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Sheep Cupcake Toppers

These super simple Sheep Cupcakes are an adorable dessert for Easter! Made with mini powdered donuts, chocolate chips, Oreo cookies and more, these cute little cupcake toppers are the perfect way to level up your holiday treat.

Cute Easter Sheep Cupcakes

There comes a time in your life when you realize you’re “older.”

Not gonna say “old”.
But “older” is accurate.
My time happened a few weeks ago at the birthday dinner for my very dear friend.
After a dinner soaked with wine she decided that it would be fun to go out to a local bar.
We are more the game-night fair, not so much the bar-type, but hey, it’s a celebration and we’re dressed, so why the heck not?
Here’s why:
– We pulled up to the bar in a minivan
– My friend’s husband was carrying a cake container…not really a “cool guy” accessory.
True Colors was playing on said minivan’s radio loud enough for the smokers standing outside to hear.
– My “local” is rural-ish NJ.  Form your own opinion.
All of these things were what they like to call “warning signs”.
We recognized them all and still set forth.
Upon entering the bar I looked around recognizing that the clientele was largely made up of divorcees, old people and a local band.
Still…we bought drinks.
We were gonna make this happen.
Surrounded by animal heads on the walls and people transported from the 80’s we were determined to have a good time.
Then we saw the lead singer of the band.
Look , I’m not saying that I am better than anyone, but I DO know that if you were “of age” when Jimmy Carter was president you should NOT be wearing bootie shorts.
When an uninhibited fellow started Riverdancing all by his lonesome we decided it was time to leave.
I guess I’m not really the “going out” type…
never really have been, so I know I judge harshly…
but I will take a good game of Taboo any day of the week if it means I don’t have to go to another “local bar”.

Call me a fuddy duddy, but I prefer to embarrass myself in the privacy of my own home..because you KNOW I have tried to Riverdance.

That night I had trouble falling asleep…visions of feathered hair and leather vests kept me awake…so I turned to the tried and true “counting sheep”.
You know where I am going with this…
because I am clearly psychotic and cannot think outside the frosting can, these are the sheep that I counted…

Two Cupcakes Sitting Side by Side with Easter Sheep on Top

I thought with Easter coming up, they would be perfect.
What makes them the most perfect, though, is that they are SUPER easy.
Watch and learn…

Mini Powdered Donuts, Pretzel Sticks, Chocolate Chips and the Rest of the Sheep Cupcake Topper Items

How to Level Up Your Easter Cupcakes

I bought mini powdered donuts
regular sized chocolate chips
pretzel sticks (broken into smaller pieces for legs)
mini Oreos
and not pictured:
White frosting to cover cupcakes and also to use as “glue”.
Mini marshmallows for tails.
Frost the cupcakes however you would like (fancy swirls would be pretty or tinting it green and using your grass tip would be cute too!)…I just slapped on some white frosting and dipped into green jimmies.

You don’t NEED the edible googly eyes because you could just dot on some icing, but c’mon how cute are they??  Also, the heart sprinkles are super cute and let me tell you that you will use them for EVERYTHING!
Hop over to Sweet! Baking Supply and order some.
A Mini Powdered Donut on a Green Surface with the Hole Filled with Frosting


A Powdered Donut with a Mini Oreo Cookie Pressed into the Center

next you…

A Collage Showing the Process of Sticking on Chocolate Chip Ears with Icing Acting as a Glue

Now the fun part

The Body and Face of an Easter Sheep Cupcake Topper

It’s coming together…

An Easter Sheep Cupcake Topper with Pretzel Legs Pressed In

If you’re feeling cute put him on a stick.
I needed to trim the stick a little bit so it stood nicely in my cupcake.

A Pair of Green Scissors Beside a Trimmed Lolipop Stick

Slowly press the lollipop stick into your donut lamb and insert into frosted cupcake
Now..give your lamb some junk in the trunk with some more frosting and a mini marshmallow…

A Sheep Cupcake Topper on a Cupcake with a Mini Marshmallow Tail

That’s it!!  If you don’t want to worry about the sticks, the little lambs can rest atop of your cupcake…how cozy.

Three Easter Cupcakes Lined Up on a Countertop with Sheep Toppers on Them

So there you have it… Easter-ready cupcakes!

Three Easter Cupcakes with Donut Sheep on Top

Happy Spring!

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Two Sheep Cupcake Toppers on Top of Two Cupcakes with Green Frosting and Green Sprinkles

Sheep Cupcake Toppers

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  • Author: Shelly
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 12
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: No Bake
  • Cuisine: American


These super simple Sheep Cupcakes are an adorable dessert for Easter! Made with mini powdered donuts, chocolate chips, Oreo cookies and more, these cute little cupcake toppers are the perfect way to level up your holiday treat.


  • mini powdered donuts
  • regular-sized chocolate chips
  • pretzel sticks, broken into smaller pieces for legs
  • mini Oreos
  • white frosting, to cover the cupcakes and also to use as “glue”.
  • mini marshmallows, for tails
  • edible googly eyes (optional)
  • heart sprinkles (optional)


  1. Fill the donut hole with frosting.
  2. Press a mini oreo into the frosting.
  3. Add more frosting to stick on the ears.
  4. Gently press chocolate chip ears into the added frosting and secure edible googly eyes and heart sprinkle noses onto the oreo with dots of frosting to form the sheep’s face.
  5. Stick two broken pretzel sticks into the donut to form the sheep’s legs.
  6. Slowly press a lolipop stick into the donut and secure your sheep on top of a frosted cupcake.
  7. Add a tail by frosting the back side of the donut hole and pressing in a mini marshmallow.

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66 comments on “Sheep Cupcake Toppers”

  1. These are PRECIOUS! So detailed, yet easy to make, too!

    I think your sheep and my lambs ought to get together!. 🙂 I’m afraid mine would want to graze on your cupcakes, and would come empty-handed. (Er, pretzeled?) You’d also have to exercise due caution with Mr. Bear, but he generally sticks with the raspberry jelly. ha 🙂

    Our company made these to entertain our customers. Here are the lambs:

    Great blog, thanks so much!

  2. Next time I can’t sleep I will put on my creative hat and try to think up some cute cupcakes. Then I will email you so you can do all the work! These are sooo cute! I now understand why you and Kristan (Confessions of a Cookbook Queen) are BFF.

  3. My 7-year-old daughter wants to be a lamb farmer, so everything is “lamb” around our house. For her birthday on Monday, we’re visiting a lamb farm that is an hour away with 6 of her friends. These cupcakes will be a great treat to come back home to and eat before PRESENTS!

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