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Party Hat Cupcakes

Close-up of three party hat cupcakes
I feel like there have been so many birthday parties lately…
That’s probably why I have party hats on the brain.
And while we are on the subject of parties…let’s talk RSVPs, shall we?
If you have an invitation that you haven’t RSVP’d to yet…take a moment, let them know and then come back and continue reading.
It literally takes 2 seconds.
I’ll wait…
We have all been in this situation where we send out 20 invites and literally get 2 RSVPs.
First it makes you think you are a huge loser and that no one wants to come…
Then it makes you mad…because you know that on the invitation you have carefully made sure to include your home phone, cell phone AND email address.
With all these options there is no reason not to respond.
You don’t even have to talk to me…although, I can’t quite understand not wanting to talk to MOI, I’m super nice and friendly and chatty…ummm, maybe too that why you don’t want to call me?  Am I THAT lady?  Oh man.
So, ok…send a text, an email..shoot, write me a letter…
You don’t have to talk to me in person, because face it, we all know that unless the party is a close friend’s, we hate calling and saying no.
Trust me, I understand.
Just call me the RSVP Police.
I will answer to that, I don’t mind.
And above all…if you don’t RSVP…do not show up.
There will be no goodie bag for you.
No slice of cake.
No Party hat.
And if said party hat is atop a yummy cupcake you will wishing you had sent that text.
Like the Party Hat Snack Mix that I made last week this is fun and easy.
You’ll need
cupcakes baked and frosted
sugar cones
 candy melts
Large jelly candies
First, start with sugar cones
Then melt some candy melts in whatever color you want.
Dip the cones in the candy melts and transfer to wax paper
While the cones are still wet attach the large sprinkles for polka dots…
then make a small hole in the bottom of your large jelly candy and press gently on top of the sugar cone.
Let the cones set…approx 15 minutes.
Next grab your cupcake and frost…don’t worry if it’s messy.
Then pour your small sprinkles on a plate
Roll the sides of the cupcake in the small sprinkles.
It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Now gently press the cone on top of the cupcake.
You’re done!!  Now sit back and stare at the cuteness you created!
Go respond to those RSVPs!!

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49 comments on “Party Hat Cupcakes”

  1. The Picture Perfect Baker

    These are absolutely FABULOUS!!!! What a cute little way to bring fun back into a kid’s birthday party :o) LOVE it, and I’m definitely going to try making them with my son. Thanks for the great idea made easy <3

  2. UGH, it infuriates me when people don't RSVP!!! But on a better note, those cupcakes are SO flippin cute!!

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