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Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake

Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake is an amazingly tender bundt cake made extra moist with Pistachio Pudding Mix, and topped with a lemon frosting and chopped pistachios!

This pisatchio lemon bundt cake recipe is easy and delcious

I partnered with my friends over at Imperial Sugar for this recipe. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this website possible. 

This Pistachio Cake recipe is made even better with a little lemon!

Ok, so the combo of pistachio and lemon might not be the most obvious choice, but it is STUNNING. I am telling you friends, when I created this easy Pistachio Cake I wanted to give it a little more life, so I added in some lemon zest, and well, the rest is delicious history.

The past few years I feel like I have fully embraced the bundt cake. I think it’s because way back I was a little scared of the release moment. I always used a pretty old/cheap bundt pan and no matter how much I greased the pan I always had sticking. BUT I picked up a new bundt pan a few years and it’s been a game changer for me!  I use a Nordic Ware Bundt pan that I got on Williams Sonoma, and I will tell you…best $38 spent ever. (non sponsored, just love it so much). Sometimes (a lot of times) having the proper tools can make all the difference! Since then I have shared so many yummy bundt cake recipes like my Coconut Cream Cheese Pound Cake or my crazy popular Kentucky Butter Cake!

And this Pistachio Lemon Cake releases from the pan like a dream, and slices up even more gorgeous.

Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake

Do I have to use pudding in the cake?

So the short answer here is yes. AND make sure you use Instant Pudding. It makes the texture so moist and tender, and when using Pistachio pudding, it adds flavor and a hint of color. I have found that trying to duplicate the pistachio flavor “naturally” is tough, so the pudding adds a nice subtle flavor without being too strong.

The batter for this Pistachio cake is fluffy and crazy delicious, but also not that you don’t HAVE to use Pistachio Pudding. I mean, if you want Pistachio CAKE, yes, you have to…but you can sub in lemon pudding, vanilla pudding, etc if you just want a fantastic cake.

Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake is an easy bundt cake recipe

This Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake is an amazing from-scratch cake recipe, with the help of pistachio pudding.

And like I said, I partnered with my friends over at Imperial Sugar for this cake recipe, so hop over for THE FULL RECIPE.

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11 comments on “Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake”

  1. Christine Krupp

    The icing. It tastes great, but butter curdles when you add lemon juice. It was NOT pretty. Very disappointing!

  2. Hello,

    I would like to make the cake in 8 inch bundt pan.
    What changes would I have to make in the recipe ?

  3. Jeneanne Calderon

    I cannot access the recipe directions as there is an error with the Imperial Sugar host. Will you please post the recipe without having to go to the Imperial Sugar site. I would very much like to make this beautiful cake. Thank you!

    1. That will be fine, yes! I didn’t realize that step was let out of the instructions. I will get it added!

  4. I never tried this recipe before and

    after reading this amazing post I think I must give it a try.

    I hope I will make them like you.

  5. Hi, when I went to the Imperial Sugar site, I noticed your recipe didn’t include the lemon zest you mentioned….can you tell me how much it should have? Thanks! This looks yummy! I also made your kid’s favorite brownies recipe today and they are soooo good!

    1. So sorry about the omission!! oh no!! I will get that fixed asap! It’s Zest of 1 lemon, approximately 2 tablespoons

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