Giant Peanut Butter Cup Blossoms

Today’s post is lazy.

It’s not even a recipe…well, it kinda is, it’s just not a new recipe.

I just switched it up slightly.



Let me start at the beginning.

A few weeks ago we took an overnight trip with some of our closest friends.

Destination:  Hershey Park.

Long story short, we had a great time.
We made pretzel words on the drive there…
Photobucket(That says “Max”, btw)
We harassed the giant chocolate bar…

BUT the greatest time was had in a place called “Chocolate World“.  Do I need to say more?
PhotobucketChocolate World is basically a store/candy shop/dining/bakery/chocolate experience all in one.  It’s pretty cool.
I even contemplated killing myself via peanut butter cup. I mean, my arteries aren’t made of steel, y’all…
PhotobucketBut of course my favorite part was the bakery snooping.  I mean, I couldn’t visit the Mothership and not take a few ideas home with me, right?


There were loads of chocolatey desserts, but my eyes landed on one type of cookie.

A basic, “been there done that” cookie, taken up a notch or 13.
PhotobucketMy head exploded a little.

I mean…

Why hadn’t I thought of this??  An unassuming peanut butter blossom, made GIANT.


Instead of using a mini cup, they used a regular sized one.

Way more efficient, I say.


Everyone thinks “mini” stuff is way cuter.  But I’m going the other direction.

Mini stuff is making me fat.

Mini stuff is from the devil.

You eat thrice as many mini things because they’re so tiny and pop-able.

Giant things on the other hand, you eat one and you’re done.


So these cookies are basically diet food.  Honestly.

I’m really doing you a major favor here by making 4″ cookies.

You can thank me when you’re jeans start falling off.


People will be all, “Damn, you look goood!  What’s your secret?”

And you can be like, “Oh, I just eat giant cookies.  No big thing.”


Easiest diet ever.

So let me walk you through the weight-loss-via-giant-cookie process.

Giant Peanut Butter Cup Blossoms.


Start out by making peanut butter cookie dough.
PhotobucketHere’s my go-to recipe.
PhotobucketLet it chill and then get your cookie scoop ready.
I used a 3 Tbsp cookie scoop…If you don’t have a cookie scoop, then measure out…3 tablespoons. You so smart.
PhotobucketRoll each dough ball in sugar and place on your cookie sheet.
PhotobucketGently press the dough down a little, the dough doesn’t spread a lot when baking…
PhotobucketBake them for about 9 minutes and then GENTLY press your peanut butter cup in the center…
PhotobucketThat’s it!

You’ll need to let them cool a little on the baking sheet before transferring them…the larger they are, the harder they fall, folks.

These cookies end up being a good 4″ wide…so get you a glass of milk and prepare to feel the fat burning off your body.

Here’s the link to my peanut butter blossom cookie recipe...
Making them giant, as I did here, will make about 24 cookies. So you’ll need about 24 peanut butter cups.


**ps ~ I cannot be responsible for any diet fails.

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Mal @ The Chic Geek

Yum! I love anything with reese’s (and my husband moreso, he’s going to love these)

Colleen @ What

These look unbelievable. I’m with ya on this one – bigger IS better here!!

Erin @ Texanerin Baking

I’m so with you on the mini being evil thing. I always think, “HAHA! I CAN EAT THEM AAAAALL! They’re so small.” Um, no. Doesn’t work out so well. I need big things. These look ridiculously good. I haven’t have peanut butter cup blossoms in ages but they’re definitely a favorite.

bridget {bake at 350}

I think you are TOTALLY on to something here. The giant cookie, one and done. The mini cookie, 20 and might pop in a few more. I see a weight loss book in your future…and these cookies in mine.


love it, what a great spin on the whole mini food idea. love it love it love it.


🙁 I am going to have to make these. Maybe it will help me get off my cookie dough ball kick I’ve been on. At least these have protein.

Kim Campbell

I’m so happy to see we think alike. If you want a diet cookie just make 1 really big one! I am so giving these bad boys a try!! Thanks for helping me with my diet, I’ll be sure to give you a shout out when my jeans start falling off from all of the gigantic cookie dieting I’ll be doing!


Your a genius!! When is your diet book coming out again? That’s a trend I can get on board with.

Tara @ Chip Chip Hooray

Death to all diets. And I will die happy eating these. Thank goodness for Hershey Park’s inspiration!!

Katrina @ In Katrina

YES! I want to put away a few of these right now while my kid is at school. YES

Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

HALF POUND REESE’S CUPS!!? Please tell me you bought me some and I shold expect them in the mail asap?


I just lost five pounds reading this post!

We used to have a Hershey Factory and Store 20 minutes from where I live but it was closed down a few years ago when Hershey downsized and moved a lot of production overseas. Ours never had a bake shop in it but I still miss visiting it a few times a year stock up on chocolate and baking supplies.

Such a great idea. And you know, it’s so true about big vs small. I’ll get a full-sized candy bar and that will be it, but if I get a bag of fun sized candy bars and think “oh I’ll just have one and it’ll be better than a whole one” I end up eating the whole thing! Also, I live in a Reese’s drought zone now (in the UK, they’re around but not everywhere) and my brother very kindly sent me one of those 1lb Reese’s last year for Christmas. I sliced each one in sixths, but probably still… Read more »

You are KILLING me…..oh giant Reese’s cookies, how I swoon!!!!!


Love this post! I will have to try these out since I love the mini version. Maybe the giant version will help my diet:-)


Oh my gosh!! This mini vs giant conundrum never occurred to me before!! It’s so obvious to me now. Thank you (and my jeans thank you).

nicole p

I just started reading your blog about a month ago and it has become my all time favorite.
I look forward to your posts everyday. You are a genius, girl!


I couldn’t agree more. Minis are from the devil.

Although, I have a two cookie minimum rule, so these cookies could be serious trouble!


Love your rationalization! Think of how cute these will be with the seasonal Reese’s too! I saw footballs at SAMs the other day – although cute factor aside, a giant cookie shoved in my mouth is plenty cute :p

Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Heaven, that is all I need to say!

Averie @ Averie Cooks

First of all, love your logic on cute mini tiny pop-able little food and why it’s actually just a little too cute and pop-able 🙂

I am a big believer in one nice big cookie or slab of brownie. When I put that big thing on a plate, I know i am DONE after that. There’s no going back for one or two more ‘little ones’.

LOVE these cookies – the size and the PB cups!

The Brunette Baker



I can almost feel the weight melting off as I read! Seriously, they look delicious, can’t wait to make some.

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

OMG!!! These look so freaking delicious!


I am definitely making these for my husband – peanut butter cookies are his favorite and adding a Reese’s to anything makes it better!


homygodd these look deadly.


PS this is not lazy. It’s completely necessary.


You really had me laughing. Soooo funny! It makes me miss Hershey Park. 🙂

Christina @ Oven Adventures

these are awesome! totally adding them to my must make while I still have a shred of metabolism list.

Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

oh my gosh! YUM


For the not as gifted in baking… the recipe says it makes around 30 cookies…. in order to make the 24 giant cookies, do I need to double the original recipe?


you seriously make me laugh!! it IS true though, when things are “poppable” you eat many more of them. one big cookie and you’re done, right?

these look awwsome ! will be making them soon.

Ashley @ Ashley

WOW, i feel like all my dreams just came true. especially the fat-burning part 🙂

thanks for sharing! you have such beautiful and imaginative recipes!



I’m not normally a big comment writer, but you just made me laugh so hard in this post! Thanks for the sweet ideas and wonderful dieting logic!


I love that these are giant!

Lori @ RecipeGirl

Serious DIET FAIL drooling over these. SERIOUSLY. Yum.

Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel

The world needed this diet food.

Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

Hilarious as always. I’ll thank you when my jeans start falling off 🙂

Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

I blame you for my diet fail!!!! hahah just kidding. Seriously, these are so genius….

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

It’s so simple…yet so genius at the same time! It’s been 20 years since I went to Hershey Park (wow, that sentence makes me feel reeeeallly old) and I fondly remember coming off the tour and stepping into the floor of the shop. Like Willy Wonka, only better.

Julie @ Table for Two

Hershey Park! Jason was born in Hershey, PA and worked at Hotel Hershey and has a onesie that says “Kiss me, I’m a Hershey baby!” HAHA

These are the ultimate diet fail and that, I am a fan of (clearly not a fan of diets).


I love the way you think!!! I do need giant pb cup cookies in my life posing as diet food!! A diet this good has to work;-) It has been at least 12 years since I have been to Hershey!!!





Haha the sad thing is that I probably WOULD eat far fewer calories if I had one big cookie instead of all the little things I usually eat!

Carla @ Carlas Confections

I love these! New recipe or not, they look just perfect!!!! 😀

sally @ sallys baking addiction

I love Hershey Park – I went there every summer with my swim team growing up. 🙂 I love a soft peanut butter cookie like this! I’ve never seen PB blossoms with reese’s until I started readings cookies and cups. I love it so much more than the regular hershey kiss!

Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more

see I have been doing it wrong, I make things tiny so I can eat more and have less calories. I like your way of thinking!


I guess I will HAVE to eat a giant cookie. Twist my arm:)

Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

Holy cookies! I’m pretty sure my head just exploded right there with ya! Those cookies are massive and I want 17 of your version. 😀 Ha…what diet. 😉

Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family

Proposterous Portions of Peanut Butter…this cookie is enough to satisfy any Reese’s fan.

Mug Swap Time

Just dropping a little note to let you know a sweet little cup is on it’s way to you. Keep a look out…