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Christmas Cookie Decoration Ideas

The holidays are always an excuse to make and decorate cookies, and I can’t get enough! With these easy Christmas Cookie Decoration Ideas, you’ll have the best looking cookies at the table.

Three Frosted Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies with One Wrapped in Plastic

Christmas Cookie Decoration Ideas

Aren’t y’all so happy that it is Christmas?

I have been doing a ton of cookie orders lately but just got done with my first Christmas cookie order YAY! I loved busting out the Christmas cutters once again.
Thought I would post some pictures to remind everyone to place you holiday cookie orders now and no later than Friday, 12/18.
I will post some of the other cookies I have been making next week, but for now it’s Jingle all the Way!
Each of these cookies was decorated using my fool-proof royal icing recipe.
Here are some churches, actually the Yellow Framed Church…
A Close-Up Shot of a Sugar Cookie Decorated Like a Church with Royal Icing Nine Christmas Sugar Cookies on a Cooling Rack with a Church Decoration in Icing
See the pretty stained glass…. A Close-Up Shot of the Stained Glass on a Church-Decorated Christmas CookieA Pile of Plastic-Wrapped Sugar Cookies with a Christmas Church Decoration
and Christmas Trees, of course…Packaged Frosted Christmas Tree Sugar CookieStockings, which can be personalized …
Two Red Polka Dot Stocking Decorated Christmas Cookies on a Red and Green Tablecloth
or not…

A Very Tight Shot of the Sprinkled Top of Cookie Stocking
Gingerbread people and their home…
Five Individually Packaged Sugar Cookies with Gingerbread Icing DecorationsA Sugar Cookie with a Gingerbread House Decoration in Royal Icing A Close-Up Shot of the Roof and Chimney of a Gingerbread House Decorated Sugar CookieTwo Decorated Gingerbread House Sugar Cookies on a Plaid Tablecloth
Two Christmas Sugar Cookies Decorated Like Snowmen
and here are the angels from up top…all a little different

A Christmas Sugar Cookie Decorated with Royal Icing in the Form of an Angel A Single Angel Sugar Cookie on Top of a Red Plaid TableclothAn Angel-Shaped Sugar Cookie with an Angel Decoration in Icing on Top Three Packaged Sugar Cookies with Angel Icing Decorations for Christmas
…and of course minis. These are about 1 inch big, perfect for popping 😉
An Array of Assorted Mini Sugar Cookies with Christmas-Related DecorationsA Lineup of Assorted Mini Sugar Cookies with Decorations of Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees and Christmas Bells Three Packages of Assorted Mini Sugar Cookies with Christmas-Themed Decorations
Have a great weekend!

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