Whipped Shortbread

Whipped Shortbread ~ Super simple with a meltaway texture!

This Whipped Shortbread is amazing! It’s super simple, only a few ingredients and has a delicious meltaway texture!

I happen to be shortbread obsessed. What’s not to love really?

Don’t get me wrong, I love an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie too…but there’s just something about a buttery shortbread cookie that gets me every time.

I have made shortbread before like this and this and this. AND I’ve made a ton of things with a shortbread crust…like these and these and these. So to say that it’s seen it’s day in the sun is an understatement.

But I just can’t quit it.

And when I came across this recipe for WHIPPED Shortbread in my favorite (of the moment) cookbook Baked Occasions, I knew it had to be in my life, like yesterday.

Whipped Shortbread topped with mini chocolate chips!!

I decided I wanted to top some of the cookies with mini chocolate chips, just to switch it up a little. I like the idea of the chips whole on top, instead of melting the chocolate and spreading it on for these. Honestly for no other reason but I thought it looked cute 🙂

The recipe is SUPER simple…and it’s only 4 ingredients. Just whip the butter for a good 3 minutes. It helps give these the lighter texture…hence the name WHIPPED Shortbread.


And like I said, I topped some of them with the chips, so I flattened about half of my dough.


I let the cookies bake for about 10 minutes and then removed them from the oven and topped them with about a half teaspoon of mini chips. I didn’t want them to melt all the way, but I wanted them to stick…


But I left the other half puffy and nekkid.

Whipped Shortbread ~ Super simple with a meltaway texture!

The texture is velvety and smooth and loaded with buttery goodness!

Whipped Shortbread topped with mini chocolate chips!!

You could even top these cookies with nuts or even jam. Don’t try toffee bits, though. I tried them and they end up getting a little hard when they bake, and the 2 textures don’t really work together. Just a tip!


Whipped Shortbread

  • Author: Cookies & Cups
  • Yield: 30 cookies 1x


  • 2 cups butter, room temperature (I used salted)
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 3 cups flour


  1. Preheat oven to 325°
  2. Line baking sheet with parchment paper, set aside.
  3. In bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment best butter for 3 minutes on high speed, scraping down the sides of the bowl periodically. When thoroughly whipped, turn mixer to low and add in add in powdered sugar, salt and flour slowly. Once incorporated turn mixer to medium and beat for 20 seconds.
  4. Using a 2 tablespoon sized cookie scoop, scoop the dough onto the prepared baking sheet. I like tall puffy cookies, but if you prefer flatter ones, press them down slightly.
  5. Bake cookies for 12-15 minutes until edges are slightly golden.
  6. Allow to cool on wire rack.


I topped some of my cookies with chocolate chips. I pressed the dough down with the back of a spoon prior to baking and baked the cookies for 10 minutes, removed from oven, sprinkled with mini chocolate chips and placed back in the oven for an additional 3-5 minutes, until edges were golden.
You can do the same with nuts, or even jam.
Recipe lightly adapted from Baked Occasions

104 Responses

      1. Violet

        I just made the whipped shortbread cookies and they went flat, not high like the ones you show in picture….I used 3 cups flour, could it be it wasn’t enough, do you pack the cups with flour….I just spooned mine in measuring cup. Let me know.

        1. Shelly

          Nope, I never pack flour. It could be the type of baking sheet that you used…If I ue a thick stainless baking sheet or an insulated baking sheet I have issues with spreading.

        2. Shon@nn

          Was your butter too soft? Maybe overbeating as well. If the butter becomes too soft it will cause the dough to spread too quickly and flatten when baked

  1. Sherry

    Just made your snicker doodles and they easy and like heaven!! My neighbors love it and you when I try a new cookie reciepe!! They were delicious, I have eaten enough for tonight. But have to try your whipped shortbread! Maybe tomorrow!! I love shortbread cookies!! I make a short bread cookie, that melts in your mouth. I gave my kitchen to my son & his wife, so all I have is my hand mixer. Can I use it to whip butter? I used it for your snicker doodles today, love all your reciepe’s!!

  2. Mona B.

    These look delicious. Only thing I could think of to change them up a bit would be to add finely chopped pecans…..just sayin’.

    1. Shelly

      I mentioned in the post that I added them after about 10 minutes of baking. Long enough for them to melt a bit to stick, but not long enough to melt completely.

  3. Sue

    I made these last night and “oh my”………..Just Delish! And so easy to make! I did like you with half of them “dressed” with chocolate chips and half “naked”. I think next time I might try to dress some with Raspberry or Apricot preserves….

  4. Janice

    4 sticks of butter? It seems like a lot, but I’m ready to go for it! (Just want to make sure you mean 2 cups instead of 2 sticks….)

  5. Kim

    I make lots of different kinds of shortbread and love it. These are very light and tasty. However, I would use unsalted butter and CHILL the dough before baking. Mine turned out flat as little pancakes. Tasty little pancakes, but flat nonetheless.

  6. Jackie

    Just wondering if chilling the dough before baking is the answer to holding their shape? I followed the recipe to a T only to have them spread. Just not real pretty. Any advice for me?

    1. Shelly

      I have made these countless times and never had them spread, but certainly if you are having that issue, it would help, yes! What type of baking sheet did you use?

    2. Teree Settembrino

      I use a small icecream scoop, once I had them on my Cookie sheet I put in fridge to cool.They did taste a little salty so I added Lemon Zest and white chocolate chips..awesome

  7. Hollyb

    There was a bakery that made cookies like this where I grew up And unfortunately they closed down…….these are better …soon sooooo much better. This is now my favorite recipe……thank you !

  8. Jackie

    Shelly, I used a regular 1/2 sheet pan with a Silpat liner. Nothing unusual. Even the first batch spread so it was not that the sheet pan was warm already. Should I be using a different pan, perhaps?

    1. Shelly

      I was just wondering if perhaps it was a thick stainless or an insulated pan, both of which I always have trouble with spreading. But if not try chilling the dough!

  9. Uli

    When opting to fill some of them with jam, would you also recommend baking little cups first and the add the jam for a few more minutes? I cannot wait to make these. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. nafiseh

    May i know shelly that can i use shortening instead of butter?I have some unused shortening and don’t know what should I do with them?

    1. Shelly

      I can’t recommend shortening in this recipe, because the butter adds so much flavor to this simple cookie. But if you still try it let me know how it came out!

  11. Lynette

    I make these cookies all the time – I add holiday specific sprinkles or just leave them plain. I mix the butter and powdered sugar for a few minutes. After I add the flour, I mix (with my KitchenAid) it for a MINIMUM of TEN minutes…pipe the batter into a cutesy swirl…bake them on parchment paper…and they literally MELT in your mouth!! We call them “Angel Kiss Shortbreads” because they are SO delicate!

  12. Jack Souter

    I liked the sound of this recipe, but the last time I tried to make something with ingredient’s measured in cup’s it did not work out correct. Do you have the same recipe but with measurements in grams? so I can make it correctly.


  13. laurie

    These cookies taste like flour. There is too much flour in this recipe and not enough other flavor. I even added vanilla and they just taste like flour.

  14. Sarah C

    Totally bummed, mine came out flat and wafer thin – so thin and flat that I couldn’t even get them off the pan to the wire rack because they just crumbled to bits. I too used a Silpat on a regular old 1/2 sheet pan. What a waste 🙁

  15. marthe

    Hee! Thanks for your recipe, I would love making more of you’re briliant sweets, but the difference in accuracy between cups and grams makes it really hard to follow your style. Could you blog and test your recipe in grams too? If you’re blogging international why only use cups?

  16. Alaena

    These were so addictive! Also the first shortbread recipe I’ve tried that actually tasted right! I did add a bit of vanilla extract because I think everything is better with vanilla in it. And I can’t decide if it’s my altitude (6000 ft) or my super super finicky oven but the 325 wasn’t the right temp.

  17. After reviewing the comments, I thought I might try a different approach. I used costco all purpose gluten free flour, costco organic salted butter, added a teaspoon of vanilla, teaspoon of fine grain sea salt and a tablespoon of lemon zest. I also left them in about 15 extra minutes. I did not refrigerate the dough first.

    Results: Amazing.

    They did flatten slightly to look like a puffy sugar cookie. Leaving them in longer and letting them cool completely helped them not disintegrate. When you bite in to them they dissolve like sugar in your mouth. The refreshing hit of lemon makes me want to pour some tea.

  18. Eleen Ryan

    Thank you for this recipe I’m trying not to use White or Wheat flour but Almond flour instead. I used 1 cup of butter whipped it with Maple syrup added 3 cups of almond flour and 1/4 -1/2 C of Coconut flour mixed it all together then dropped onto baking sheet. Baked at 325 for 15-18 minutes. OMG so good almond shortbread cookies. Grain Free Gluten Free

  19. Elsie

    I made these, some with chocolate chips, some plain. My husband, the cookie snob, really liked them. I have always been a fan of shortbread but I have to say, these have just become my new favorite.I think I may try flavoring them next time though, just to try.

  20. Brenda Johnson

    Can’t wait to make these! Ism a shortbread addict! Do you think some almond flavoring would work? How about vanilla? Used cherry preserves in a thumbprint cookie and it was great!

  21. Janet B

    I wonder if the people whose cookies spread used a hand mixer. I would think the butter would need to mix longer and they didn’t do that. Just a thought try if their cookies failed. I’m going to try this after I thaw some butter.

  22. Fides

    I made this and used the ingredients and followed your instructions as listed. I was worried above the spreading issue the other reviewers mentioned but my batch turned out perfect. Shared it with friends and it was an instant hit. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  23. AK

    I used a hand mixer. Whipped the butter for just a minute or two on lowest setting. Added half tsp table salt, 1 tsp vanilla. Added 1 1/4c powder sugar. Changed speed to highest setting. Added 3 c white flour a half cup at a time. Then I added one large egg per cup of flour (3 eggs total). Dropped onto ordinary nonstick baking sheet by the tablespoon. Baked at 325°F for about 15 minutes (until i saw brown on the edges of the cookies). SO DELICIOUS

  24. Jill

    Way too salty! Made them exactly according to recipe. Should NOT have used salted butter as recipe said. Will make them again with unsalted butter.

  25. Christine

    Made these cookies the other day and they when thin and spread out… Tasted good but the spread. I used a stand mixer to make

  26. Joan

    I just had to say to AK, I have never had an egg in any kind of shortbread…they are a tradition in my family on holidays. Dollop of almond frosting and a1/2 cherry on top. Red and green for Xmas.. You can even use cherry juice to color frosting.

  27. debbie t

    Just wanted to say i made these and they are wonderful! I did use crisco insread of butter. They were still” moist” when they came out of the oven and even with more baking,stayed that way. Only when they cooled completely did that go away. Very wonderful cookie. Next time will try with butter. Thank you!

  28. Jenelle

    I LOVE the simplicity of your recipe! They are SO yummy! But mine too went flat ;(
    I used cake flour- do you think this was the prob? 🙂

  29. Hi! I LOVE shortbread and these sounded fantastic! I just tried making them though and they spread out quite a bit in the oven (they don’t look all cute and puffed up like in your pics). I’m just wondering if you refrigerated the cookies before putting in the oven? I make shortbread quite often and most recipes call for refrigerating before baking and I’m thinking this would have helped prevent mine from spreading. I’m sure they’ll still taste great though!

    1. Shelly

      I never have, and the original recipe in the book doesn’t state to, but certainly you could try it.. it couldn’t hurt!

  30. Cari Platt


    Quick question. I love using a ice cream scoop and have a 4.5 inch one that i love but i have purchased 2 of them because the little spring keeps breaking. I guess from loading the cookie dough? Not sure why? I got mine on Amazon. What kind of scoop do you use? I am just looking for one that won’t break. I probably get about 15 batches and then it starts acting up.


    1. Shelly

      I have an OXO large one and a Pampered Chef medium one. I did some research after I had multiple break on me and these two have really held up well!

  31. Ana

    I made these cookies for my shortbread cookie-loving husband and they were a hit! I don’t really like shortbread cookies myself, but really like these :-). I too had issues with the cookies spreading as they baked, but refrigerating the dough really seemed to help. Thanks for the recipe!

  32. Donna Mosberger

    I made these for my daughter’s wedding shower which was a lemonade theme. I added some lemon flavoring and they were fantastic. Used a small scoop and they looked exactly like the picture. Now it is wedding time and I’m going to use almond flavoring…quick question. Do you think they will freeze well? If so, would you bake them and freeze, or just freeze the small scoops to bake off the week of the wedding?

    1. Shelly

      They will freeze perfectly! You could honestly do it either way.. freezing the dough or the baked cookie. I would most likely freeze the baked cookie, so all the hard work was done for you the week of the wedding!

  33. Ann

    Made the cookies this morning and I will never make them again. They came out flat and they fall apart. I wasted a lb of butter. I put them in the frig about 15 mins before I put them in the oven and they still came out flat. Very disapointed

    1. Samara

      That’s weird i’ve made these cookies so many times. They always come out great. Make sure you followed the recipe and you didn’t squish them down.

  34. Emily

    Looking forward to trying this recipe! I was wondering if the dough would freeze okay if I only wanted to bake part of them? Thanks!

  35. Joseph

    Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for sharing this great Whipped Shortbread recipe…very yummy. I’ve used this recipe twice and both time it’s very yummy. My cookie does spread but not too bad. As for the falling apart, I find it if I let it cool completely on the baking sheet (+30 mins) before transferring it, it stayed together quite nicely.

    I’ve a question and wondering if you can help out with a tip or suggestion. My cookie dough came out very sticky and near impossible to be handled with bare hands. For my first attempt, I used Low Gluten Wheat Flour because that is what I have at home and, for the second attempt, I went out to get some All-Purpose Flour but the cookie dough was quite sticky both times. I tried chilling it and it helped a little at first but quickly became sticky again when it’s less chilled. Did I whipped too much or not enough, perhaps?

    1. Shelly

      That’s very strange! I have never had sticky dough… you could always add a few tablespoons more flour. This will keep them less sticky, and also help with the spreading.

  36. Linda

    I love shortbread cookies and these look yummy! Just a question though. Is there a reason why you prefer salted butter versus non salted or is it just preference?

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