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Measuring Cups

How Many Grams are in a Cup?

What is the equivalent of grams to cups is one of the most common questions I get! So many of you don’t use the Imperial Measuring system like we do in the US, but rather the Metric measuring system. And unfortunately all my recipes are written using cup measurements. BUT since I want to make sure everyone is able to make my recipes with ease, I created this chart that will be easy to reference when you’re baking with all the grams to cups conversions done for you!

This Grams to Cups Conversion Chart is meant to help make baking easier!

Cups to Grams Conversion Chart

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I don’t ever want you to feel frustrated when trying to bake, so this chart is an easy reference!  I really try to help everyone who asks me about how to convert cups to grams, but thought if I made an easy chart you could all reference it whenever you needed to, instead of waiting for me to respond. It’s perfect to print out and tape to the inside of your baking cabinet so you always have it handy!

There isn’t a single answer to the question “how many grams in a cup” because it depends on what you are measuring!

I’ve tried to break down the most common baking measurements that you will use on the chart. I’ve also included cups to ounces, and grams to ounces, because weight measurement is the most accurate way to measure ingredients. I’ll admit, I’m lazy and don’t always weigh ingredients, which is something I need to be better at doing. Baking can be so precise, and I want all your cookies to turn out perfectly!

Hope this chart helps you in your baking adventures!


Again, if you want to print this out, I have the free printable available here –> Cups To Grams Conversion Chart


A few other great resources I have on my site is a Baking Pan Equivalent Chart as well as a Baking Substitutions Chart!

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  1. Robin

    Thanks for posting this. With access to global recipes it’s great to have a conversion graph. There’s so many wonderful recipes on Pinterest from everywhere it’s nice not having to go online and look up measurements for every ingredient.

  2. Ria Smits

    I love you for this, tank you so much ( I’m dutch) and always struggeling with the cups and grams conversion. Greatings

    1. Shelly

      I very rarely ever sift my flour. I find you can get the same outcome if you use the spoon and sweep method when measuring.

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