Angel Biscuits

Angel Biscuits are lightest, fluffiest biscuits you’ve ever had! The perfect hybrid between a biscuit and a dinner roll, I made these with instant yeast and they came together in 30 minutes!

Angel Biscuits... light, fluffy and EASY!

Fluffy Angel Biscuits

Let’s talk about bread. For the past decade (plus) bread has been a major taboo in my diet. Like, the bread basket at restaurant…oh no thank you, sir. I will skip the bread tonight. No bread for me. I couldn’t possibly eat BREAD.

Then in the next breath…but I’ll take the nachos for an appetizer, pasta carbona for my meal, and how’s the apple crisp here? Good? Great. With ice cream. But no bread basket.

It all makes so much sense…but exactly the opposite.

So I’ve decided to take back bread. It’s that time in my life. And I’ve started with Angel Biscuits, because obviously.

Angel Biscuits... light, fluffy and EASY!

What are Angel Biscuits?

Angel Biscuits, aka Bride’s Biscuits, are a light, fluffy biscuit made with yeast. They are the perfect cross between a flaky biscuit and a soft dinner roll. If yo’re looking for a more traditional biscuit recipe, try my Skillet Biscuits!

And allegedly they are a foolproof recipe, which I feel like I can attest to, because I am no expert bread maker, and I’ve never messed these up!

How to Make Angel Biscuits

The dough comes together quick. I used Instant Yeast which makes things very quick.

Angel Biscuits

Another thing about this recipe, is it makes a pretty large batch of biscuits, so it’s perfect for a crowd!

Angel Biscuits

If you use Instant (or Rapid Rise) Yeast, they are done in under 30 minutes, which is always a win when it comes to bread making!

Angel Biscuits

And always brush with butter. Always.

Angel Biscuits

Oh and honey is a good idea too…

Angel Biscuits

And if you’re more into savory, I can attest to the fact that these biscuits make a PERFECT pulled pork sandwich. Tryyyyyyyyy itttttt.

I’ve partnered with my pals over at Imperial Sugar today for this recipe, so hop over there for the FULL DETAILS!



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5 comments on “Angel Biscuits”

  1. I only have active dry yeast. I imagine I follow the same instructions, but how long do I let the dough rest? I’ve only worked with yeast once or twice and don’t want to mess up the whole batch 🙂

  2. Shelly! These were amazing!!! I am the worst biscuit maker, and these came together so easily, and I think are actually difficult to mess up. Thank you so much. My family was raving, especially my husband. The entire batch disappeared during dinner (I do have 7 kids) and we all thought of the possibilities: breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, etc. Also, for anyone else who had a minor panic attack at the extra fine sugar ingredient, I used regular sugar and the biscuits turned out fabulous. Brilliant. And, I looked at some other angel biscuit recipes. They all required shortening. This was by far the easiest and I dare say yummiest. One more thing: the ones I folded and cut out were extra heavenly.

    1. You will just need to let the dough rise a little longer. It will take a few hours in a warm place, but just into the biscuits are doubled in size.

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