Bleeding Red Velvet Truffles

I need to know something…how come when our kids are little and they tell us “no” we find it unacceptable.  I shouldn’t presume to think that you are the same way, so please forgive…

But, when MY children don’t want something…say lasagna for dinner, they say, “no, I don’t want that”.  Or if I ask them if they want to wear the blue shirt for school and they say, “No”… I get agitated.  I want them to say be agreeable…but when kids don’t want something they don’t hesitate to let you know.

I am sure that I was the same way as a child.

But somewhere along the way I, as I am sure many of you, turned into a “Yes” person.


Would you please bake 3,000 cookies for a school function?  Umm, sure yes.

Can you coordinate this event that is going to take you weeks and weeks and hours and hours? Sure, why not!

I need someone to practice my knife throwing skills at, can you help? Ok, I’ll be right over.


Now I should say no, no and hell no.  But I say yes.  And complain about it.


I don’t know if I am afraid to hurt people’s feelings or if I still have that desperate junior high mentality of wanting to people to like me.


I am sure there is some sciencey reason why I have turned into a yes person.  Probably some really smart person spent lots of money at school figuring it out…but where is he now in my time of need?

But, I mean really…I eat cotton candy,  own sparkly sneakers, and still want a My Little Pony.  I am basically a kid…why can I not say no?


So I am making a deal with myself here and now.  I am going to be more like my 6 year old…

Yep, that’s right…just you wait…

Do I want to go to your “Jewelry Party”?  Nope, I sure don’t!

Do I want to come over and help you paint?  Yeah, that’s a no.

Do I want to bake  3,000 cookies for a school function?  Well, actually I do.  I love cookies…so that will stay a yes.

But anyway, you get my drift.


So, cheers to saying “No” 🙂


Now, I won’t let you throw knives at my head…but how about knives in truffles?  That I will say yes to!

These truffles are super easy.  I used Bakerella’s recipe, you should too.

Crumble the cake…

And add your frosting, mix it up and form them into balls.

After they have chilled dip them into white candy bark.  Before the candy sets stick in a cute little sugar knife.  Mine are Wilton brand that I found at my local craft store, but here’s a link if you can’t find them.

Just press it in gently before the candy sets.

When they have all set I used some canned decorating frosting…

and piped on some “blood”.

Don’t worry about being exact.

What’s so fun, is that the knife doubles as a “handle”, so they are easy to eat!!  Love that!

I’m featured this week over at Taste and Tell on the “Blogger Spotlight“..hop over and check out my interview!!

Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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64 Responses
  1. I am turning into a “no” person. It’s all due to Blissdom when the speaker talked about “choosing discomfort over resentment.” And she gave the example of baking cupcakes for school and complaining about it the entire time. This week I had to say “no” to a volunteer meeting and working the concession stand…and it felt FREEING! 😉

    And these truffles are killing me! Pun intended! Those little KNIVES!!! I have not seen those! Just awesome, Shelly.

  2. ah! these are awesome but I’ve been having the hardest time making truffles because of a couple of reasons. Either my batter wont hold/stay long enough to keep the lovely truffle shape (they wilt :(…) or the chocolate gets too think around the truffle. any suggestions? I would love for you to check them out on my blog, but they were too embarrassing to even post!

    1. shelly

      if it’s not holding the shape you might need to add more frosting…also make sure you chill the truffles before dipping them in the fridge for a bit, it helps the dipping process. ALso, add a bit (1 tsp) of vegetable shortening to the candy melts for thinning out the chocolate to dip, I do it and it helps huge! Also dip them with a fork and tap the excess off like crazy!

  3. How *does* this happen to women? I’ve gotten pretty good about saying no, but I still feel guilty when I do. And I hate those parties, where they always tell you, “oh, you don’t have to buy anything”, but you feel like crap unless you do.

    I’ve never tried red velvet cake, but have always been curious. These are adorable!

  4. You are hilarious! These truffles are just too cute for Halloween. My girls LOVE cake balls/truffles, but I only make them for special occasions. I do however make cookies all the time since they’re my favorite.

  5. Awesome. I have not seen those little knives. I thought you made them and I was ready to call you an overachiever. Thank you, I feel better about myself 🙂
    I think we all need to learn to say no more often. As my husband says to me, you need to say no so that others can say yes, and get the opportunity to serve. Um, ok.

  6. Amy K

    Creative little treats. As always, love this post, and can absolutely relate to being a people pleaser. Here’s to learning to say no!

  7. Jen

    Hey, jewelry parties are awesome! You should always say yes to one of those! 😉

    Cute truffles! I am craving some red velvet cake now!

  8. Oh man these are hilarious! How creative and fun!
    Also, I really enjoyed (and related) to your post! I’m constantly battling the ‘yes’ syndrome!! I have to learn to say no more often too!

  9. Claire

    You know what would be awesomely gory? If you frosted those white truffles to look like eyeballs! I know, I know, gross, but it’s almost Halloween, after all!

  10. I love halloween treats! I’m so into making them right now. I need to get some of those teeny knives. Those truffles are delicious and devious all at once. 🙂

    I can definitely relate to being a people pleaser. Most of the time when I say yes to some ridiculous request I end up feeling like a pushover weenie.

  11. Love these…so awesome!!! I used to be a bit of a yes person as well….but eventually I got sick of the resentments that would come out of always saying “Yes”, so I learned to say no…it took a while, but I’m a bit of a pro now!

  12. I cleaned my room today and found about six hundred items that I was sent to review – items that I said “yes” to..,so I totally understand.

    I need a truffle. Or 3,000.

  13. When I first looked at the photo and saw the knives, I thought, “Man, she has too much time on her hands if she has time to make those tiny knives.” But now that I see you can buy the cute little knives, I’m totally there with you. I just recently discovered your blog, and I love it. Keep the yummy recipes coming!

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Shelly Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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