Lemonade Brownies

So these aren’t really “brownies”.

You probably guessed that.

They aren’t lemon bars either..they are a hybrid.

Can you tell I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries?  Ugh…obsessed.


Anyway, my kids have been bugging me like crazy to have a lemonade stand outside, but since it’s been 4 million degrees out I have been coming up with excuses that “today is not a good day”.   I figure I have to sit outside with them while they sell lemonade to complete strangers and having my face melt off my body might not be good for business.   Just a guess.

What has happened  is though, is now I have 27 containers of lemonade mix in my pantry, just waiting for a day that isn’t hot enough to melt faces.
So, I decided to try and get a little creative with all the lemonade mix…

I’ve seen a few versions of Lemon Brownies on Pinterest, and even tried a few of the recipes…but they didn’t turn out the way I expected.  So I played around in the kitchen until I got want I wanted:  a tart, sweet, cake-ish, brownie-ish textured bar made with dry lemonade mix.


Lemonade Brownies.

PhotobucketThey are really easy, honestly.

Start with some dry lemonade mix…

PhotobucketCream together your lemonade mix with some  sugar and butter.


Add an egg, a few yolks and vanilla…


Stir in your flour and baking powder and spread it into a pan…
See? Easy!


Bake them, but don’t over-bake them, capeesh?

After they are done baking you should add some glaze.  I mean really…

PhotobucketAnd try NOT to eat them straight out of the pan.  I dare you.







Lemonade Brownies


makes approx 10 brownies.



  • 1/2 cup butter, room temperature
  • 1/3 cup dry lemonade powder
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg, plus 2 yolks
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 3/4 cup flour, plus 2 Tbsp
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder


  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 23 Tbsp prepared lemonade OR juice from one lemon, approx 2-3 Tbsp
  • 1 tsp lemon zest


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Spray an 8×8 pan with cooking spray, set aside.
  3. Cream butter, sugar and lemonade powder in mixer for about 2 minutes,until light and fluffy.
  4. Add in egg and both yolks and vanilla. Continue mixing until incorporated.
  5. Turn mixer to low and add in flour and baking powder. Stir until combined.
  6. Spread batter into prepared pan.
  7. Bake 15-20 minutes until edges begin to golden and center is JUST set. Do not over bake.
  8. Remove from oven and cool on wire rack.


  1. Stir powdered sugar, lemonade or lemon juice and zest in a small bowl and pour over cooled brownies.
  2. Let glaze set for at least an hour before cutting into squares.


I used Country time Lemonade mix, but I imagine any brand will work fine!


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  1. fun! my son loves lemon, in fact wants a lemon shaped lemon flavored cake for his 8th bday next month (what kind of kid wants that anyway?)…so thinking i may be able to use your lemonade mix idea..thx! ps hope your face doesn’t melt off–maybe one of those church lady fans would help in this 104 degree weather –ok maybe not.

  2. cherie

    And if I use our pink lemonade mix it will be all kindsa cute!

    What a great idea – I hear you on the lemonade stand – my youngest is still obsessed with this idea! I got it over with early on this summer, but she never gives up hoping for more!

  3. JD

    What a great recipe! I love lemons so this recipe will be tried in the very near future. BTW, I know I will eat the brownies right out of the pan.

  4. Vicki H.

    yumm…look good….Are you using the powdered lemonade powder with the sugar already in it or the unsweetened (like Kool-Aid) kind?

  5. Dying. Love that icing dripping down!!

    Lemonade stands are a total rip off. The only people who come are neighbors or relatives that you call. And hello, you don’t even get to keep any of the money!!

  6. Maybe you can just make a whole bunch of these bars with all that mix and sell them. I bet they’ll go so fast that even if you have to sit outside, it’ll only be for five minutes. Not so bad!

  7. I was so excited to see this post! I too have a gazillion containers of lemonade in my pantry. Why? I don’t really know, apparently I like to hoard dry lemonade! Who knew? Anyways, I went right to the pantry, got all of the supplies and presto! Lemonade Brownies! I made them up last night and brought them into the office with me this morning, If the final product tastes 1/2 as good as the batter and glaze did then I’m sure all of us are in for one amazing Friday treat!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. shelly

      I always use salted, but feel free to use whatever kind you like. If you use unsalted, you just might need to add 1/4-1/2 tsp salt to the batter!

  8. Melvin

    what type of dry lemonade mix did you use? I have made lemon brownies many times and they have turned out great. I am willing to try this version, but curious about what “dry” lemonade mixture you used in this receipe.

    1. shelly

      Thanks! I actually googled it to find the correct spelling and saw that it is recognized both ways and since I am all for phonetic spelling I opted for the “slang” version 🙂
      Love that you caught that!!

  9. OMG, you`re AMAZING. I`m totally loving this recipe right now.

    & Your blog post always makes me happy after reading it. Too funny. I actually LOL when I read about your face melting off. Not sure way.

  10. MichaelleTrottier

    I want to quadruple this recipe for an event, do you think I seriously need to use that many egg yolks extra (8)? Just asking for your advice.

  11. MichaelleTrottier

    These are delicious. I was wondering if I were to quadruple this recipe would you think I still need to use all those egg yolks(8)? Your opinion would be appreciated. I love your recipes!

      1. MichaelleTrottier

        Yes two 9×13 glass pans. I already made a double batch in my 9 x 13 and they worked perfect. It just seems like sooo many eggs to do the two pans, but hey it’s a heck of a lot of butter too and I’m not worried about that! I was wanting to make them for church pot-luck dinner. They are devine! Thank you so much! Did you create this recipe? I haven’t found one of your recipes yet that wasn’t a hit!

    1. shelly

      DO you want to change the flavor or are you wanting to still make them lemon? You could try some extract or lemon juice, certainly!

  12. gloria

    no entiendo que es limonada seca o mezcla seca, aquí en Bogotá no consigo eso, pero tenemos mucho limón a precio económico, se puede hacer con jugo de limón?

  13. Irene

    There must be a mistake in the 1/2 cup lemonade mix. It was so strong, I nearly choked!. It was like eating pure mix. They had to hit the trash. Sorry.

    1. I have to agree. I just made these last night and was excited about the possibilities because the pics looked so yummy. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how lemony it was going to be. I used Country Time mix; maybe if you cut back on it.. i don’t know. Anyway, my kids did not like it and I could only eat the top part. The glaze was the only redeeming factor.

  14. oh my fricking goodness I am in love………. oh I’m going to make these, oh my goodness! Control myself long enough to get ingredients…

    thanks for the amazeballs idea!!!


  15. Diane

    I thought I was being clever by using Crystal Light lemonade mix in this recipe. Sorry to say, it didn’t turn out like I thought it would. It left a bitter aftertaste. So just a heads up to anyone who was thinking of doing the same thing. I have to say, aside from the C.L. issue, the brownies were way too tart for me and I’m wondering if swapping the amount of sugar with the amount of lemonade mix might do the trick. Thoughts?

  16. katt campbell

    I baked these this morning and they didn’t rise at all and actually burned in my oven after only 13 minutes… Maybe more baking powder would help? And maaaan are they lemony! yikes…

  17. Alura Johnson

    I was so excited to try these lemonade brownies considering how much I love the tartness of lemon and the chewiness of brownies.

    I made these tonight and it fell short of what I was hoping it would be. The texture and flavor were kinda off. Can’t place my finger on it.

    The glaze was amazing though.

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  29. Oriana

    This gets better (in theory?) add small blips of preserves. Strawberry or raspberry (your on your own with the seed problem ?) pink lady brownies! Blackberry or blueberry dream fairy brownies. Y’all now know what kinda books I grew up reading…lol. on a different note can something be done about all the adds and the media bar? It’s very distracting and sweets need my full focus. ?

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