Pumpkin Dump Cake

Pumpkin Dump Cake image with ice cream and caramel sauce

PUMPKIN DUMP CAKE is an EASY recipe that will quickly become your go-to fall dessert! It’s made with yellow cake mix, which is a great shortcut.

As some of you know I am not a huge pumpkin fan.  I like the looks of them, I like the carving of them…but the taste, not so much. Of course Pumpkin SPICE is a whole different situation… GIMME ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE!

BUT, I think it’s a texture deal. Like pudding, or custard…pumpkin just has never been my fave. BUT seeing as I won’t eat pudding because of the globby consistency, you might find it funny that I WOULD eat a cake with the word “dump” in it.

AND put together pumpkin and “dump” with the super basic pumpkin spice and you have a dessert that I WILL eat. I know I have made no sense whatsoever today, but I am in a pumpkin dump cake coma.

EPIC Pumpkin Dump Cake! My most requested dessert of the fall!

What is a Dump Cake?

I know you have heard of dump cake before. It was a recipe that became popular in the 80’s by church cookbooks and potlucks…my mom made them and so did my grandma. You basically dump in a few cans of fruit in a pan and cover it with cake mix and butter and bake it. This is the same idea, only adios fruit and hola pumpkin.

It’s a pumpkin dump cake recipe with yellow cake mix, evaporated milk and a few other easy ingredient. AND I made a Pumpkin Dump Cake VIDEO to show you just how easy it is!

First you dump a can of pumpkin, a can of evaporated milk, some sugar and some eggs into a bowl…

Then stir it up…

Pour your mixture into a sprayed 9×13 baking pan and sprinkle a yellow cake mix on top.

Then you can top it with nuts, but since I don’t like nuts I topped it with some crushed graham crackers and toffee bits. You can use the toffee bits with or without chocolate. I’ve done it both ways and it’s great!

Now here’s the kicker…You now melt 2 sticks of butter and pour that over the entire thing.

Then pop it in the oven and it comes out looking something like this…

EPIC Pumpkin Dump Cake! My most requested dessert of the fall!

So, you can stop there…but if you have ice cream in the freezer, I highly recommend plopping some on top. And maybe caramel sauce too. I mean…

EPIC Pumpkin Dump Cake! My most requested dessert of the fall!

I promise you, this will be your go-to fall dessert!!

EPIC Pumpkin Dump Cake! My most requested dessert of the fall!I hop you make this and report back!

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Pumpkin Dump Cake with a scoop of ice cream and caramel sauce!

Pumpkin Dump Cake

  • Author: Cookies & Cups
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 45 mins
  • Total Time: 55 mins
  • Yield: serves 12 1x
  • Category: Cake
  • Cuisine: Dessert


Pumpkin Dump Cake is an easy fall dessert that starts with yellow cake mix! So delicious!


  • 1 (15 ounce) can pure Pumpkin
  • 1 (10 ounce) can Evaporated Milk
  • 1 cup light brown sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter melted
  • 1 cup coarsely crushed graham crackers or pecans
  • 1/2 cup toffee bits (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350Β°F. Coat a 9Γ—13 baking pan with nonstick spray and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl combine the pumpkin, evaporated milk, sugar, eggs, and pumpkin pie spice. Stir to combine and pour into your prepared pan.
  3. Sprinkle the entire box of cake mix on top, followed by your nuts or graham crackers and toffee chips.
  4. Pour your melted butter evenly on top.
  5. Bake for 45-50 minutes until center is set and edges are lightly browned.
  6. Serve warm or at room temperature.


serve with ice cream or whipped cream

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271 Responses

    1. doxta

      I have been making this for a long time and we have always called it “pumpkin crisp”. Whatever the name, it is totally YUMMY!

  1. Jaclyn F.

    Ok, so I’m with you on the pumpkin flavor/texture thing … I’ve found a pumpkin muffin recipe that I LOVE! and um, this looks soooo good!! I’ll be adding it to my must tries and I’m certainly pinning this!!

  2. Megan Tracey

    I just made this last night! I have been going pumpkin crazy lately……pumpkin dump cake, pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and now pumpkin cookies with a vanilla glaze!!! Can you tell I have no problem eating pumpkin???

  3. Girl, I love me some dump cake. It’s like the easiest and yummiest of all things that contain the word dump. And I happen to be a pumpkin lover so this will be happening very very soon!

  4. Yeah, the consistency of pumpkin pie makes me gag too. There’s a million other things loaded with fat and sugar that I’d rather eat than that. And now I can add the pumpkin dump cake to the mix. This may make it to my Thanksgiving table. Or maybe an Oktoberfest next month. Or maybe my mouth this weekend.

  5. I was a littler nervous at first when I saw the word dump….but this looks amazing! I have a couple of cans of pumpkin in my pantry right now that need a purpose… πŸ˜€

  6. Easy, peasy! Love simple and easy! Just dump and bake πŸ˜‰ Nobody has to know how you slaved away in the kitchen all day baking (i.e. checking facebook, pintrest, foodie blogs, etc…)!

  7. I just had to laugh when I saw this, because it reminded me of a fun little dessert contest we had years ago with some friends, and someone brought what they called “pumpkin dump” and nobody ate it because it because of the name! I’m glad you explained what it is (makes sense now!), and it certainly looks delicious. πŸ™‚

  8. This looks delicious! We call dump cake “lazy cobbler” around here. I’ve used canned peaches, but never would have thought of pumpkin! FYI: the part where you are supposed to add the sugar is left out of the recipe.

  9. Larissa

    A coworker of my husbands, just served this a couple weeks ago, and gave me the recipe. It is sooo yummy, I had to add it to all my other pumpkin recipes!

  10. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    I’m a big pumpkin fan, and this looks terrific! Thanks for sharing, as always.

    (P.S. Would it mess with your mind too much to tell you that pumpkin is, indeed, fruit?)

  11. Patty Mascaro

    As usual, you always make me laugh, though unlike you I LOVE pumpkin so though you can’t hear the pitter patter of my little feet running to the kitchen to make this IT IS HAPPENING! You need to know the “texture” issue is only in relationship to slimy raw seafood like oysters…there can’t be any issues with things that involve sugar, eggs and cream you know :-0

  12. I soooo want to try this. I love dump cakes! Of course this doesn’t exactly seem like a dump cake since you have to add eggs and sugar but I still bet it is delish! I will give it a try when I find myself around an oven that doesn’t involve dorm crusted on food! Thanks for sharing this cake recipe!

  13. marie

    I think you may be my twin. I actually thought I was reading my own writing regarding pumpkin flavored things, flan, pudding etc… ha ha. and btw, no I don’t make cake.

  14. Pumpkin is a huge favorite ingredient around here, so you had me at Pumpkin. Add in the dump and I’m all yours. This looks Amaaazing! Thanks for yet another thing to add to my already bursting to-be-tried cookbook. No…not complaining…not at all.

  15. This is in the oven, baking, right now. And holy yumminess – it smells DIVINE!

    Once it’s almost done, I’ll make fresh sweetened whipped cream, and then we’ll have a yummalicious dessert!

  16. Oh my goodness. You are my new favorite person ever.

    See, I love baked pumpkin, but I, too, despise pumpkin pie. It’s so gross, and I tell my husband that the texture is nasty. He does not understand texture food issues, and thinks I am crazy. Or that it’s only women who get it. I CAN do pudding, but only soft pudding, no rice or tapioca (Blech!) or flan! OMG, ew. Anyway, I might have to make this, like tomorrow. Seriously. I’m in heaven, love and so happy to find this on Pinterest. Thanks from your new BFF! πŸ˜‰

  17. Tamtam

    Hi, question on the “pumpkin puree”, is that just the regular canned pumpkin or is their a thinner version out there???
    I want to try this soon! I am with you on the texture thing and pumpkin πŸ™‚

  18. Jeree

    Just wanted to say that I think 1 stick of butter would be enough. I made the recipe as listed, it took a bit longer to bake and was still a bit gooey. In the past, the dump cakes that I’ve made have only used 1 stick of butter. I put graham crackers, toffee, and pecans on top!

  19. Kim

    I made this over the weekend for a small get together with some friends. It was, hands down, one of the best tasting desserts ever. I am a pumpkin fan, and this was just perfect. Thank you so much for the recipe! This is definitely going in my collection for Fall!

  20. Ok my daughter seen this and wanted to make it, so off to the store we went made it tonight and it is sooooo good, now i need to stay away from it since I am on a diet sure wish i new how to change recipes in to diet approved LOL I did it just like the recipe but i also added the nuts

  21. Christi

    My family and I make this every Thanksgiving, with a couple of slight differences. Pumpkin Pie Cake is a tradition for us now! We like to mix the cake mix with butter and crumble on top of the pumpkin pie mixture. Mmmm! And whipped cream is a must! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  22. Susan

    Ok, so I am a pumpkin FANATIC and would basically need a 12 step program to quit – I love dump cakes too (a nod to my church roots) – but the recipe for the combination of the two makes YOU my new best friend ! Thanks !!!

  23. Kathryn

    This is in my oven right now and it smells DELICIOUS!!! I can’t wait to dig into it! πŸ™‚ I’m allergic to nuts and I’m out of graham crackers so I covered it with granola. <3 it!

  24. Lori

    DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! My sis in law is a hugh fan of dump cake. She just had a new baby on Tues so I made them a roast and this cake. She LOVED it!! I have to say it is best as soon as it comes out of the oven. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  25. Kim

    Made this last night and it was FAB! I kept telling myself, “Oh, just one more bite”….it was that good. This is a keeper.

  26. I made it last night in a casserole dish and the butter seemed like way too much, so I’ll cut back next time. Other than that it was great. Pumpkin is in shortage here. Two questions: Do you have a similar recipe that uses apple sauce as the fruit? What would happen if I mixed it all together and left off the topping? Would it just be a cake? Thank you!!

    1. shelly

      I have an old recipe that my mom used to make that used cherry pie filling and pineapple and it was the most delicious cobbler you could ever want. So I bet if you mixed a can of apple pie filling in it would be great!! You could easily leave off the toffee or the graham crackers and it would be good, the cake mix and butter will make like a streusel. Good luck and let me know how it comes out!!

  27. I live in Washington and work at Fred Meyer…WE HAVE PUMPKIN…there is a shortage so I tell everyone to stock up as who know how long we will have it . shortage has something to do with the rain where the pumpkins are grown. Last season was sporatic and then none until just 2 weeks ago. Anyway…can’t wait to thy this.

    I have a very simple recipe for Pumpkin cookies. 1 spice cake mix (dry) and 1- 15oz can pumpkin. chocolate and or cinnamon chips and nuts optional. Thats it. mix together and bake for about 12 min. Pretty yummy and few calories (think it was given to me at a Weight Watcher meeting.

    1. shelly

      That;s the same dump cake recipe that I have always used and mom mom made too. I LOVE IT!! Such a great recipe…the pumpkin one is different, but equally as yummy.

  28. I recently made a dump cake but I cut the butter into the cake mix. I like the way it turned out better then pouring the melted butter on top. I always seemed to get hard (but delicious) globs. I love the additions of toffee bits and graham cracker crumbs.

  29. I found this on pinterest and made it today. I added some shredded coconut in addition to the toffee bits and graham cracker crumbs to the top. It’s very rich and very good. I love how easy it is!

  30. This was delightful! I made it your way with the graham crackers and toffee bits, and it wasn’t overly pumpkiny, but still tasted of it to satisfy the pumpkin lovers around here. YUM!

  31. This sounds great! I don’t like most of the fruit people usually use to make dump cake, so I tend to just pick off the buttery cake crumbs ;o) (I’m the picky eater of the family). Could also try this with mashed sweet potatoes. Thanks for sharing!

  32. LittleMissMom

    Has anyone looked into the calorie/fat content of this little concoction –

    If you do, please don’t tell me – I can’t wait to make this!!

  33. I have been making pumpkin rolls for year for family and friends and I love them and so does everyone else but I have been looking for a different pumpkin recipe to try that wasn’t too time consuming or complicated. Wow! this fits the bill. I will be trying this one this weekend for sure. Thanks a bunch.

  34. Marygail

    I made this tonight with my boys and it came out sooo good!! I was wondering if it freezes well because I made it to share with his boy scouts but it wasn’t done in time.

  35. shawn

    i would use spice cake instead of yellow and only one stick of butter. that’s all i’ve used before. never would have thought to use pumpkin. thanks for the idea!

  36. I have made this recipe once already and it was delicious! I plan on making it for a co-worker’s bday party and was wondering, if I make it the night before should I refrigerate it? Thanks!

  37. Katie Ryan

    I am making this for my girlfriends for our Monthly Dinner Night… I was wondering if I could use a smaller size baking dish, if it will still turn out okay? 11x 8.5 and 2″ deep… Do you think that will still work ok? Looks delish, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  38. Oh, what a hoot! I feel the same about pumpkin but am almost afraid to admit it, yet I love it in things, like pumpkin dessert, pumpkin cheesecake, and now pumpkin dump cake!

  39. Arlene

    Dump cake was a huge hit with this topping:

    1 pkg. cheesecake instant pudding
    1 1/2 c. milk
    1/2 c. heavy cream
    1/8 c. confectioners’ sugar
    1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

    Prepare pudding as package label directs, using only 1 Β½ cup milk. Pour into medium bowl; place waxed paper directly on surface. Refrigerate.
    In a small bowl, combine heavy cream, 1/8 cup confectioners’ sugar and the vanilla; with portable mixer beat at medium speed just until stiff. Fold whipped cream mixture into pudding until combined. Refrigerate to chill well, several hours or overnight.

  40. Alicia

    I had this on my weekly dinner menu for dessert one night. Ended up having an inpromptu cookout at the lake a few weeks ago. I wanted to take dessert because we never have enough, believe it or not. I really didn’t have anything else on hand to make so I made this with the feeling that it wasn’t going to get eaten because of it being pumpkin. I shouldn’t have worried at all. I had 6 grown men standing there with their plates dividing up what little was left of the cake to take home. It was a huge hit and will become a staple at our house. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

  41. I’m doing a special feature on my blog this month called 30 days of desserts which each day I feature a different dessert from different bloggers featuring their recipe and blog (etsy shops, fb pages, etc…). I came across your blog and was wondering if you would be interested in participating! Just let me know!

    Summer Jo Brooks
    Author of Believing Boldly

  42. Jill Muldoon

    Amazing! I served this for dessert last night to my in-laws. My MIL happens to be the biggest critic out there and she LOVED it! She asked me to make it again on Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for this recipe! It’s definitely a keeper!!!

  43. Found your recipe on Pinerest and we made it during the Thanksgiving holiday and it WAS AMAZING! So yummy. Split the recipe into two smaller pans and only added nuts to one of them because my 9 yr old doesn’t like nuts. Both were delicious! Will definitely be making this again.

  44. Emily

    I made this for christmas and it was a huge hit! I used the pecans and almost one cup of toffe. This will be something I make every year.

  45. Hi! Your writing of this blog post cracks me up. I’m same way! I don’t like pumpkin pie (def. texture thing!) and I despise nuts in my food. Ha! This cake sounds delicious. I’m back on the Weight Watchers band wagon right now…. perhaps for my next splurge I’ll indulge in this. Pinned to save for later!

  46. Linda Merillat Komondy

    This sounds so delicious. I find myself with everything in the cupboard except the yellow cake πŸ™ I wonder if Spice cake would work? Thanks for sharing the recipe – I haven’t thought about dump cakes since I was a kid attending church potluck dinners!

      1. Mary Kaye Martin


        Happy Thanksgiving! In the oven now, do I have to refrigerate to serve tomorrow or can I cover and leave on the counter.

        Thank you!

        Mary Kyae

  47. susan w

    Love ur blog; a couple of comments/questions:
    I have made dump cakes in the crock pot; turned out great!
    I am diabetic, & recently read that pumpkin is really good for u; I stocked up after the holidays when canned pumpkin was low, low, low.
    Once in a while I make a cake; I use applesauce instead of oil w the cake mix. Tastes fine, less fat. I wish there was a good sub for brown sugar!
    Never liked pumpkin pie either, but now my bro-in-law makes the kind with the layer of like a cream cheese mixture & I think graham cracker crust. It is SO yummy!
    Thanks for your site; I have subscribed to your emails!

  48. chelsea

    sorry, i’ve got a major gripe here.

    this is NOT a “dump” cake by any means.

    youre mixing all your stuff before you put it in a pan…. thats just like making a cake. yes yes i know youre “dumping” your cake mix on top.

    but the point of a DUMP cake is that there is NOOOO mixing… only DUMPING hence the name “dump cake”

    all you do is DUMP the ingredients in the baking dish. no other dishes needed.

    please make sure you understand something before you name things incorrectly.

    thank you.

    all that considered- it sounds like a delicious non-dump dessert.

    1. shelly

      Wow. Well, thanks for your opinion πŸ˜‰
      And since the recipe was adapted from a recipe given to me by a good friend, I will be sure to pass along the advice.

  49. Nancy

    This sounds awesome, but how much sugar and many eggs do you use? The recipe says, “some sugar and some eggs into a bowl” . . . help???

  50. Nicki

    I’m a Pumpkin lover of about everything. Making fall my fav time of yr of course. I haven’t ever made this but I’m so very excited to try this. Thought I’d share another AWESOME one I found that’s way easy. ITS A DUNKIN HINES YELLOW CAKE MIX, 15oz CAN OF PURE PUMPKIN- MIX THOSE 2 INGREDIENTS AND BAKE FOR ABOUT 25-28 MIN @ 350. So moist its unreal. It has an Apple Cider Glaze that goes with it but my boys begged me to not use it and we didn’t and TOTALLY LOVE IT.

  51. MonRho

    My aunt served it with Vanilla Flavored Cool Whip (seasonal) and it was great!!! I usually have lots of requests for the recipe when I take this anywhere.

  52. cindy

    I just made this cake today. It was easy & tastes good. Would be better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but unfortunately, I didn’t have any. πŸ™‚

  53. Cynthia

    Love this, have never seen 2 sticks of butter on a dump cake, but more is better, right? Also, I am dating myself here, I was making dump cake with my Mom in the 60’s … so they’ve been around for awhile. The fruit ones I find are really good if you mix one pie filling with some fresh fruit. Peach pie filling with blueberries is easy and delicious….

  54. Gina Marie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cake!!! Made it for my family and it was a HUGE hit!!! The pecans really set it off…esp. when I put Blue Bell Homemade Vanill ice cream on top while it’s still warm.

  55. Leslie

    I took two cakes to work the other day. One was “Better than Sex” cake and one was this
    “Pumpkin Dump Cake”. I used the Heath bar pieces and no nuts. Before I cut it I topped it with a carton of whipped topping and sprinkled a few more heath pieces on it. Everyone love this cake and thought it was better than the “Better than Sex” cake. It is awesome.

  56. Suz McA

    i made this last night and it was DELICIOUS! just a couple of helpful hints. i used graham crackers instead of pecans (was making it for kiddos) and used 1 cup of toffee chips instead of the 1/2 cup suggested. also, cut back the butter to 1.5 sticks (3/4 c) is PLENTY. it may have been my oven or pan, but 1 hr seemed to do the trick. at 45 minutes, it was a little big too jiggly! it’s super rich, but super delish!

  57. This “dump” is in the oven right now and the smell is out of this world. I am quite sure this will never make it in one piece until tomorrow for dinner. I might have to try a piece to see if I want to put Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting on top. (do not judge, this is how I defend my actions).

  58. Angel

    I have this ready to come out of the oven but Im not sure how to tell if the center is set! Im afraid its going to cook too long and it smells too good to mess up!

  59. Amazingly…YUM! I just made this a few hours ago and my husband announced that it’s the best dessert I’ve made yet. And…I make a lot of desserts. I hope you don’t mind if I share your recipe on my blog, with credit given to you, of course. I added a few chocolate chips to the surface of mine before baking…just to add a touch of chocolate. I love chocolate. Thanks for this fantastic recipe!

  60. I don’t have a yellow cake mix… But I wonder if Pineapple supreme cake mix will work?? Going to give it a try.. Thank you for posting.. I really love pumpkin anything too… Happy Baking

  61. Glynda Anderson

    You are right! This is the most amazing recipe ever. A friend made some for a friend that was sick and shared some with me, and I thought it was the best thing ever. I went right home and made it for my family, Amazing. The only thing she does different, she turns the whole thing out onto a flat pan or even parchment. Then she mixes an 8 oz room temp cream cheese, a small cool whip, 2 TB powdered sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla….for a topping…She mixes with mixer, then spreads onto the pumpkin. By turning it over, the topping becomes like a crust, and girls it is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted with pumpkin init. I will never make a plain old pumpkin pie again. no way!! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the fabulous pictures.

  62. Heidi D.

    I made this for Thanksgiving. It was AMAZING! Even my husband who doesn’t like sweets LOVED it! We will definitely be having this again.

  63. Jennifer

    I have made this several times and given out the recipe lots. This is a big favourite whenever I make it and doesn’t last long. Not good if you’re on a diet, it will call your name and you will not be able to resist.

  64. Wanda Huff

    for those of you that have an issue with pumpkin texture but not the taste, you MUST try a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread and pecan crust. I have had many that HATE pumpkin pie but have been completely sold on pumpkin after having the cheesecake

  65. Martine

    So sad to find this after the Holidays ;-/ BUT they’ll be back soooner than we think! Think I will try Gingersnap Cookies instead of Graham Crackers – keep the toffee – add some chopped pecans…positively decadent! I can’t wait to make this — Thanks for sharing!

  66. Michelle Ackerson

    This sounds yummy I must say. I also thought I’d share a recipie my friend shared with me, which is similar with less ingredients.

    It is made with an angel food cake mix, I honestly think any cake mix would do. You take one box of the angel food mix and a can of pie filling, in her case she used cherry pie filling. You mix the two well and then bake as you would a regular cake. It was delicious!

  67. Tammy

    I have to admit I made this and didn’t care for it. Way, way, way too sweet and I just put nuts on too. I think half a cake mix or Jiffy cake mix would work. Also didn’t care for the texture differences. Just me and the people in my offices opinions.

  68. Wannabb08

    My son and I baked this tonight. Lots of fun to make together and it was AMAZING! If you want to cut back on the sugar you can but it was perfect as written.

  69. Cheri

    I am a bit confused. Is the actually recipe anywhere on this post? Should I assume the oven temp and time is that of the box mix. Call me crazy, I would love to try this. Can’t afford to waste all these ingredients.

  70. Connie

    Suppose there’s a way to use sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk? I know there would be adjustments…any suggestions? Thanks!

  71. Kit White

    Shelly,I just made this on Friday to share with some friends at dinner. It was a rousing success! I like the idea to exchange the nuts for graham crumbs when taking to a school or church affair when we need to be nut free! My question is that I purchased a yellow cake mix from Trader Joe’s that was 16 oz. Is this the correct amount of cake mix for the recipe? (I think that the grocery store boxes hold more mix) Mine worked and was delicious but wanted to make sure I got it right. Thanks for all your great recipes!

  72. Josie

    Why pay for cans of pumpkin ???
    I cook up the Halloween pumpkin each year. Boil it, peel it, then mash it and put into premeasured freezer bags. I use if for Christmas, Easter, and thanksgiving or whenever I need a can of pumpkin for pies or cakes. It Tastes better than the canned stuff too.

  73. Kelly

    Howdy! I found a similar recipe several years ago and decided to try Spice cake mix instead of yellow cake mix…and Uhhh….wow. Wow. Crazy good. Worth the try. πŸ™‚

  74. diedre

    Does it say pumpkin puree on the can? I only see pumpkin pie filling libbys brand..I didn’t buy yet till I know for sure.. I was in Giant Eagle..

  75. Lindsay

    With your top 20 recipe post out I realized I never thanked you!
    I’m not a pumpkin pie lover (at all) but this looked like the perfect friends giving dessert. It was a HUGE hit!!! We ate it right out of the oven with ice cream. So yummy.
    Love your blog!!!

  76. Jeanelle

    I used to make a variation of this but didn’t love my recipe. Mine didn’t have grahams or toffee and used only ONE stick of butter. Your additions make all the difference…my old one would have some spots of dry cake mix because the butter just didn’t go far enough but not yours. It was delicious and I can’t wait to make it for my family this fall. Thanks!!

  77. Nancg

    Hi–I always laugh when I see a recipe for this online. Although the recipe has been around forever, the name is somewhat of a mystery before it was called “dump cake.” I want to say it was called “Pumpkin Surprise.”

    I suppose it was a surprise because it was one of those classic 1960’s/1070’s “Better living through Chemicals” kind of foods we all knew and loved because they were on the table every night.

    My grandmother used to make this all the time– she gave out the recipe on little cards she would write out by hand, by the gross. My mother owned a Tupperware Distributorship and used to have the women who worked for her make the cakes to take to parties, then give the recipe away when someone bought the rectangular cake taker. (No internet to look it up on back in the day….) They sold a lot of rectangular cake takers with that recipe.
    Our family always called it “Dump Cake” because though a good home cook, my grandmother never weighed more than 96 pounds her whole life. She made this cake in a large glass pan, rather than a metal one, because she was convinced the metal burned the cream cheese at the bottom. The glass pan was considerably heavier and harder for her to flip out of the pan, and more than once she dumped the entire cake on the floor of the kitchen trying to get it onto the rectangular plate– Hence, “Dump Cake.” We used to tease her and ask how many she made each time, just to get one to the table.

  78. Karen

    Help, I made this to bring to my sisters for Thanksgiving and it was nasty! I had th throw it out! what did I do wrong? The cake mix was still powdery when I cut into it????

    1. Shelly

      That’s very strange… I have never had an issue with that.. The cake mix with the butter and graham crackers makes a crumb like topping.

  79. Judy P.

    Just to let you know, dump cakes were popular way before the 80’s, my mom made them in the late 50’s and my grandmother had a recipe for one long before that. This one sounds delish and am going to make it soon!

  80. Toni Anderson

    I, too, have been making this for years, but I change it up and use spice cake mix instead of a yellow one. Thanks for sharing, for those who love the fall flavors as my bunch does!

  81. Andrew Schrum

    Made this tonight. HOW WONDERFUL! I love pumpkin anything. Perfect fall treat, could almost smell the autumn leaves falling

  82. Holly

    I made this for my church group & it was delicious! Adults & kids loved it! I’m not usually a big pumpkin fan but with the yummy crispy topping, it was great!

  83. Maureen

    The recipe calls for a 10-ounce can of evaporated milk. Is that a mistake, or should I have found a smaller can? Mine has 12 ounces.

    1. Shelly

      It isn’t a mistake… I’ve used 12 ounce cans before and it’s been fine… but usually I buy the 10 ounce can or measure out 10 ounces from the 12 ounce can, if that makes sense!

  84. Deb M

    Just made my first pumpkin dump cake! My family doesn’t like nuts so I made it without but ate mine with caramel praline ice cream. Yum!

  85. Katlynn

    Has anyone ever tried to freeze this? I’m sending one home with my family and they are leaving a week before thanksgiving would it freeze and thaw out for turkey day well? This cake is so good

        1. Shelly

          Not the ones I use in this recipe, but you can absolutely use the chocolate coated ones..I mean a little chocolate can only make things better, right?

  86. Palka

    I made this according to your recipe but the pumpkin layer came out kind of like a custard/pudding consistency. Any idea what went wrong?

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  101. Susan

    I’ve made a sugar free version of this cake and it came out great! I’ve made a full sugar version of this cake for a friend of mine and will be sending it to her later. There’s something I need to know first. Should I freeze this dump cake before sending it off?

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  104. Jen

    Possibly the best cake I have ever had!! Thank you so much! I made this for my birthday yesterday and am so glad I did! I did use spice cake mix instead and did not use all of the box, maybe half.

  105. Erica

    This was amazing!! I do not like to bake at all but this was easy and so delicious! I was wondering how to freeze the leftovers for Thanksgiving- I made it on Saturday, so that would be 5 days away and think it may be fresher if I put it in tin foil or maybe a plastic container? Help! any thoughts- thanks!

  106. Gil Mulrooney

    Ok folks..listen up. This recipe is crazy good and ridiculously easy. I made it 5 x last year and my third one this year is in the oven as I type. Several people at my church actually asked me how I made this. I mix it by hand and gently tamp the cake mix down because it bakes up like a really good pie shell, but on top. I’m kind of a simple guy so nothing on top but melted butter…and whipped cream of course. I never get a second piece.

  107. Terri Humphreys

    I have made this recipe twice this fall since I found it on Pinterest. The first time was with fresh pumpkin that I needed to use and the second time was with canned pumpkin. It was very good both times but the second time I took the suggestion to top it with ice cream and caramel syrup. That was a game changer.

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