Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake

Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake...super soft and perfectly sweet!

This Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake is SO soft, really simple and delicious!

I am obsessed with this cake.

It’s a spin on a vintage pound cake recipe made with lemon-lime soda, with the addition of Meyer Lemons! It’s rich, buttery, sweet and soft. The creamy, lemony glaze it outrageously good and I might have eaten half of it with my spoon.


Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake...super soft and perfectly sweet!

You can absolutely use regular lemons for this recipe or even swap out the lemon-lime soda for ginger ale. That’s a fun swap I do a lot!

The texture is soft, yet dense, just like a good pound cake should be. If you eat it the same day you make it, the texture will be fluffier, and if you wait until the next day it’s slightly denser, but the flavors combine even more. What I’m saying is that it’s amazing whenever you eat it!!

Hop over to IMPERIAL SUGAR for the full recipe. Trust me, it’s SO SO good!

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Laura @ Laura

What a perfect spring recipe!

Sharana @ Living The Sweet Life Blog

Lemon cakes / desserts are my absolute favourite around this time of year!!


How do I find out where to buy Meyer Lemons? Amazon has terrible feedback. I am in the Northeast part of the country

Mrs. Lucky

Believe it or not I live in Smalltown, IN and I have a beautiful Meyer Lemon Tree. Of course I bring it in during the winter and she hasn’t made it outside yet this spring. BUT I have numerous blossoms that smell divine – I will certainly use this recipe for this gorgeous lemons. Thank you for sharing!


This recipe is almost an exact copy of Pioneer Woman’s; too close to not give credit as a modification, IMO. The only difference is that PW uses lemons and limes; this one uses only Meyer Lemons. The recipe is identical otherwise.


LOL! My great-grandmother’s pound cake is JUST like this except it doesn’t specify Meyer lemons. Maybe she should credit Grandma Sally too! Sure her recipe came even before the PW one. There are a lot of similar recipes! I like PW also, but she isn’t the only or first person to have a pound cake recipe. Lighten up!


I am head over heels in love with Meyer Lemons! I also think using ginger ale would be a nice twist on this classic also.


Thank you for the recipe! I must say I follow a lot of food bloggers and this site is one of my favorites. I could care less where the recipe comes from, they spend their time searching and testing and tweaking so we don’t have to. Plus there’s so much more info on the recipe. We also get to share a laugh with friends???? Love this site!

Coco in the Kitchen

This one I will make TONIGHT!


This cake looks amazing!