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August Favorites

Better late than never! Coming at ya with everything that I loved in the month of August!

The last month of summer was a super busy month around here….I tell you, August has a way of doing that. You feel like you have ALL the time in the summer, then boom it’s August and you have to cram everything in quick!

We spent the first week of the month on an Alaskan cruise, which I will be posting all about soon, The rest of the month we were in full get ready for school prep, while cramming in beach days and trying to stay dry because it literally rained almost every single day here in NJ. I swear this was the worst weather summer I can really remember!

With all that said, I did come across some fun stuff that I am totally into. Let’s start with these headbands…

I am TOTALLY into the messy bun and a bandana look….BUT I guess I have a stupid weird shaped head and I canNOT get a bandana to stay put no matter what I do. I have tried ALL the things and it just slips up and off. So I found these TOTALLY cheap headbands that give me the same look, but I don’t have to tie! The whole 6 pack was like $11. SCORE!


Sephora sprung a surprise sale on us last week, which was fantastic…BUT I had just bought a bunch of new fall stuff the week prior, so that’s a bummer. BUT I did use the sale as a chance to stock up on some of the things I always purchase, like face wash, serums etc.

Cookies and Cups - August Favorites

  1. Too Faced came out with a new line of products called Tutti Frutti and the banana setting powder is really great! It’s SUPER light, and really brightens up my under eyes while not settling into fine lines. Plus it smells yummy!
  2. I broke down and bought the Norvina eye palette from ABH. I was on the fence with this one…because certainly I don’t need another eye palette…but I am telling you this is my FAVORITE new palette in a long long time. I love it so much.
  3. I got this new makeup sponge based on the review a beauty blogger I follow gave and I LOVE it. It’s kinda like memory foam and it is soft and squishy and blends my make up so well!
  4. The LOVE scent from Bath and Body is a vanilla/rose which are basically my two favorite scents of all time. Naturally the lotion smells amazing!
  5. The Caution Mascara from Hourglass is SO good! I got it earlier in the month and have completely fallen in love. It gives great volume and length BUT the reason I love it, is it doesn’t transfer AT ALL! I have the hardest time with mascaras transferring to my upper eyelid when my lashes hit. I don’t know if I have oiler lids or what, but it’s SO annoying. The only way around this is buying waterproof mascara, which I HATE. But the Caution solves the problem. I can see myself repurchasing this one over and over again.
  6. YSL Mon Paris perfume isn’t new, but I picked up a bottle when I was on my cruise and I just loved how it smells sweet, but totally sophisticated. DOn’t know what took me so long to find this one! It’s kind of floral, kind of sweet, and settles (on my skin) to a pretty musk. Love it so much!
  7. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect foundation. Lately I’ve ditched all the full coverage for a more natural/glowy look. I’ve tried a few this summer including this one, and this one. But the one I’ve really been loving lately is the YSL Touche Eclat All in One Glow. It’s buildable medium coverage, and gives your skin a glowy look without being glittery. It’s perfection. Plus it has SPF, which is better than the Too Faced Dew You (which is AWESOME). I mean if two foundations are great, and one has spf and the other doesn’t, I will always choose the one with spf.

Cookies and Cups - August Favorites

  1. Omg you guys this sweatshirt will make your dreams come true. It’s SO soft and cozy! It comes in a ton of colors too. I got this blue ombré one and love it so much. It runs large. I got an XS and it’s super comfy and still roomy.
  2. Hello, my name is shelly and I have an overall problem. I can’t freaking stop. I got these adorable black ones from the Gap and also picked up this overall dress from American Eagle. The dress is a little short, but I’m 5’2″ and it’s totally appropriate. If you’re taller than me, I would definitely recommend trying it on!
  3. I grabbed this giraffe sweater from Modcloth, because obviously. Got a medium and it fits perfect!

Cookies and Cups - August Favorites

  1. I’ve been LOVING my Yeti Hopper Flip  this month! I know we will use it a ton in the coming months for soccer games/tailgating. It’s such a handy cooler, and keeps everything COLD. I am a Yeti gal through and through!
  2. Ok, I don’t have this bag, but I have been eyeing it! It’s on sale right now, and I think I really want a bucket bag for fall. Thoughts?

Cookies and Cups - August Favorites

  1. I got these earrings for my birthday from my husband. Totally adorable, and totally extra. I can only wear solid gold earrings, and I really don’t switch out jewelry often, so I don’t mind splurging a little bit on earrings because I know I will wear them a LOT.
  2. Also I have been super into layering gold necklaces lately and I picked up the Alex Chain and Radiance charm from Miranda Frye and I am OBSESSED with it.


On a side note, I am on my last tray with my Invisalign (WOOHOO!) BUT I am actually thinking I will need to wear them longer. I just can’t imagine that in one week everything will be perfect? Has anyone had this issue?

Also totally still loving my curling iron. I have never felt so strongly about a curling iron, and yes it was a splurge, but in my opinion it was TOTALLY worth it. My hair holds curl for DAYS!

Shocking I didn’t buy a single pair of new shoes this month! I thought I did…. but I guess I’m holding out for boots and sweater weather! Bring on the fall!

Would love to know what YOU’RE loving lately!


*As always, this post contains a few affiliate links. I bought everything in this post with my own money, and none of it is sponsored. Thank you!!

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7 comments on “August Favorites”

  1. Love these favorites! Never thought I needed a giraffe sweater before but that is super cute! In your IG story you had a toner I think in a mist/spray bottle and I didn’t get a chance to write down the name before it was gone! I like to try these out during our 100 degree days. I think you should do unboxing YouTube videos, your IG is so fun to watch! Thank you!

  2. Tiffany Peek

    Hi! I completed my Invisalign in June and I cannot recommend enough that you look into the memotain retainers! I love mine so far.

    1. I will be going in next Tuesday and I honestly think I will need another try or two. I feel like there are a few teeth that aren’t perfect. I will absolutely ask about these retainers for sure!

  3. This is great because I was just about to message you on Instagram and ask you what your latest mascara recommendation is. Love this post, your sense of humor is super-fun as always [Also, I just got through watching your IG story on the baking soda in the beef gravy – ha ha!]. Thanks!

  4. Love you and all your recommendations, but man what I wouldn’t give to have your budget for a month. Not hating on you at all, promise. I love that you post a mix of cheap and not so cheap items every time so there is always something I can afford and something I can dream about.

    Do you just use the banana setting powder under your eyes? Would you recommend it for whole face or just the eyes?

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