Malted Milk Fudge

Malted Milk Fudge is the best fudge recipe ever

Malted Milk Fudge is the creamiest chocolate fudge, made with a little malted milk powder and topped with Malted Milk Balls! This is the best fudge recipe ever!

Fudge!! Of course I couldn’t let my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies list go by without a delicious fudge recipe! So many of you ask me for my favorite fudge recipe, and this is it! Don’t let the Malted Milk included fool you, even if you don’t think you like Malt, make this. It just adds a depth of flavor to the fudge! You can omit the malt balls on top, too! It’s just really the BEST fudge recipe out there, and it’s the best recipe for Day 11 of my 12 Days of Cookies!

Malted Milk Fudge is the BEST Fudge Recipe

Malted Milk Balls on top of the creamiest and best fudge recipe ever!

How to make the best fudge

The best fudge recipes are thick, sweet and creamy, and this Malted Milk Fudge does NOT disappoint!  Some fudge recipes can get grainy or crumbly. There are a few reasons this can happen…

  • You must cook the sugar and milk mixture together until it reaches 240°F. But don’t bring the mixture to a boil too fast! Medium heat will be plenty!
  • Also to prevent grainy fudge, once you get the mix mixture to 240°F you will pour it into the mixing bowl with all the chocolates. This mixing part is very important because beating stretches the sugar crystals and that stops them from reforming. Mixing your fudge with the mixer will absolutely give you a smoother fudge.
  • If for some reason your fudge still went grainy you can fix it! Put the grainy fudge back into the pan along with a little water and cream to loosen it up.  Over medium-low heat, melt the fudge back down to a liquid and re-boil it to 235°F.  Heating the mixture slowly instead of quickly is definitely the key to success!

And like I said before, this Malted Milk Fudge Recipe can easily be made without the malted milk balls on top. The malted milk in the fudge just gives it a slight depth of flavor!

I teamed up with my friends over at Imperial Sugar for this recipe today. The full recipe can be found over at their website!

Click HERE for the FULL RECIPE


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  1. Donna Howard

    Made this and it was the best! Going to make it all the time and just skip the malt balls on top, I’ll just do it plain ~ So yum!!

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