go looking for a tin to place the goodies in… thanks. Hope I win!

  104. Lauren

    My aunt had a kitchen themed wedding shower and for one of the games I made a bunch of jars and people had to guess what they made! Then I gave my new aunt and uncle the jars to keep.

  105. Kaitlyn O

    I would love to make/receive brownies in a jar! With white chocolate chips, caramel chunks, walnuts, etc. All you would have to do is add eggs and bake! Yum.

  106. Diana Cooke

    I am getting to make something in a jar today to give to my kids teachers, I should have try it first but we have been eating way to many sweets at home. But I would love to make the cupcakes in a jar like the ones shown on the picture.


  107. Amy K

    I love desserts in jars, they’re adorable & convenient! I’ve only ever made dirt pudding & lemon trifle in jars, but am very interested to try out more ideas.

  108. I’ve gotten peppermint hot chocolate mix in a jar before. It was really cute and came with a little spoon so all you need is your favorite mug and hot water ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Linda D

    I have seriously considered gift in a jar this year since our family is growing and this recipe looks like a treat everyone would love! Thanks for the chance to win and the recipe! And the gifting idea!!! Even if I don’t win the book, I am gonna buy it!!!

  110. Melanie

    I’ve not yet made desserts in jars, but I bought a bunch of small mason jars to use to make them – now, the cookbook would give me some wonderful ideas!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Amy

    I have been given cookie mixes in a jar, but I’ve never made any dessert in a jr before- I love this recipe because the recipient only has to add one ingredient. Perfect!

  112. Erica R.

    Two years ago, I made cookies-in-a-jar for all the preschool teachers. Last year, it was peppermint hot cocoa in insulated coffee mugs. Who knows what this year?!?!?

  113. Terri

    I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in a jar for a party in October. I tied a spoon to each jar with Halloween ribbon. They were a big hit.

  114. Rachel

    I’ve never made a dessert in a jar but I think now would be a great time to start! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  115. I haven’t made a dessert in a jar but I did make some homemade vanilla extract in a jar the other day – does that count? ๐Ÿ™‚ We recently got this book at work and it so fun! I probably just need to buy a copy! Oh and I made your sea salt caramel butter bars yesterday and they were amazing!

  116. Alice

    Hello Shelly! What a fun giveaway! I have never made a dessert in a Jar but would love to try…I have made soup from the layered jars you find at Bazaars and such but never a dessert! Sounds fun, would love to give it a shot! Please include me in your giveaway. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas lady! Keep up the great blogging!

  117. julianna

    I love this idea! I’ve got the jars….but am having a hard time tracking down the book! I’ve never done dessert in a jar but think they will make great office gifts. Will definitely be trying these campfire bars.

  118. I have never done desserts in a jar but have always wanted too. They look so pretty, specially during the holiday season. =) I would love some good candy cane recipies. Maybe using those in a jar??? I don’t know but I do know that I love those peppermint sticks =) Happy Holidays!!

    ps: love your blog!! =)

  119. Nicole

    My mom and I make Cowboy Cookies in a jar and give them to our neighbors every year for the holidays. I am looking forward to changing the routine a bit with these delicious sounding bars.

  120. Jill Lewis

    I love your website and I have not made dessert in jars but I want this Cookbook SOOOOOOO
    BAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!! Its adorable!!!!!!

  121. Marcia

    Someone once gave me a gift of white chocolate cranberry cookies in a jar. I thought it was the cutest thing EVER! They are so clever and make the cutest gift! I wish I thought of that!

  122. I’ve never made dessert that I served in a jar, but I have made gifts of cookies in a jar that the person makes at home later. I think they are a great idea, especially at the holidays when you already have so many treats, that you don’t need anymore right now. But in February? That’s a perfect time for easy treats! I’d love to make some pie in a jar.

  123. Heather Hodge

    I have never made dessert in a jar before but it sure looks like fun! I’m going to have to try your Campfire bars real soon. They look absolutely delish.

  124. I have never heard of desserts in a jar, but what a fantastic idea. I would love to see you make mincemeat cookies, or give me a recipe for them. I think they woud be a great dessert in a jar, and a great holiday gift.

  125. MJ Pernell

    I have always wanted to try making desserts in a jar but I have never Ben brave enough to try. I would love the make the neopolitan cakes in the jar.

  126. Jen B

    I’ve also received a cookie in a jar as a gift, but never attempted to create one. Some sort of chocolate minty oozy goodness in a jar sounds good at the moment… Similar to the chocolate cookie/peppermint patty goodness that was recently featured?!?

  127. amber

    It’s been a long time ago that I made a cookie in a jar as a gift. I believe that I was in my teens and I only tried the basic chocolate chip cookie. It was fun, wouldn’t mind trying it again. Looks like you have some great finds on your website!!

  128. Katie Haymore

    What an amazing give-away! I have made pies in a jar and they were delish. I love this type of homemade gift and I love receiving them….Y-U-M-M-Y!

  129. sharon k.

    I’ve made cookies from jars of mix given to me as a gift, and they were scrumptious. I think it would be a fun activity for the kids to create.

  130. I’ve been wanting this cook book for a LONG time, and I hope I win so I can have it. I haven’t yet tried a dessert in a jar, but I’ve wanted to, and I really want to try pie in a jar, and a mini cake, and everything. The jar just makes it so cute! I hope I win!!!!

  131. Amy

    I’ve put brownie mixes in a jar to be made later and have LOVED them. I would absolutely love to learn more about cooking desserts in a jar!

  132. Addie

    I received Chocolate Chip cookies in a jar as an exchange gift and it was so impressive I copied the idea and made several to give away.

  133. Kelly E

    I have made 2 things in a jar. One was a cupcake in a jar, they were great and the other was a cookie mix in a jar and that was a Christmas gift for my daughters’ teacher a couple years ago. I would love to get this book, I have been searching for some new ideas for some gift ideas in a jar. Thank you for this opprotunity!!

  134. DebR

    I haven’t made one yet, but I think snickerdoodle cookie ingredients would work well, and it’s my family’s favorite! Thanks for your tasty ideas!

  135. Melanie

    One year, I gave away a ton of jar gifts. I did hot chocolate mix, monster cookies, pancake mixes (and paired that with fancy syrup, OJ and champagne), and homemade taco seasoning. Very fun.

  136. Love your post! I made a sweet pound cake “triffle” in a jar using store bought poundcake that I cut with a round cookie cutter to fit a ball jar and layered in blackberry jam and a little frosting between the slices then tied some pretty bakers twine around the top of the jar and added wooden fork. Would make a cute favor for a party!

  137. dawne

    i give cookies in a jar to my coworkers every year for christmas and they look forward to the week before christmas when i deliver them ๐Ÿ™‚ but i would love to learn some other things to jar up ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Crystal C.

    I have been wanting to make some desserts in a jar, but have not had the chance to yet…I do like the idea of making a mix rather than the actual treat. I love your recipe and will definitely be adding it to my list of sweet treats!

  139. Angela

    I haven’t made a ‘dessert in a jar’ before, but would love to try the S’mores one! Would love to see a Kentucky Derby Pie in a jar!

  140. Diane

    These sound great, and now I really want to give this as a gift! Can you tell me the baking temperature? I don’t see it on the recipe.

  141. Diane

    Thank you (didn’t notice it on the lid when I asked). Can’t wait to make this. I’m sure it will be a well-received gift!!

  142. Amy

    I just made these for some campground friends, such a very cute idea! But as I printed the labels, they seem to be for wide mouth jars and ๐Ÿ™ mine are not!

  143. Vickie

    I have never had anything in a jar but loves this idea so much…this would be great for picnics like salad/soups too…I think.
    Wonder if you could make key lime pie or or coconut cake in a jar? Whole new concept to me. LOVE IT.

  144. Wendy

    Need help! This recipe is so simple and I know I followed it correctly. I ended up with a gooey mess instead of bars. Your pictures show chunks of the chocolate chips where mine all melted. Mine just didn’t look at all like the photos. Can you offer some help. Some ideas of how to make it come out better? Thank you.

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