Glass Topper Valentines Cookies & a Party!

Today is a fun day!

Not only did I make heart shaped cookies with a straw hole…I KNOW…I am participating in a whole Valentine’s party.

Yep, that’s right…when your husband doesn’t get you anything for Valentines, you must turn to your friends and pressure them into filling the void, which is exactly what I have done.

So stay tuned at the end of this post and check out what some of the most creative ladies out there have come up with.  Really, really cute stuff.



But first I must share my treat with you.

It’s a simple concept, really.  Milk and cookies.

They are besties.  Like me and Sephora.  BFF.

I used my favorite cut out sugar cookie recipe and made heart shaped cookies.  The recipe makes about 24 large cut out cookies, just to give you an idea.  If your cutter is smaller than 3″, you might be able to half the recipe.

When the cookies came out of the oven and cooled for 15-20 minutes I cut out the hole in the center.  I did it after I baked, because although the recipe doesn’t spread much when baking I wanted to make sure I had a clean hole in the middle…

I used a 5/8″ round cutter, that typically is used for fondant.  If you don’t have a small circular (or flower/square) cutter, you could certainly use a paring knife, just be very careful not to crack your cookie.

Once you have your centers cut out you will need to make your pourable glaze icing.

I chose to use a pourable icing because I am lazy and didn’t want to decorate cookies.  The truth will set you free.

Here what I did…I mixed up the glaze.  The consistency will be like a think syrup.

Next up add a little food coloring.  Whatever color you want.  I used pink, duh.

When I mixed it up I let the icing sit for about 5 minutes until all the little air bubbles came up to the surface.  Then I gave it a gentle stir to pop the bubbles before I poured the icing on my cookies.

I set up my pouring station like this…a wire rack on a bowl to catch the dripping and another wire rack with a piece of parchment under it to catch more drips.

I did them one at a time, spooning the icing on and making sure it dripped over coating the sides as well as the top.  The extra dripped into my bowl, which I was able to recycle and use again.

When the majority had dripped off I transferred the cookie with a spatula to my other wire rack.

I let my cookies dry overnight, but if you are in a dry climate they might be dry in less time.

Now, if you would like to go the extra mile and make your straws look like little arrows, it’s a simple process.

You will need:

  • construction paper
  • straws
  • tape

Cut your construction paper in shapes like this, about 1 1/2″ in length…

Snip the edges like a feather on the end of the arrow.

Place you straw in the middle of the arrow, leaving enough room at the top to drink from and tape it on…

That’s it!  Aren’t they cute?  I got my straws HERE.

When your cookies are dry you can assemble your little bottles.

I actually used Starbucks Frappuccino bottles.  I peeled the labels off and washed them hot, soapy water.

How easy is that?

Now, here’s the fun part!

All these talented ladies from around the internet land have all created fun, Valentine’s Day inspired treats.

Hop over and check out their creations and spread the Valentine’s love!

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10.  Two Peas and Their Pod ~ Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies
11.  Scarletta Bakes ~ Mexican Chocolate Hearts
She Wears Many Hats ~ Valentines Popcorn


Pourable Glaze Icing


This recipe makes enough pourable frosting to cover 12 medium sized cookies


  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp milk


  1. In a bowl combine milk and powdered sugar. Consistency should be that of thick syrup.
  2. Stir until there are no lumps.
  3. Add food coloring, if desired.
  4. Let icing rest for 5 minutes to allow for air bubbles to rise to the top.
  5. Give the icing a gentle stir to break up any air bubbles that formed.
  6. Pour over cookie or cake and allow to set up for 6 hours to overnight until completely dry.


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Lauren at Keep It Sweet

What a fun party and such pretty cookies!

foto memek

ok very same my taste. good


This is such a cute idea! Love the shade of pink on your cookies.


Seriously? It looks like cupid just shot your cookie. I love it.


They are the sweetest looking cookies! Fantastic idea. Awesome valentines party too, love it!!


Even my husband thinks they are cute!

Nourhan @ Miss Anthropist

Such an awesome combination of baking and crafts–great job!! 🙂

Cookbook Queen

I am so exited about this glaze recipe, it’s a bit ridiculous. Thank you so much for hosting such a great Valentines par-tay!!

Liz @ Tip Top Shape

All of those ideas are so freaking cute!! I’m having a little V-Day party with my friends this weekend and I can’t wait to give some of these a whirl!!

Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch

Ah-dorable! Love these!


These are too cute for words! Love!

Lori @ RecipeGirl

These are like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Makes me want to scour every store in San Diego until I can find those adorable little bottles and make them just because. Cuteness!!


What an adorable post! Pinned!

bridget {bake at 350}

Shelly…these are DARLING!!! And I love that little flower cut-out in the middle. How smart are YOU?!? Love, love, love.

Natalie @ Cooking for My Kids

What a precious idea! I love it. Perfect for a party or an after-school snack surprise. I need to get to work on these STAT. 🙂


Your mentally challenged friend seriously thinks this is the best idea EVER!!!


So cute. I am loving the straw cut out idea and the vintage milk glasses! I am having a little Vanentine ‘s Day Craft/Girls night so we must be on the same page! That way I will have had something fun planned for Valentines’ Day and won’t be let down if my Hubby forgets to plan anything!!

Emily ~SoDomesticated~

So sweet, love these heart cookies!


The cookies are adorable already and then you turned the straws into arrows? Overload on cuteness.


These are adorable! I think I would like to eat these with chocolate milk.

Glory/ Glorious Treats

These are so beautiful and creative!! I love them!

Heather (Heather

These couldn’t be any cuter…I love the straw holes!


You know these are beyond adorable, right!?

Blog is the New Black

Adorable! Love it!


Seriously, this is too stinkin’ cute! I wish I had kids just so I could make these for their class! 😀


PRECIOUS!!! You’re so creative. So perfect for a class party!

Jessica @ How Sweet

These are SO fun. I just love this idea!

Meagan @ Scarletta Bakes

So, SO sweet, Shelly! I just love the whole idea of this!

And I adore your photographs of the assembly process. I can’t wait to give this glaze a try – I desperately needed a good, functional glaze recipe.


Darla | Bakingdom

SO adorable, Shelly! I love the whole idea, and with the straw “arrow?” Genius!!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

They’re absolutely gorgeous! So perfect and beautiful! YUM!


Ohhh is a beautiful idea!!! So cute and romantic!! And yumm!


Karen @ Sugartown Sweets

Love these “oh so pretty” cookies! Perfectly pink! 🙂

Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl

I’m not gonna lie…I totally love that you used “pourable” icing so that busy (read: lazy) people like me can get straight to the eating, rather than spending the extra time decorating. These are the cutest!!

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

These are so darn cute! I love the straw hole!

Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker

These are FABULOUS! What a great treat!

Brenda @ a farmgirl

What a creative and super fun idea! Love it!

Cookie Sleuth

You definitely went the extra mile with this one! Lovely!


Well since I don’t have a husband to not buy me things…I think that gives me even MORE of an excuse to make these! Not that I needed one. Other than that…it’s going to be Tuesday in a few hours. So why not.


Fun Valentines Day Party! I have seen cookies with little holes in them to go on top of cups and I’ve always thought they were the cutest. Yours BY FAR are the best I’ve seen!


How adorable are these!
LOVE this idea!
Milk + Glazed PINK Cookies = True LOVE Forever!
What a SWEET idea for you to host a Valentine’s Party!
LOVE is in the AIR!


These are beautiful! I love the idea of putting them on top of a cup of milk. Perfect! (And great for portion control!–Sort of).


What an adorable idea for cookies and milk. I love these.


SO cute! I even have some straws like that:) What a fun party!

Robin Burgeson

What a fantastic idea, and the cookies look oh so yummy!


What an adorable idea!! And I love the arrow straws… so festive!!

Elizabeth Vines

So many good ideas! Cute new things!


I’m so impressed! These are beautiful!! Excellent work 🙂


Very cute! Using frappucino bottles is a fantastic idea! Where did you find the adorable straws??


I love the idea of the cookie with the hole in the middle. It’s like a donut, only better!! Cute straws, too! 😉

Moore Or Less Cooking

I absolutely love your cupid cookies- Brilliant! I am so happy that I found you over at Bake at 350, I love your blog! BTW I love your post with words that bother you, you are so funny, love it!! Check out my blog, I have posted my Chocolate Banana Birthday Cake linked up with Mom’s Crazy Cooking Chocolate Cakes, hope you like it! Happy Sunday! Nettie


Love these! I think this is sooo creative. Pinned it and posted on our Facebook wall. I’m sure they are yummy too!