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Almond Joy Cupcakes

Let’s talk, shall we?

I consider this an open forum, where I share my thoughts, and you can too.

We can use this as a place to voice our opinions and/or grievances.

Today, grievance is on the menu.  Hungry?

Let’s discuss the “Point-Out-What-You-Are-Doing Wrong”  mom. (POWYADW)

We all know one and we don’t like her.

Her sentences usually begin with, “I don’t know if you KNOW this, but…”

or the ever popular, “No offense, but…”

how about, “You can do whatever you want, but I…”

and a favorite of mine, “Do you know your child is…”

In the early years of motherhood you encounter the breast-feeding judgers.  The ones that talk and talk and talk about how great breast feeding is (no duh) and give you the sideways head look if you don’t/can’t/won’t breastfeed.  Then proceed to lecture you about how you are basically killing your child if you don’t.

  • Resolution: Turn to them and say, “Don’t you worry about who’s sucking on my boobs.” End of discussion, I promise you that.

Then once you hit the solid food stage there are the moms who make all their own homemade baby food and how they would NEVER feed their child the processed, cancer-in-a-jar food they sell at the supermarket.

  • Resolution: Casually say, “My husband and I have made the conscious decision to feed our child processed food as an infant so our other children won’t think we love him more”.  Conversation over.

As your children get older you will get to know, what I like to call, “The Video Game Police”.  They will let you know that you have just killed your child’s last brain cells by letting him play Mario Cart.

  • Resolution:  State with full resolve, “Children with good hand eye coordination grow to be smarter, stronger and better lovers.  I am improving their quality of life”.  Then fancy snap and walk away.

I had a run-in with the local POWYADW Mom just yesterday.  She was ALL OVER my son’s playground etiquette.

Of course I looked at her and said thank you.

I don’t think of witty comebacks until 2 hours later.

What I SHOULD have said was:  “Well thank you for focusing on my child’s playground etiquette, we know averting attention from your 80’s bangs and bad breath is quite a task and I am grateful I could be of help to you today.”

I now have my words for next time.

Now that’s off my chest we can talk cupcakes.  Almond Joy ones.

I started with a chocolate box mix and added some extras like shredded coconut and coconut milk…

Then I made some coconut buttercream.  You have to.  Your life will be happier because of it.

Then I stuck an almond on top.  These are ALMOND JOY cupcakes, after all.

Then I dipped them in chocolate.  You don’t HAVE to, but you will be happy if you do.  Believe in the power of chocolate.

Now eat.  EAT!

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Chocolate Coating

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  • Author: Cookies & Cups


  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil or vegetable shortening
  • 24 raw almonds


  1. Press an almond on top of each cupcake.
  2. Put your frosted cupcakes in the freezer for 5 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile melt your chocolate chips and veg oil or shortening in a double boiler or microwave. If using microwave heat for 1 minute on 50% power, then stir. Repeat in 30 second increments (on 50% power) stirring after each until melted.
  4. Transfer your melted chocolate into a wide mouthed mug or a small deep bowl. You need your chocolate to be deep enough to dunk the entire top of your cupcake.
  5. Remove cupcakes from freezer and dunk tops into melted chocolate.
  6. When you are finished dunking all the cupcakes place cupcakes in refrigerator to set the chocolate.


Serve at room temperature, just leave in the fridge long enough for the chocolate to set, approx 15 minutes.

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Almond Joy Cupcakes

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  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 1 1/4 cup Lite Coconut Milk
  • 1 cup sweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Line muffin pan with cupcake liners.
  3. In a large mixing bowl combine all ingredients. Mix on low for 30 seconds. Turn mixer speed up to medium and beat for 2 minutes.
  4. Fill liners 1/2 full with batter.
  5. Bake for 15-20 minutes until centers spring back when pressed.
  6. Let cool completely before frosting.

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Coconut Buttercream

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  • Author: Cookies & Cups


  • 1 cup butter (2 sticks) room temperature
  • 3/4 cup vegetable shortening
  • 8 cups sifted powdered sugar
  • 1/23/4 cup light coconut milk
  • 1/2 tsp. coconut extract


  1. In mixer beat together butter and shortening until smooth.
  2. On low mix in your powdered sugar.
  3. Pour in your coconut milk and coconut extract and mix until combined. Turn up speed to medium and mix for 45 seconds.
  4. Pipe or spread onto cupcakes. If piping use a snipped off ziplock bag or a large 1A tip on a piping bag.

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77 comments on “Almond Joy Cupcakes”

  1. Cupcakes look amazing however WHERE were you when I had little kids? I love your comebacks. I was so out of the loop with the organic,home schooled, over cautious , no my child knows better Moms. Now all the kids are raised and in their 20’s and guess what they are all the same lol , guess my way wasn’t a total wash. You are hysterical!!

  2. Even though this posting occurred over three years ago I just came across your site today. It was a link from another baking site and some items looked good so just like Hansel and Gretel, I followed the crumbs to the “house of goodies”. When I read your comments about the POWYADW mom I just cracked up. I am NOT a mother. However, I have spent enough time in close relationships with enough children (niece, nephew, little sister as in Big Sister program, cousins, neighborhood children,etc.) in my life that I know what type of “mother-figure” I am and when I come across these types of women, OR fathers, there are a few of those too, they just astound me. My family owned for about 8 years a retail store where amongst many other things we sold some high-end children’s toys. What we were known for in a 4-state area was having everything Thomas the Tank Engine known to mankind. Among my duties as store manager I did storytimes every Saturday, Thomas play days, etc. My mother, who is naturally a generation older than me would help out at times and work there when needed. I had one mother who’s little girl would NOT shut her mouth whenever I tried to read Thomas stories to the group of children there. Finally, I VERY kindly, very politely,and in a very sweet voice told the little girl that she needed to stop talking because no one could hear the stories. Now these children varied from ages 3 years old to about 7 or so. This child was old enough to know better. This was on a Saturday.

    On Monday morning my mother just so happened to be there at the cash register as she had been during the storytime on Saturday and who HAD heard what I said to the little girl. This mother storms in proceeds to tell her (assuming mom is the manager) just HOW rude I had been to her child and blah, blah, blah, completely trashing me. Now my mom had heard the entire exchange and knew the truth how I had handled the situation. This woman also did not know we were mother and daughter. After the woman has her tamtrum I walk in the store and my mom says, “Oh, here’s my daughter, she’s the manager and can help you?” You should have seen the look on the woman’s face. You see, I have a Master’s Degree in Management which is why I was the store manager. The woman just assumed the older person….therefore…the manager, the younger… the bad employee. She wanted to try and get me fired because I had actually told her child not to do something, no matter how bad her behavior. More than once I had to ask the parent not to bring a child to storytime or play dates until they could “play well with others”. Some were insulted and never came back. For some it was a wake-up call and the child would come back a few weeks or months later, MUCH improved in their behavior. The things I saw in parents and their children was mindnumbing. I saw parents BEG their children to let them buy them something. I saw children SOCK..hard…the sweetest grandmother who had already spent over a $100 on them but they some more at the register they DEMANDED and grandmas said no. That grandmother was devasted and left the store in shock and tears. I couldn’t count the number of kids who didn’t have a clue what the words “please and thank you” meant let alone ever used them. Parents who APOLOGIZED for discliping their children in the restroom so they wouldn’t be seen. We told them you do what you need to do, it’s fine around here for a parent to BE a parent. That’s the saddest thing today, we make parents feel wrong for trying to disclipine their children. More than once I corrected a child who was busting up merchandise and the parent did nothing. We had parents leave infants sleeping in cars in front of the store on Main Street. We had what looked like very “well-to-do” women shoplift little train cars.
    As someone who also has a degree in Child Psychology it was quite an “on-the-spot” learning situation and window on the world for me of parents and children in the 21st century.

    I think the worst was the children hitting their grandmother. My brother and I would have no more thought of treating an older relative like that than we would have of cutting off our own heads. I can’t even fathom what our parents would have done to us if such a thing had happened. In church, all my mother had to do was give us “the look” from the complete other side of the sanctuary if we weren’t behaving correctly while in the choir or something and boy we knew to straighten up fast. If you grew up with “the look” which is definitely a female thing, you know exactly what I mean. I’ve had boyfriends say I have “the look” and most men will often know exactly what you mean by that.
    But when it comes to people, I’m EXACTLY like you, I think of the perfect “comeback” two hours or even two days later. Don’t you hate that, boy I do. It all has to do with the type of category of personality you fall into. There is an entire psychological test that can tell you all of this but I can’t think of the name now, college was far TOO long ago. What I want to know is… did society get like this? As a child raised in the 60s and 70s you’d better believe parents disclipined. At this point though they could no longer “paddle” someone in school. I guess in a way that’s was a good thing in some ways. But boy you could still be sent to the principal’s office. What I have NEVER understood though, even as a kid, is WHY is suspension used as a form of punishment in school systems? I don’t know about anyone else but a few days or a week or two off of school would have been a vacation to me or any other kid I knew, NOT a punishment. Although, all hell would have occurred at home if that would have happened to us. We were told as children that if we were “punished” at school then we would be when we got home too. Now in my middle school years we had those teachers who made us write 200 times or something, “we will not chew gum” or some other such silly thing and by the time you got to humber 40 or 50, then that DID become punishment. Can anyone explain to me why giving a kid a vacation is considered punishment? Especially today, many of the kids that this happens to have parents who couldn’t care less if it happened to their child anyway. Well…..there is my thoughts and your poor child’s bad playground ettiquette set it all off. I bet your spunky child is more fun than all of the “perfect kids” put together. He’ll probably turn out far better in life than all of the other “perfect” children too. I look forward to finding more recipes on your site and I’m glad I followed the link to the Almond Joy Cupcakes. That has always been one of my very favorite candy bars and unfortunately it’s always gone in just a few bites, far too soon. Hopefully the cupcakes will last a bit longer.

    1. Isn’t the 2 hours later thing the worst?! You have me cracking up..yes I would imagine being suspended is a total vacation! Glad you found my site!

  3. Hi, I love your site! I just made these and they totally collapsed in the oven! 🙁 Quick question, are the ones in the pictures mini cupcakes? I’m super excited to eat them, I just want to make them look as cute as yours! Thank you!

      1. Thanks! I just made them again and mixed by hand, instead of the mixer and they’re perfect! I think I over mixed last time! Thank you!!

  4. Sorry what I meant to say was, for the batter do you prepare the mix according to the box instructions and then add the coconut milk, etc. and mix?

      1. Awesome good thing I asked would’ve followed the box and added your extras! I usually work from scratch but I wanted to try these since they sound so good and I didn’t want to mess them up 😉

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