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Spring Rainbow Push-Up Pop Cupcakes

Four Spring Rainbow push-up pops with colorful layers

My husband bought an exercise vest.

That he wears in public.

Is this grounds for divorce?

It looks like he has bombs attached to him like the bad guys in terrorist movies…

Yes, that’s him…getting ready to go out where living humans can see him.

This morning he put it on inside the house and did all sorts of weird calisthenics.

Some of those images can’t be erased.

I mean, I am all for keeping him healthy, yada yada…

but at what cost?

Tim Gunn, please hear my cry.

I just had to share that with y’all.

Misery loves company.

Back to things that make me happy:  Push-Up Pops.

I did them a few months ago, but since then I got the fun book Push-Up Pops by my friend Courtney.  Have you guys seen it?  It’s super sweet and is chock-full with cute ideas!  She did a rainbow version of the push-up pop in the book and my little guy loved it so much he asked if I could make them for the Spring Party in his classroom…but he specifically asked for “Easter” colors.  That kid’s a thinker.

You can follow my step by step instructions here, or again, I certainly encourage you to get Courtney’s book 🙂

I used a vanilla boxed mix and divided the batter in half.  I tinted one half pink and the other purple.

I baked the two colors in 9×13 baking dishes.  You want them to be thin layers.

I used the push-up pops to poke circular pieces of the cake.

I made frosting using THIS RECIPE and tinted it spring time colors, yellow and green.

I used a ziplock bag to pipe the frosting into the pops.

Here’s the assembly process…

One round of purple cake topped with frosting…and if you’re feeling fancy add in some pastel sprinkles…

Then finish it by adding another cake layer in your other color and more frosting and sprinkles…

That’s it!

You can purchase the Push Up Pops HERE. or HERE or HERE.

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73 comments on “Spring Rainbow Push-Up Pop Cupcakes”

  1. Sorry my comment is coming almost a whole year later than the others, but I just found your site.I love your creativity with the colors in your push ups. I bought a large case of the containers last summer and have not had occassion to use them very often. My husband made me a great display piece. He took an old 2X4 we had, drilled holes in random spaces, and then painted it white so it looks nice. It works great, especially if your needing allot at one time. I want him to take the underside and make smaller holes for cake pops. They are really the hardest to display. I don’t want to invest into a professional holder if I don’t have to. Normally I only make the cake pops for orders. They sure are popular , but very time consuming. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us on facebook. I look forward to getting updates.

  2. How did you color the purple cake etc? I love your style, but your recipe in a lot of aspects
    seems very unclear.

  3. Vicki Bensinger

    These are the cutest things ever. I can’t believe this is my first time visiting your site. I will definitely be back.

  4. I just love your site and this Spring idea got me so excite to try this. This is amazing and thank you so much for sharing. I hope you don’t mind I would love to post the Spring Rainbow Push Up Cakes to my blog. I am going to have to try this one, I have just started to really enjoy cooking over the last year and this looks fun.

    Thank you!

  5. That green is the exact color I need for my wedding. Can you please tell me how you made the frosting that color?!! Is it just food coloring?

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