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Valentine’s Day Favorites

Today we’re talking about all my favorites for Valentine’s Day! My husband and I don’t generally exchange gifts on Valentine’s…but that doesn’t stop me from buying a few cute things for myself! I have lots of new goodies today that I LOVE and know you will too…plus a few things I’ve talked about before and am still loving just as much. Let’s talk!

All my favorites for Valentine's Day!
  1. Is there anything sweeter than this Love Ring? My husband surprised me with it for Christmas and I wear it every. single. day. It’s dainty and sweet but completely gorgeous and sparkly. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, so if you’re not looking for a huge investment piece I found this ring that looks super similar at a fraction of the cost!
  2. It’s no secret that I LOVE MZ Wallace bags. I own a few and they are my favorite go-to bag. The Metro Tote is the best tote out there right now…it’s adorable, lightweight, super roomy and easy to clean. I use mine everyday, but it’s PERFECT for traveling (it fits my laptop, a blanket, magazines and water with room to spare). I have a tote in the gorgeous color “Begonia”, but OMG look at the limited edition Valentine’s Pixel Heart Bag! Their limited lines sell out quick so make sure to get one while you can!
  3. Speaking of MZ Wallace they make the CUTEST bag charms. I have this Heart and Arrow Charm and I’ve used it on a few different bags. It’s seriously cute and I plan on using mine all year long!
  4. I am a huge Alex and Ani fan. I have quite the collection of their bangles…but how great are their charm necklaces? You can adjust where the charms fall on the necklace…having them spaced out like the picture or they could all hang at the bottom of the chain. I really love these!
  5. My favorite children’s book of all time is Where the Wild Things Are. My youngest’s name is Max, named from the book. I always felt like Max was the perfect amount of mischief and sweet. Anyway when I saw this precious sweatshirt on etsy I knew I had to have it. It is SO cute on and totally cozy.
  6. AHHHH this Gold Smitten Kate Spade necklace is perfect for Valentines! The “heart-eyed” emoji is probably my most used. Kristan bought this necklace for me for Christmas and it’s so precious.
  7. Ok, I have to tell you about this sweater…I have had it for a year now. It’s called a “Sleep Sweater” and I wear it NONSTOP. The exact one pictured, which is the one I have JUST sold out completely (annoying) BUT they have THIS version that looks very similar and is ON SALE!
  8. Cabin Socks. OH Cabin Socks. If you don’t have a pair of these stop everything and buy them now! Julie and Kristen swayed me to try them on Snapchat and I am OBSESSED. Plus, they’re buy one get one free now, so yay!
  1. It’s no huge secret that I love makeup. I am always posting new purchases over on Snapchat (username: sjaronsky). With that said, blush is probably my least favorite of all my cosmetics. I used Nars for like 15 years straight. But now I am SUPER into this Too Faced Sweethearts blush. Obviously it’s adorable packaging. I am using the “Something About Berry” shade and a little goes a long way, but it’s just the most perfect flush in my opinion.
  2. This time of year wreaks havoc on my skin and these m-61 Power Glow Peel pads have SAVED my skin. I have been using them every single day since May and I can’t tell you how much they have helped. Every winter I would get dry, patchy, red and angry skin. Not this year and I have to say that these are the reason. Start off using them 3 times the first week and build up to everyday. I am telling you they are THE BEST.
  3. I have never been a huge fan of setting spray, but my world was rocked when I tried the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist. I’ve been following this method lately and the results are dewy, pretty and the Tatcha spray works perfect!
  4. Ugh my hands are a hot mess right now. I have had gel nail polish on my nails for years with really no long breaks. I recently removed the gels just to give my hands a break and dear lord the situation is not good. This Moroccan Oil Hand Cream (in the original scent not the rose) is SO good. A lot of hand creams are greasy which make them hard to use regularly (for me) and this one is simply perfect. Try it, you’ll love it.
  5. Speaking of lotions I just bought this Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion and ADORE it. Yes, it smells grapefruity, so if that’s not your thing, it’s not for you…but I LOVE it. It’s pretty, bright, citrusy and clean smelling. Plus, it’s just a great lotion….not heavy, but perfectly moisturizing!
  1. Ok, I am officially an Apple hoarder. I caved and bought the iPad Pro. You guys it’s big. Backstory: I was still using a first generation iPad mini…so updates were a pain in the butt and also the charge wasn’t holding very well anymore. I have to say that my mini served me well for a long time. I work on a MacBook, have an iMac (that I don’t use much anymore) and of course my iPhone 6 plus that I adore. Since I love the big 6 plus screen I thought that might translate over to the iPad. Let me just start my saying I LOVE it…but that doesn’t mean everyone will. I use my iPad to watch Netflix, hulu, light internet use and travel…so do I NEED a Pro? No. But I have to say that it’s awesome. Reading blogs is awesome on it, watching movies and shows is obviously fantastic… Is it great to use as an ereader? Probably not. But with that said, I was never a huge fan of reading on my mini either. I think a Kindle Paperwhite is the superior ereader, but that’s another post. If you use your iPad mainly to read, check facebook or just answer emails the Pro probably isn’t for you…but I am really loving mine.
  2. Ok yes of course the Apple Watch (Like I said, I’m an Apple hoarder). I have posted about this before, but wanted to update that I am still loving mine. I always preface this with the fact that this isn’t a life-changing item…BUT it’s super convenient. I drive my kids around a lot and it’s nice to have it on while I’m driving. If I get texts or calls they pop up on my phone, so you can see right away if this is a text (or call) you need to pull over and answer, or if it can wait. I use it to track my steps and activity which is nice too!
  3. I needed new ear buds like BAD. I have always just used the Apple ones that come with my phone and they are just super uncomfortable to wear for any length of time for me. I did a little research and ended up buying these Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones.Indeed they are a little spendy, but I use earbuds all the time. I especially wanted good ones when I travel, because on an airplane noise cancelling is a huge plus. With the Apple buds I had to crank up the volume full blast on a plane to be able to hear anything, which is no good. The great thing about these is they are MEGA comfy and also you can turn the noise cancelling feature on and off which I think is genius. The sound quality is fantastic too. The only downside to these is they have to be charged. They do hold a charge for a long time, but another item to charge is annoying.
  4. I talked about the Polaroid Zip Printer in my December Gift Guide and I’m still loving mine so so much. It’s super fun to bring to a party, print pictures for my scrapbooks and also print a quick picture of my kids whenever they need a small picture for sports (which seems to be ALL THE TIME!) It’s completely wireless, the pictures print out instantly from your phone (just download the app) and boom, that’s it! Plus, it’s ink-free so you don’t have to worry about that. Also, the photo paper back peels off so you can use your photos as a sticker which is a great option! And most importantly the quality is surprisingly good!
  1. This year I vowed to get ORGANIZED! So far, so good…although we are only a few weeks into 2016. I have been using an Erin Condren Notebook as my planner/scheduler/list making/grocery planning catch-all. I’ve tried planners in the past and they never seem to give me everything I want, so I decided to go ahead and make my own, a lot like the Bullet Journaling system, but a little less structured. I start every week writing my schedule for the week with lots of room to add things. I make my meal plan, grocery list, to-do lists for the week etc. The freedom of not having small little calendar blocks to write things has been great for me. I still use my icalendar for practices, appointments, game schedules etc…but at the beginning of every week I rewrite those plans into my notebook. It helps me see things all laid out.
  2. Ok, so who DOESN’T need a Unicorn tape dispenser on their desk? Seriously people, this one is not optional.
  3. Totally silly, but I love these! I have been using paper clips a lot in my notebook to group pages together for easy reference. I found these upcycled Louis Vuitton paper clips on etsy. Owning a LV planner is a dream, but since I don’t have an extra $800 to spend right now, these clips are the next best thing.
  4. I bought my husband this Interactive Family Map for his birthday in January. It is SO great! I had it personalized and you can pick the color of the map and writing too. I bought the 30×40 size and it’s really perfect. We chose a few different color tacks to use, one for family travel and a specific color for each person and places they have been. We are already planning out next tack!
  1. Of course I had to Include my Instant Pot on this list. This was also on my December list, but I have been using it SO much recently. I made cheesecake, chili, chicken and casserole so far! It slow cooks, pressure cooks, steams, sautés, cooks rice etc… And also I use it to hard boil eggs and the shells don’t stick! For that reason alone I say this is a must have item.
  2. I was given a box of Graze snacks before my trip to Jamiaca in October and I am LOVING this company. The snacks are DELISH and they have lots of varieties. You can order variety boxes (the “flapjack” bars are RIDICULOUS) or mix and match. You can even do a Protein snack box if you are watching your carbs.
  3. MY BOOK!!!! You guys have you pre-ordered yet?? The pre-order price is the lowest it’s been yet on Amazon right now…and what’s great is that if you pre-order now if the price drops again Amazon will give you the lowest price! It comes out April 12th and I am gearing up for some fun stuff the next few months! You guys are going to LOVE the book…I LOVE it and can’t wait until it comes out!
  4. Since it’s Valentine’s Day soon you need to get your chocolate situation HANDLED. These No Chewing Allowed Truffles are still a MUST in my book. I ordered so many boxes at Christmas to give as gifts and I recently placed another order for Valentines Day! These things are literally the best. And really DO NOT CHEW! They are creamy and melty and freaking delicious!

Hope this has given you a few gifty ideas for your sweetheart or YOURSELF! I’d love to know what you are loving these days and if you have anything on the list, let me know what you think!

Also, this post is not sponsored, but does include a few amazon affiliate links. MZ Wallace has been generous with giving me products to try, but I have purchased their bags on my own as well. All opinions are completely my own.

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