Cookie Crazy

Aren’t y’all so happy that it is Christmas?
I have been doing a ton of cookie orders lately but just got done with my first Christmas cookie order YAY! I loved busting out the Christmas cutters once again.
Thought I would post some pictures to remind everyone to place you holiday cookie orders now and no later than Friday, 12/18.
I will post some of the other cookies I have been making next week, but for now it’s Jingle all the Way!
Here are some churches, actually the Yellow Framed Church…
See the pretty stained glass….
and Christmas Trees, of course…
Stockings, which can be personalized …
or not…
Gingerbread people and their home…Frosty…
and here are the angels from up top…all a little different
…and of course minis. These are about 1 inch big, perfect for popping 😉
Have a great weekend!

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  1. bridget {bake at 350}

    They are all so cute! The angels are my favorite! 🙂

    Do you know I have ONE order this month and it's for pink high heels!!! I guess that means I have time for all of MY baking!

  2. Sue Sparks

    I LOVE all of your cookies!!! My favorites are the gingerbread house and the bag of minis! SO cute!

    I am actually finishing up an order for 140 (large) Christmas cookies ordered for tomorrow…blog post coming:)

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