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Bugle Cornucopias and a Thanksgiving Printable

Thanksgiving Bugles
I haven’t bought my turkey yet…is that bad?

Actually, I have bought none of the required Thanksgiving Day foods.  There is nary a sweet potato to be found at my home.

I do, however, have plenty of Runts…and Pop Tarts…and Hot Pockets.  Do you think I could get away with serving those for Thanksgiving dinner?

Tomorrow when I food shop I am sure that I will get stuck buying a frozen turkey that I will stress out about until the moment of preparation.  Who knew that turkeys take like a WEEK to thaw out!  Geez.  I mean, whenever we have parties here at the house we go crazy buying ice for the coolers which inevitably melts in a few hours.  I think next time I’ll just buy a frozen turkey…dude, cold drinks for days!

Away, I haven’t bought a turkey… but I have made Bugle Cornucopia treat bags.  Prioritizing is not where I excel.

So, if you are interested in not buying turkeys and making fun treats, let’s talk.

A few weeks ago I was reminded by THIS girl that I had failed to produce a Bugle Thanksgiving treat…I don’t know how I let that slip through the cracks, but I knew I needed to get on it.

I decided on a deconstructed cornucopia, because that meant I could use Runts…and well, whenever there’s an opportunity to use Runts I ‘m all over it 🙂

Bugle Cornucopias and a Thanksgiving Printable

Here’s what you need…

Runts, Bugles, treat bags, a stapler, scissors and some double sided tape.

The treat bags I used were 4×9 in size.  I trimmed them down about 3 inches, so they weren’t quite as long.

I filled the bags with a handful of both Bugles and Runts, folded over the bag and stapled closed.

Then I made some cute printables that I cut out and folded in half.

Click here for the link to print the Thanksgiving Printable

I attached the printable with double sided tape and that’s it!

Again here’s the link to the Printable

Now I have no excuse.  MUST. BUY. TURKEY.

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57 comments on “Bugle Cornucopias and a Thanksgiving Printable”

  1. Have you ever made the treat with bugles, frosting, and fruit-shape flavored Trix? We always used to make those for my school treats growing up, but we haven’t found the fruit-shaped Trix in years. Regardless, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! :]

  2. damn . . . i was on a juice fast this week . . . until i saw these . . . i cannot resist a bugle anymore than i can resist pie . . . or potatoes . . . or peanut butter stuffed pretzels . . . or peanut M&Ms . . . or dressing . . . or . . . oh hell . . .

  3. These are darling!!! Wish I had this when my kids were younger. Guess I’ll use it when I have grandchildren. ; )

  4. I just love ALL of your ideas. If I’m having a bad day all I have to do is read your blog and I’m smiling immediately. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

  5. Ok… now I’m beginning to think you won stock in Bugles… Or it because they come in HUGE bags and are so darn addicting? cute and wonderful as always!

  6. Darla | Bakingdom

    Omigosh, Seriously? These are too adorable! You and Bugles are like the perfect treat for any occasion! Thanks for the printables!!!

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