Homemade Butterfinger Bark

I know this site is full of unnecessary indulgences.

I get it.


Annd I realize there is no reason whatsoever in your life that you should worry about making Homemade Butterfinger bars.

But sometimes I let Pinterest talk me into doing stuff.


Because everyone on Pinterest is rich and pretty and wears amazing clothes and has really super clean and stylish homes, that are organized amazingly well.

And apparently I am influenced by all things superficial.


So, yeah.

I saw on Pinterest people making Homemade Butterfingers.  And since I also want to be rich and pretty and stylish with good hair, I decided to make Homemade Butterfingers too.

That’s how it works, right?


And what’s completely crazy, is besides living in perfect lighting and having unlimited money, the people of Pinterest are scientists too.

Because these Homemade Butterfingers are made from candy corn.



So I decided to give it a try.

And it’s possible that whilst I was eating my Homemade Butterfinger, I MAY have clicked my heels together 3 times, thinking that I would open my eyes to a hazy, grey and white house, with perfect throw pillows and inspirational chalkboard writing on the walls.


I didn’t.

BUT I did enjoy my Homemade Butterfinger.  So, I call it a success.


And since I don’t have patience to dip candy bars and make them look Pinterest-pretty I decided to make Homemade Butterfinger Bark.

More rustic…less perfect…more me.



Now I know you are going to ask..does it TASTE like Butterfinger?

Well, yes and no.

I did a side-by-side taste test comparison…in the name of research…and here are my findings:

Butterfinger is more crunchy..so for texture, Butterfinger wins.

BUT for taste, Homemade Butterfinger Bark wins.  And really, isn’t taste the most important?


My husband really liked it, Butterfinger or not…it’s just really good.

Maybe next time I will stir in some crushed corn flakes and try to duplicate the texture…we’ll see.


Start with some melting chocolate. You could use Almond Bark, high quality chocolate, whatever you want…

PhotobucketMelt half of it and spread on a foil lined baking sheet…

Chill it for a few minutes to set.

PhotobucketThen grab some candy corn…I used 5 cups.

PhotobucketI melted it in the microwave.

It stays pretty thick…


Then have your peanut butter ready to go…the cooler the melted candy corn gets, the harder it is to stir.  Just ask my biceps.


Stir those guys together…

PhotobucketThen spread it on the chilled chocolate.


Then chill that for about 20 minutes or so.

PhotobucketThen melt the other half of the chocolate and spread that on top…



Chill that and then cut it into pieces…


That’s it!

Take that Pinterest.




Homemade Butterfinger Bark


  • 5 cups candy corn
  • 1 1/2 cups peanut butter
  • 20 oz chocolate for melting, divided in half


  1. Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil.
  2. Melt 10 oz of chocolate over double boiler or in microwave,according to package directions.
  3. Spread the melted chocolate on the foil lined baking sheet, approximately 11″x15″. DOn’t worry too much about the exact measurements, you just want it to be a thin layer.
  4. Place baking sheet in fridge to chill quickly, about 10 minutes.
  5. In a large microwave safe bowl melt your candy corn, 1 minute and then stir, then in 30 second increments until melted, stirring after each 30 seconds.
  6. Immediately stir in peanut butter. Mixture will be very thick. Use those muscles!
  7. Spread it on top of chilled chocolate.
  8. Place this back in the fridge for another 20 minutes, until chilled.
  9. Melt the remaining chocolate and spread it on top of the peanut butter layer.
  10. Chill again at least 20 minutes.
  11. Cut into triangle shaped pieces.


adapted from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen


115 Responses

  1. Take that Pinterest indeed. Isn’t this a trip? I was amazed that it tastes like Butterfingers made of candy corn. Pinterest scientists are onto something. Now if they could somehow use candy corn to make my house look out of a magazine, I’d be a candy corn fan fo lyfeee.

  2. Betsy

    Mmm…That looks tasty. And a great way to use up candy corn that always finds it’s way into my house but I don’t really like.

    And I totally get what you mean about Pinterest. I was a holdout – refused to join for ages because I really couldn’t handle one more thing to take up my time. About a month ago I caved and you know what? It makes me feel inadequate. I feel the urge to buy a new wardrobe and cook amazing foods. Plus, WHO KNEW I needed to clean out my washing machine and dishwasher? Don’t even get me started on how crappy my house is decorated. The first day I was on I forgot to pick up my daughter from school. So not only did I feel inadequate, but that day I kinda was. But sadly, I keep going back and pinning away…One of these days I might just create some of that cool stuff with elmers glue and paint!

  3. Kim

    You have made my day!!! We have had to become a dairy free household and I’m secretly dreading Halloween and having to take candy from my kids so they don’t get sick. We’ve talked up exchanging the dairy stuff for safe candy but I still feel bad. We are definitely making these this weekend to use as one of our trade options. Thank you so much for sharing his recipe!

    1. Just made these for Halloween party and can answer the “would crunchy peanut butter improve texture”. In a word, no. The heat of the melted candy corn just makes for naked peanut pieces.. Also, do NOT use Kroger brand chocolate coating. Doesn’t stick well. And what does, mainly cracks off. Tastes good tho! Would like to try the feuiilletine. Missing the crunch 😉

  4. Shelly it’s awesome! I made butterfingers about this time last year, but I only frosted one side and it was a thicker layer. I wish I had done what you did…two thinner layers so both sides are coated. I need to re-make!

    “Butterfinger is more crunchy..so for texture, Butterfinger wins.” <– Ive found that a variance as low as 10-15 seconds can really impact final crunchiness levels. 15 secs more and it could be crunchier. 30 secs more and you could create a molten rock. It's temperamental!

  5. You know the Samsung GIII commercial where the guys are in line for an iPhone 5, and the guy goes “The headphone jack is on the bottom! *mind blown kaboom*” with his hand?

    Yeah. I just had one of those moments. I have a couple bags of candy corn just hanging out. BUTTERFINGER YOU ARE MINE.

  6. What deviant mind even put candy corn in the microwave in the first place?? Cause I want to meet that person and tell them they inspire me! Melted candy corn and peanut butter…I’m still trying to comprehend it all.

    1. shelly

      healthy? wow..I mean, I don’t claim to be a beacon of health, but there is no way I would ever call this conglomeration healthy 🙂

  7. Melissa

    Hmm, I wonder what the statistics are for people who say they don’t like candy corn but do like butterfinger? Or love candy corn but don’t like butterfinger? Personally, I am Pretty much a lover of all candy, but I can’t do peanut butter anymore, so I don’t. I wonder if you did this with almond butter…hmmm

  8. heather

    I was JUST saying to a friend the other day that Pinterest is the greatest tool at making you feel like the worst parent, housekeeper, disorganized person on the planet. But it’s fun to look at:)

  9. I wish my life was Pinteresting too, the perfect mahoosive house, fab sense of style, being totally crafty and able to do anything! I’ll take those huge stylish kitchens on there though and download all the organisation pins into my childrens’ brains!

    I wish I knew what a butterfinger bark was. I mean, we don’t even get candy corn here – pah! But a fantabulous US blogging buddy of mine is going to send me an epic bag of it so I can try these bad boys. I love how the melted candy corn and the PB manages to stay a bright shade of orange still. Looks so seasonal. 🙂

  10. I love this. It’s so pretty. I swear I think Pinterest was invented by the devil. We’re all pinning in the devil’s playground. Yup. Gotta go pin some more stuff.

  11. Tara

    For those looking for an add-in for crunch, if you have a high end specialty baking supply anywhere near you, look for something called feuilletine. It’s basically little flakes of crispy baked pastry used in candy making and desserts and it will add the crunch and texture these lack, if you are unable to get the desired result from the candy corn and PB alone.

  12. Kathy A

    My friend brought a bowl of candy corn and peanuts to a tailgate a couple of weeks ago. That combo tastes just like a PayDay candy bar!

  13. Darn you for using candy corn. 😉 Just because we don’t have it here. Nor do we have Butterfingers. Nor do we have any peanut butter candy. Hate it.

    But still, this looks amazing! I made some homemade KitKats tonight and the chocolate dipping part was annoying. Bark was definitely the right call with this!

  14. Oh gosh I’m with you on the patience thing–bless the person that first invented chocolate bark. These look divine! And despite the fact that I have 2 giant bags of candy sitting on my counter, I’m going to the store to buy candy corn right now 🙂

  15. Ali

    You are SO speaking the truth about those people on pinterest! Thanks for bringing a smile to predawn why-can’t-I-sleep-in-on-a-Saturday-morning funk!

    Congrats on the bark!

  16. GammaRae

    Just made this! I added about half a cup of crushed Rice Chex-type cereal for the texture; think I’ll use a cup next time. I also heated the peanut butter which made blending it with the candy corn a little easier. Will also try tip above for heating the corn more to get a more crunchy texture…but I’m really happy with it! Turned out very well, and looks so Hallowe’eny!!

  17. I made it this weekend and it is fan-freakin-tastic!!! I had a couple of problems, though. 1. The top layer of chocolate flaked right off when I cut it up and 2. How in the world did you cut it? It was So hard to cut. Any tips? It was SO unbelievably good I have to make it again.

  18. looks so much easier and prettier than the bars! you’ve convinced me! i just made pumpkin brownies using a box and a can and thought i would check to see if anyone else was doing it and whadya know, i found you! so thankful i did as methinks you know my sweet tooth quite well. thank you for your recipes and your sharing, yer swell!!

  19. beebs

    have you ever had sponge toffee? (or a crunchy bar from the UK?) baking soda is added once the simple syrup reaches a certain temp, which gives it an airy, honeycomb-like, crunchy texture. I wonder if you added baking soda to the melted candy corn if it would do anything?

  20. Mary Ann

    just came across this recipe on… wait for it – Pinterest.

    Any thoughts on what could be substituted for candy corn when it’s not readily available? Can’t think of another product that has a similar taste or texture.


  21. Julie

    I just made it, well in the process, and was wondering if the mixed candy corn is supposed to be cooled before spreading it on top of the chocolate chilled layer? I spread it on after mixing and it melted the chocolate layer 🙁 I haven’t finished so maybe it doesn’t matter, just wondering what you did!

      1. Julie

        Thanks for writing back. New question, how did you cut it? Did you let it sit out a while or use a special knife? Mine is super hard and the chocolate top is coming right off. Did I do something wrong?

        1. shelly

          My chocolate didn’t come off.. I cut it while it was set but room temperature. But I has another commenter say that her chocolate did the same thing which makes me think it might be the type of chocolate you used…

  22. Shannon

    Made these for friends and co-workers for Halloween, everyone was amazed when I told them it was 2 ingredients and one was Candy Corn! I’m not much for dipping, I always get more on me then what I’m dipping so I just cut mine into squares and drizzled melted chocolate over them with a fork. I do lik your idea of the bark, will do that next time!

  23. Steph

    I tried to make these and they were impossible to cut. I had a super sharp knife too. I even tried heating up the knife at one point. The layers just separated into a mess. Any tips?

  24. You might try toasting some coconut and adding it to the melted candy corn . If I remember, it does have coconut in it. That me be the texture you are looking for.
    Also, My fiance’ let me in on a little secret. He mixes candy corn with peanuts. He said it tasted like a payday. It does! =0) so I melted down some candy corn, waited til it was cool enough to handle, rolled it into logs (about 1″ or so thick) and rolled in salted peanut halves. place them in the fridge to harden a bit. and viola! They were done, simple and easy, and they were really good! =0)

  25. So you inspired me, but I wanted the crunch so I combined two recipes – toffee crunch crackers and butter finger bars. I melted one stick butter with one cup brown sugar. I added one cup candy corn and one cup peanut butter. I cooked this for five minutes AFTER everything was incorporated.
    I spread crackers out onto foil I had sprayed with cooking oil. I spread on the mixture and sprinkled butterscotch and chocolate chips, and crushed pretzels. I was just getting crazy. It was crazy good – the crackers give the crunch, along with the pretzels. The candy corn mixture is slightly like a peanut buttery caramel. I love your inspiration, and the people who comment always have great tips.

  26. Debbie Lehman

    Sounds like a great recipe…..will have to try this one.
    If you want some crunch I would consider adding cereal like corn flakes or rice krispies.

  27. Anne

    Yummy! So here’s what I figured out (for those interested in a shortcut). A 1lb jar of Adam’s peanut butter is exactly 1 1/2 cups & 1-24oz bag of Brach’s in just shy of 5 cups. I put the entire jar of Adam’s in the Kitchen Aid mixer until it was thoroughly mixed. Meanwhile, I melted the candy corn, then added it to the peanut butter and let the Kitchen Aid do the work! Perfect & most delicious.

  28. JustMaybe...

    I went to Pinterest once, Yup, just once. Between having to pin things prettily & pretending to be one if those “Oh so Perfect” Pinterest people I said screw it – it just was not for me. However, I did find “WISH”. It is like Window shopping 24/7. You can click on “WISH” & it just goes in your little box. You can recommend your Wishes to your friends & get REAL discounts on things. It also has affordable products of all kinds. You can add things you find elsewhere to your box. They send giftcards for the things in your Wishbox – usually at least $10. Now, the best part is, you do not end up feeling like you or your life is in any way less than the “Pinterest Pretties” because you will be “Wonderfully Wishing”.I love getting messages that people like my wishbox eventhough I haven’t categorized it people still love the fact it’s like they are going through my own personal Thrift Store. It s Great & I am always finding an Amazing design idea or a pair of shoes that I could just die for. I’m not typically a sneaker person but when you can can find a pair of Stiletto Nike high-tops, well, you start Wishing away & your attitude about sneakers changes-I now Love Nike.

    Check it girls – You will Love it & Pinterest will be nothing more than a bad dream.

  29. Max Fenchurch

    Those look absolutely delicious! I want to make them but then there’re the candy corn problem -_- Is there a UK equivalent to candy corn?

  30. Leslie

    Just wanted to say thank you!! One of my daughters has food allergies and can’t have butterfingers but thanks to you and this recipe, she can!! Can’t wait to make these for her and the rest of my family! !

  31. Emily

    Omgshhhh! Thank you so much for this recipe! I just made a batch and plan to send it.to my husband who’s deployed right now. He lives butterfingers and anything else peanut buttery goodness.

  32. Peggy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a bark instead of dipping the butterfingers in chocolate! I, like you, do not have the patience to dip chocolate so this is a great alternative!

  33. Brenda mcfarlane

    My grand daughter and I were just talking about butterfingers being our fav. candy and that we both spend an adequate amount of time on the Pinterest 🙂 daily.your butterfingers bark is the best one I’ve seen,your a genius .I’am making this for myself and my grand daughter ,.keep up the good work.

  34. debbyrd

    I am going to make batches of this for holiday gifts. I am going to use fresh ground peanut butter, though. The texture is a little more coarse that jarred smooth PB, but not as chunky as the crunchy PB. Wish me luck!

  35. I made this yesterday and it was easy but make sure your peanut butter is warm and ready to go as it solidifies fast. I added crushed graham crackers and corn flakes for a crunch since everything recipe I read says this is more chewy than flaky butterfingers.

    Also, make a thin layer of chocolate. I used semi-sweet melting chocolates and the bottom layer was thin but my top was thicker. So when I cut it, some did not stick b/c of the thickness.

    The ER loved it! Gave us the extra ooph to get thru the night shift! Thanks Shelly for another great recipe (adaptation)!

  36. Fifi

    I absolutely love this recipe! I just need to ask because I have been very conscious lately, by any means do you know the calorie amount in one? Also, how many triangles were you able to cut out from the amount you made?
    Thanks! 🙂

  37. Cathi

    I found another site where they used Cheese-Its to add crunch. Tried it and it was great! There’s absolutely no cheese flavor, but it does add crunch. Just crush some up a bit…not too much. You don’t want powder! Add it and stir really quickly because it will cool down the mixture quite fast.

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