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Guest Post from Sugarbelle!

Overhead view of three gumball machine decorated cookies

My poor friend Shelly just had the pleasure of meeting Irene. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY likes that girl. So, while Shelly is dealing with the mess mean Irene left behind, I’ll be hanging out here. I tried to think of a way to tie my ramblings to gumball machines, but I’m not quite that cool yet, so for now, my cookies will have to remain completely unrelated to my long winded stories. I hope you understand.

I was in a hurricane once. Hurricane Floyd back in 1999. When I first heard it was coming, I was kind of excited. This small town Texas girl had never seen a hurricane, plus, since it wasn’t going to be a direct hit, just lots of wind and rain {being from West Texas, little old hurricane force winds don’t scare me at all} it basically meant that I would have a few school-less days, right around my birthday. What a great gift right?

Um….RIGGGGGGHT. In the days before it hit, I couldn’t go anywhere because of the traffic. Bumper to bumper, people trying to get out of Norfolk as fast as they could. Then after the fact, even if there weren’t huge branches blocking the road, all the places I wanted to go, like Pier One and Target were without electricity, therefore CLOSED. BOOOOOOOOOO!

My conclusion from this experience? HURRICANES SUCK!

So, if one is coming your way, I have a few tips of my own, besides all of the others recommended but the National Hurricane Center, to keep you occupied in the days following a hurricane.

  • Make up a batch of royal icing. It can be kept out on your counter, so this is great, especially if the fridge goes out
  • bake some cookies, I mean, you need sustenance

If you’re like me, you’re really prepared and already have these in your freezer, so when they thaw during the power outage, instead of being upset, you can just decorate.

So, like I said, bake some cookies, snowman cookies to be exact, except chop off it’s scarf before you bake.

Red snowman cookie cutter with an arrow pointing to the scarf

When you are ready to decorate, {probably the day after landfall when there is no internet, TV, or job you have to report to} you will need:

  • red piping and flood icing
  • aqua/light blue 20-second icing
  • Mini-M&M’s {which I suspect Shelly ALWAYS has on-hand}
  • Gray-ish 20-second icing
  • a black food color marker
  • white piping icing

*PS, try not to make a huge mess while doing this, because if you don’t have water, you’ll have to set the dishes out back and hope the rain rinses them off

Now for the decoratin’, which is what we call decorating here in Texas…

Outline and fill the red parts

Gumball machine shaped cookies with red icing outline

Let that dry a bit, use the aqua 20-second icing to fill in the globe, pipe in a white accent, then quickly drop mini M&M’s onto the wet icing.

Two gumball machine decorated sugar cookies

When the red is dry, use the black food color marker to draw a “mouth” on the machine.

Two gumball machine decorated sugar cookies with dispenser

Fill in the empty square with gray-ish icing…

Two gumball machine decorated sugar cookies with gray dispenser

Let all that dry, then use the gray 20-second icing and a small tip {#1 or #1.5} to add the knob and coin slot, and red piping icing to add accents and details. I took it a step further and used a bit of white on the globe.

3 gumball machine decorated sugar cookies

Ta da!!! Not to shabby for hurricane cookies, eh?

So, in summary, before your next hurricane, add these things to your list. Have cookies and royal icing ready to go, print out this post, and keep it with your family safety plans. Got it? Bulieve me, you’ll thank me for it!

Seriously, though, I have several friends in Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and other places affected by Irene. I worried sick over them, and I am so thankful, that the worst damage for them was a few leaky rooves and a couple days without power and water. I hope everyone is safe and that life is back to normal for y’all as soon as possible. Lots of love from Texas!

If you need more hurricane Irene bordom busters, hop on over to The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.  I’ve always got something fun going on!

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36 comments on “Guest Post from Sugarbelle!”

  1. When I see on television the hurricanes that have certain parts of the world I begin to mourn. It seems to me to see people increi8ble walls with wood and nails, doors and windows and know deeply admire you survive almost one year. Here in Spain we paracer stuff so alien that we can not make us idea, but lately in some regions have been Grandesso water woes.
    Anyway I’m glad that those times could not do anything so beautiful awakening that creativity and plasmas in every cookie you do. Greetings from Madrid

  2. Hi!!
    The cookies are soooo cute, very very nice and I’m sure that good too.
    I have never seen hurricane, must be horrible… I’m from Spain so, there are no hurricanes.


  3. These are super super awesome! I also love your photo tutorial and you make everything look so easy! 🙂 My heart goes out to those who affected by Hurricane.

  4. If you are without power much longer, you can totally come to my house. I think I am about an hour and a half from you, and I would be honored to let you use my oven, my laptop, and even my KitchenAid. (I hope that wasn’t too crazy/stalkerish?)
    I hope everything is back to normal soon!!!!

  5. Apparently I had my hurricane preparedness kit ALL WRONG. My cupcakes didn’t last a day (all eaten) and I was bored out of my skull not getting electricity back until this morning. Cookies and decorating cookies would have solved it all! A sweet to eat and something to keep me busy! Unfortunately there will probably be a next time. Feel free to remind us to have our cookies ready….lol

  6. I totally baked cookies just in case the power went out. Healthy balanced hurricane diet. It didn’t but…I ate them anyway. And I would SO eat these…although they are almost too cute!

  7. I love them! I’ve made corn on the cob cookies and fishbowl cookies, but I certainly like these better than mine!

  8. Shelly ~ Hoping that the damage you suffered from Irene isn’t too severe and that you have all the help you need to get things as back to as normal as possible as quickly as possible. Take good care.

    Callye ~ When I saw these on your site I fell in love with how cute and creative they are. Little did I know that you created them from a snowman cookie. Of course you did…you are amazing!

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