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Cookie Bars

What do you get when you mix a decadent brownie with a chewy cookie? A fresh batch of cookie bars! With these easy recipes, you’ll be making crazy delicious dessert bars on the regular, from classics like M&M Cookie Bars to these popular Cranberry Bliss Bars. We’ve also got Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, cake mix cookie bars… if you can name it, you’ll probably find it here!

The Classics

Your favorite cookies turned into a thick, chewy cookie bar! If you love yourself some Girl Scout Tagalongs, sweet cinnamon snickerdoodles, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, test out these easy cookie bar versions and let us know what you think!

My Newest Dessert Bar Ideas

I always love trying new cookie bar recipes! I start with a classic brookie recipe, or some creamy cheesecake bars, and see where the imagination takes me. Anyway, here’s what’s come out of my oven lately.

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