Cups to Grams Conversion Chart

Measuring Cups

I’ve created this Cups to Grams Conversion Chart is meant to help make baking easier!

One of the most common questions I get is how to make my recipes if you don’t use “cup” measurements. So I am here to help with this handy chart!

Cups to Grams Conversion Chart


I want you to PIN, BOOKMARK, SAVE, DOWNLOAD this chart to save for future reference!

Or if you’re old school you can even print it out! I have the free printable HERE: CupsToGrams

I have always cooked using cup measurements, but completely understand how frustrating that must be to those who don’t. I will refer to this chart in my recipes moving forward.

I have also included ounces in the chart as well, because we all know that weight measurement is the most accurate way to measure ingredients. I am lazy and don’t always weigh ingredients, which is something I need to be better at doing. Baking can be so precise, and I want all your cookies to turn out perfectly!

Hope it helps!

Again, if you want to print this out, I have the free printable available here –> CupsToGrams



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Thanks for posting this. With access to global recipes it’s great to have a conversion graph. There’s so many wonderful recipes on Pinterest from everywhere it’s nice not having to go online and look up measurements for every ingredient.


This could prove very helpful. Sometimes I get confused and things may not turn out as they are intended to be.

Wishes for tasty dishes,


Thanks for making this! I’m going to be using it a lot 🙂

Learn tally

Ooo that’s great… Thanku….?

Ria Smits

I love you for this, tank you so much ( I’m dutch) and always struggeling with the cups and grams conversion. Greatings