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My Favorite Things 2015

Another year of gifting season is upon us! I LOVE giving gifts and fancy myself quite the good gift giver, if I do say so. So today I’ve put together a whole bucketful of awesome stuff. Everything on this list I have and LOVE..and am quite sure you will love too!

Favorite things of 2015 collage

I broke this situation down into categories. So many gifts to give! Also making this list made me happy. I love sharing fun finds.

Of course my MOST favorite gift to give this year is the receipt for the pre-order of The Cookies and Cups Cookbook. I mean, I know the author and hear she’s a pretty nice gal πŸ™‚

Also, none of these companies are sponsoring this post, these are items I’ve hand picked. I did include a few affiliate links, but really I’m most excited to share.

Favorite Food gifts!

Let’s start with food. Because I’m me and you’re you and we’re food people.

1. No Chewing Allowed Truffles. These are totally new to me, only having tried them last week while I was in NYC. My friend Amanda said it was a must try, and she knows her sweets. WELL. They are amazing. They are simple little chocolate truffles coated in cocoa powder that literally melt in your mouth. They are so creamy and delicious I can’t say enough! I bought one box in NYC, my kids ate the entire thing and promptly ordered 8 more boxes online to give as gifts this holiday season. I’m telling you these are fantastic!

2. The Crispery. You all know how I love my krispie treats. Without a doubt they are my favorite sweet treat. The Crispery makes handmade “Crispycakes” and they are soft and squishy and come in some fantastic flavors! They are perfect for gifting or stocking stuffers!

3. Garrett Popcorn. I recently spent a few days in Chicago and my FAVORITE snack in Chicago is Garrett’s Chicago Mix Popcorn. It’s a mix of cheddar and caramel which sounds crazy, I know, but it is everything. I brought home 2 tins and they were gone within a day.

4. Levain Cookies. Like I said, I spent a few days in NYC last week (if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat {username: sjaronsky} I totally spammed up your feed with food pics) and was able to swing by my most favorite cookie spot of all…Levain. Their Chocolate Chip Cookies are OUT.OF.CONTROL. I am obsessed with them. Their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chips is an extremely close second place for me. Here’s my picture of my warm cookie right before I face planted into it. So long story short Levain SHIPS cookies. If you guys aren’t headed to NYC anytime soon you should take advantage of this awesomeness. It’s the next best thing!


Ok, onto my second favorite category besides food…BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!

I could honestly make a HUGE list of all my make-up favorites but I really am not so sure you all care πŸ™‚ BUT I wanted to include some new favorites!

1. Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow. I just bought this stick and am LOVING it. The color I got is Honey Bunny and it’s a light pinky shimmer. The sticks glides on smooth and cool-feeling and works great for a simple eye or even under eye shadow as a base. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it!

2. Guerlain French Kiss. Ok this is one of the more “extravagant” items on this list… I bought this perfume at the Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas while I was there in August. I am OBSESSED with it. My friend Jenny told me about it and I tried it on my wrists and neck, but it’s pricey, so I didn’t leave the store with it. Throughout the day I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist and knew I would regret not buying it (apparently it’s only available in the boutiques). So this exclusivity (tell me I can’t get it anywhere else and I suddenly must have it) paired with the scent (which is an ADDICTIVE bright rosey-raspberry-vanilla) was enough to make me take the plunge. Anyway the reason that I wanted to include this is for that SUPER SPLURGE.

3. Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom. I am a HUGE Jo Malone fan…and this cologne is much more reasonably priced than the Guerlain. I think this is another Limited Edition situation and it’s fantastic. It’s a light floral that has a slightly spicy Cardamom undertone…it’s completely different and really pretty.

4. Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Palette. I’m a sucker for a pretty eye shadow palette and Urban Decay owns the game in my opinion. Gwen Stefani’s collab is nothing less than great…you have some amazing basic matte colors…some nude shimmery options, with a few pops of color that are totally wearable! You have everything you need in this palette to do an everyday eye as well as a smoky or nighttime look! Love!

5. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush. I held out on this one for a long while…I wanted it, but didn’t really need another blush. Anyhow, I bit the bullet and bought it on a whim (sometimes I buy things when I don’t need them ;/). I couldn’t love this blush more. It’s a sweet flush of pink with just the right amount of illuminating shimmer to make your cheeks flushed and highlighted all in one! Plus, the packaging is just too cute.

6. Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. My friend Kristan told me about this foundation and I LOVE it. It’s very full coverage, so know that going in…but in the winter months when I lose my tan I like a little more coverage than in the warmer months. It covers everything and lasts all day. Your foundation looks as fresh at 8:00 pm as it does at 8:00 am. This might be a hard thing to purchase as a gift because there are so many shades to choose from to get a great match, but I use Light 48 and it’s perfect for my medium-light skin tone!


I could go on and on about fun clothes that I love, but I wanted to keep this simple and well-rounded. These items will work for just about anyone in your life.

1. Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings. These are my holy grail for leggings. The waistband is wide and keeps all your bits and pieces in place. I really like the “Graphite Heather” color and wear them ALL the time. I do have black too though! They do run long, which is the only thing I would change, but I just cuff them up, because I wear leggings with boots so no one ever knows.

2. Circle Cardigan from Barefoot Dreams. This is a must buy. MUST buy. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s worth every red cent. Barefoot Dreams is the softest line of blankets, robes and cardigan you will EVER EVER feel. I have had the longer drape front version for the past 2 years (I have 2 colors) thanks to the recommendation from Shaeffer (Also Shaeffer doesn’t know me but I pretend we are best girlfriends :). The Circle fit is less “robey” and more cardigan. It’s basically an acceptable way to feel like you’re in your PJs all day long. Sign me up!

3. North Face E-Tip Gloves. I have had these for a while now…I think I got them last year, but maybe 2 years ago? Anyhow they are my favorite gloves. They aren’t fancy, they are just warm, not bulky and you can use your phone. Totally practical. Also, I have gray, but the purple is super pretty.

4. Slam Dunk the Funk. There are no other words for this one, but Unicorns, Donuts and Rainbows. OMG CUTE.

5. Studio CYA Sweatshirt. Before you glaze over this sweatshirt like, meh…TAKE ANOTHER LOOK. This my girls, is the BEST sweatshirt you will EVER own. Yes, it’s plain, no there’s nothing really special about the look…but BUY IT. It’s CRAZY soft, stretchy, long to wear with leggings, drapes perfectly and is JUST PERFECT all around. I know it’s a little pricey for a sweatshirt, but this will be one item you will not take off all winter. It’s amazing. I have a medium and I typically wear a small in Athleta shirts… I like it to fit a little looser around my hindquarters when I wear leggings. Just my own personal preference.

6. This Buffalo Plaid shirt from H&M is super comfy, totally wearable and really adorable. Plus, it’s priced nicely and if you size up you can wear it with leggings.

7. PJ Salvage Jammies. These are so cute and so cozy. They come in loads of patterns. And if you shop at Nordstrom they have more prints including these adorable Pizza print flannels. Remember my trip to Las Vegas where we all wore our PJ’s? Seriously the funnest thing to do with your girlfriends. Cupcakes not optional.


1. Wit and Wisdom Super Smooth Stretch Denim. Go buy these jeans asap. Size down. And love the fact that you are wearing them. They are cuter than they look in the picture, trust me on this. I wear these all the time. I actually have them in a slightly lighter color as well and they are in constant rotation. I have TONS of jeans in my closet and these are the ones I grab most frequently. Honestly girls, they are SUPER slimming and ridiculously comfortable. They fit perfect under boots, but look just as cute rolled up and worn with wedges or flats!

2. MZ Wallace bags. I ADORE MZ Wallace. I got my first bag (the Sutton) in Las Vegas when they were nice enough to send us all bags to use. BUT last week we stopped by their boutique in Manhattan and oh dear they have such a selection. I wanted them ALL. I ended up getting one similar to this (but bigger and in a currant/burgandy color) AND made an adorable bag charm. It’s so precious. I even bought a Metro Tote as a gift to give too. I REALLY want this tote too. I can see how this little collection I am building is going to be a problem!

3. UGG Cozy Knit Slippers. These are my slippers for the season. I wear slippers so much that I usually have to get a new pair every year. I mean, I wear them everyday and since I work from home, sometimes I wear them all day long.

4. Tieks. If there was ever a time to buy a pair of Tieks now it is. I happen to have 7 pairs. It’s beyond ridiculous, but that is how much I LOVE them. They are the perfect flat. I prefer the classic leather to the patent or printed. I find the leather to be softer and just more comfy overall. I have worn them walking through Disney, through NYC and they just get better the more you wear them. They are comfy the first time you wear them, and I don’t find they need much break-in time, BUT if you plan on doing a lot of walking wear these beforehand just to learn the feel. I honestly love these shoes and wouldn’t have included them here if I didn’t. I think the Navy will be my next color.

5. Sam Edelman Penny Boot. If you’re looking for a tall riding boot, look no further. I have these in black and they are SO great. They’re comfy, cute and leather. I’ve worn these to walk NYC without any issues! If you need a wider calf, they come with that option too. I am a huge Sam Edelman fan and own lots of their shoes!

6. Kendra Scott Rock Crystal Necklace. I LOVE Kendra Scott. She actually graduated from my high school one year before I did…not that we were friends, but I love to claim fame by proximity. I have tons of Kendra jewelry but this cute new necklace is a favorite. I get compliments on it all the time and have been wearing it nonstop for over a month now. Of course I still love the long tassel too, you can’t go wrong!


I haven’t bought a lot of new kitchen stuff this year…I feel like my kitchen has reached maximum capacity, but here are a few new things that I got and LOVE.

1. New West Knifeworks. This knife is beyond gorgeous. If you’re int he market for a GOOD Chef’s knife you should really look into the G-Fusion. It comes in lots of gorgeous colors and are all handcrafted. It’s really a work of art. I adore mine and can’t wait to expand my collection. Also let me mention I am doing a FAB giveaway of a gorgeous knife block set (retailing over $1400 HERE)

2. Golden Rabbit Enamelware baking pan. So this brand was actually featured on Oprah’s favorite things this year! I bought mine before her list came out *cough cough…just want to clarify that πŸ™‚ But obviously if my seal of approval isn’t enough, well, there’s Oprah. I bought the 9×13 pan in “Sea Glass” and she has the lasagna pan on her list, but I use the 9×13 way more than a lasagna pan, so it made more sense for me. It’s BEAUTIFUL and it bakes fantastically! It’s really easy to clean and I love serving in it as well!

3. All Clad Stainless Steel 3 Qt Saute Pan. I have been wanting one of these pans FOREVER. I went ahead and got one for myself in October and really love it. It’s 10″ in diameter which is perfect for an everyday pan in my opinion. It’s roomy, but not overly huge. It comes with a lid and is really overall gorgeous. I’ve been trying to switchover from nonstick pans to stainless steel for everyday use and this one is really a sturdy, everyday pan.

4. Instant Pot. Full disclosure I JUST bought this. I LOVE the idea and have been seeing them everywhere…it’s a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, it saute´s, it is a rice cooker and steamer and more…I have never really used a pressure cooker, but loved the idea that everything can be done in this one pot! I have only used it just once but I plan on making loads of recipes in the upcoming weeks to share with you guys! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!!


Finally my catch-all Miscellaneous category!

1. Of course MY BOOK!! Order it as a present to yourself and your bestie! It doesn’t come out until April, but think of it like this…if you’re gifting it go make a batch of my Salted Caramel Popcorn (a recipe included in the book!) and also print out a picture of the cover…Gift #1. THEN in April when the book ships…Gift #2. It’s a two-fer! Plus as an unadvertised bonus you receive my undying love. xo

2. iPad Pro. This sucker is BIG! It’s got a 12.9″ display, and upgrading from my iPad Mini it’s like I’m looking at a TV screen. Apple is my bae.

3. Polaroid ZIP printer. This is a super fun little gadget that I have bought as a gift this year! I’ve seen it in action and it’s just as easy as you would think! You download the app on your phone and you can print pictures you take wirelessly and instantly. It’s about the same size as your phone so it’s simple to bring with you everywhere. If you are a scrapbooker it perfect and it’s really a great way to instantly print out a picture that would otherwise reside on your phone for the next 5 years.

4. Apple Watch. I got this for my birthday back in August and I love it. Is it a MUST? Well, no, but it sure is fun. It’s great for anyone who keeps their phone in their purse/pocket while working. If you drive a lot it’s great too. I really like mine and recommend it to anyone who asks. I like it when I’m driving if I get texts or calls it’s a simple glance to see if it’s important enough to pull over and make the call or respond to the text.

5. Minted. I LOVE Minted. I’ve made my holiday cards with them for the past 3 years and they really turn out gorgeous. They have LOADS of adorable personalized gifts too. I’ve gotten prints, art and stationary through Minted as well. But I have to say the personalized wrapping paper is a favorite. This one specifically you can print your favorite recipe on…LOVE!! How adorable is that? I can’t wait to share my Holiday Cards with you guys!

6. I just bought this wooden “Hustle” sign. Hustle is basically our family motto…I feel like I say it more than anything to my kids (except I love you, obviously). It’s just a good reminder to work your hardest and the wooden sign now resides above a doorway. I got black in the 24″ size. It’s my new favorite house item.

7. Amazon Echo. This is the hot item of the season, without a doubt. We’ve had ours since June and I get asked from LOTS of people if it’s worth it. We happen to love ours. We play music, use it for the weather and ask her random questions. I like the shopping list feature most of all. You say “Alexa, add eggs to the shopping list” and she will add them to the app that you set up on your phone. It’s SUPER convenient. If you are at the store shopping and your family is home they can add things to the list and they will appear on your list while you’re at the store. I use her in the kitchen for timers and measurement equivalents too! My kids like to ask her jokes and she has a pretty long list of jokes…trust me on this. Depending on what room you have her in you can use her for white noise or an alarm clock too. We really love our Echo.

8. Yeti 30 ounce Rambler Tumbler. I have a slight addiction to insulated cups. I use them everyday to track my water consumption and I really like them to take my coffee to go. Finding one that keeps things cold/warm without leaking is my personal struggle. The Yeti is amazing…the only thing I would change is the lid needs to have a straw option, otherwise you can just stick your own straw in there…AND I wish the lid closed. But if you’re looking for a good to-go tumbler, I love this! Plus, I think you can buy cute decals on etsy with your monogram to make them cute πŸ™‚

Ok friends…that’s all for now! I hope you have your wallets ready and I’d love to hear you feedback on anything I NEED or that’s on my list that you like/love/don’t like…whatever! I love hearing from YOU!

My Favorite Things 2015

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  1. I cannot wait to get your book, mine is pre-ordered!! And I am seriously excited about that mini photo printer! And also love how much you love Nordstrom, I notice you link a lot of stuff back to them…best store ever!! πŸ™‚

  2. Already ordered your book for myself but gifting it is a GREAT idea!!! Love your favs…now I want to sniff that perfume!

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