Oreo Spider Cake

Today I made a cake.

From a box mix.

Yeah, that’s right..a box mix.

And I frosted it.

Then I stuck Oreos to the sides.

You can do it too.


Here’s how…

Bake your cake and using some food coloring turn it orange.  It’s Halloween in a month, after all.

Bake it up like the box says…or if you’re not as lazy as me, I am sure you could bake it from scratch.  I just happen to like boxed cake.

I used a cute little mini cake pan that I just got.  It was a 4 inch pan.  I tried to be all creative with the camera and make the cake appear larger, but I am not a camera ninja…so it just looked like I baked a small cake.

I used some chocolate frosting for the filling…

And then made  buttercream and frosted the whole cake.

With some of my leftover chocolate frosting I piped on the spider web.  I used a piping bag and a #4 decorating tip. You could certainly use a Ziplock bag and snip off the corner.  Whatever is easiest for you.

I extended the “web” down the side of the cake and used some mini Oreo cookies for the spiders.

With some leftover frosting I quickly gave the spiders some little eyes.

Then we ate it. We all had mini slices.  I felt like a giant.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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  1. ahhh! i love this cake! i’m happy to see you’re not anti-box cake, too. sometimes, making a pretty cake is way more important than making one from scratch! love the orange on the inside, too. might have to make one of these, as well!

  2. Catherine Myers

    Looks like a giant marshmallow covered in spiders….yum!!! Going to try to find me some mini cake pans!!! Too FUN!!! THANKS for sharing!

  3. love it, those spiders so cute! and love your write up! i find box cakes bake much better than my from scratch cakes…maybe its me…ok yeah its prob me doing something wrong baking from scratch, but box cakes bake nicely and taste pretty awesome 🙂

  4. ok I got online to google….fall cake ideas and saw this pop up in the blogroll…I have to take a cake for the fall church carnival cake walk this weekend and wanted something easy but witty ya know….where people will be like who made THAT….THAT is cute…blah blah…this is IT!
    I have like 5 minutes to do this on Saturday so I was stressin out but not now so thank you again for your smarts and doo doo’s like me can copy your genius-ness. GRAZI

  5. Christine

    Oh Shelly I love this cake! It’s so cute!!! Can I please ask how long you baked it? I have a couple of 4-inch pans that I’ve been wanting to use but I’m afraid of overbaking! I’m going to make this for my kids…thanks so much!

  6. Jennifer S E

    TOO CUTE!!!! This cake is wonderful. Did the oreos stick fora long enough period of time or were they sliding down pretty quick. I only ask because I would love to make this cake & wonder how early I could attach the oreos.

  7. That cake is super fabulous! And will be added to my ever increasing list of things I want to make.
    On another note, I for one use box mixes ALL and I mean ALL the time…I just add in some extra stuff to give it a bit more kick and people swoon all over…..I don’t tell them it’s a box mix and take all the credit……..I’m evil like that…lol 🙂

  8. I am a new visitor to your site! I won’t be a stranger, you’ve become my fav go-to spot for ideas, thank you!! I can’t wait to pass it along as others oodle over your recipes and ideas. Fantastic!

    Your creativity and generosity is wonderful. I have three little “keys to my heart” and love the necklace!!


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