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Melted Witch Push Up Pops

Close-up of a melted witch push-up pop

Hey there.

So it’s not even October yet, but I am going straight Halloween on your butt.

Or on your face.

Just on you.


Where it’s ok to dress slutty…

Where it’s acceptable to eat 15 Reese’s Cups in one night.

Where it’s perfectly fine to make completely overboard treats for your kid’s class.

All in the name of Halloween.

So I decided to bust out my Push-Up Pops once again.  Because they are a legit crowd-pleaser.

Before you ask, please know you can order them HERE or HERE.  And really if you’re gonna display them, you can order THIS too.

But I have to tell you, I didn’t start out intending for these to be “Melted Witch” Push Up Pops.  I was actually trying to make Witches Legs Pops…like the layers would be stripes for her socks…get it?  Well, my husband told me they didn’t as much look like legs, but more like a Witch jammed in a tube with her legs poking out.

And, as always, I hate to admit it, but he was right.

So yeah.  Melted Witch Push Up Pops, that’s what they are even thought they weren’t but they turned out to be… got it?

Melted witch push-up pops in a mason jar

And here’s the thing..these might look like a whole projecttttt, but they are pretty simple.

Since I’ve made push up pops a time or two in the past, you can find the “how-to” of the assembly process HERE.  There’s no sense in me going through all that again.

(I used a boxed chocolate cake and THIS recipe for my buttercream.)

But today I will show you how I did the cute little Witch boots.

All you need are some chocolate candy melts, a zip-top bag and some parchment paper.

I drew the shoes on the parchment paper to use as a guide first…

Witch boots outlined on paper

Then I melted some candy melts in a ziplock bag (about 1 minute) and snipped off a tiny corner.

Also, I flipped the parchment paper over…You can see directly through it, and I didn’t really want the chocolate to touch the pencil stuff.  I don’t need a third ear or anything.

Melted chocolate in a plastic pastry bag

I just traced my shoes in chocolate and filled them in…

Witch boots made of chocolate on parchment paper

I just let them set up for a few minutes and then peeled them carefully off the parchment…

Chocolate witch boots on parchment paper

Since the flip side of the chocolate is smooth I decided to pipe on some laces to the boots with some orange candy melts.  I did this in another zip-top bag with the corner snipped off.

Chocolate witch boots with orange laces on parchment paper

After I assembled the push up pops (again, the how-to is HERE) I pressed the Witches Shoes gently in the tops of the pops…

Green and black push pops with upside-down chocolate witch boots

The great thing about the push up pops is they come with a lid, so they are easily transportable…but if you want to take these to your kiddo’s school, I would wait and put the “boots” in when you get might save some heartache.

And again, these stands are really great for displaying them!

A child holding a witch push-up pop

Here is where I ordered my push up pops.

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67 comments on “Melted Witch Push Up Pops”

  1. OMG Shelly! your ideas are reallllyyyy fantastic…! thanks for this recipe! I just love the idea of the push out pops! Pi gave these a try, & they were awesome! & plus, the kids loved <33 them too! There great, easy & cute! Great job! keep up the great work and great ideas!!

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