Skeleton Cupcakes

These Skeleton Cupcakes are easier than they look! So fun for Halloween.

We all know Halloween is coming soon, so I thought I would share a fun idea for cupcakes that a friend emailed me from Woman’s Day.
I hadn’t seen a cupcake so cute in a while, so I knew I had to make them and share with you guys!
Here’s how I made these Skeleton Cupcakes…
First bake some cupcakes.  I used sprinkles on mine because I’m addicted to sprinkles.  If you don’t share this addiction you can leave them off.
Next, assemble your supplies…
-white chocolate covered pretzels
-large marshmallows
-lollipop sticks
-food writer (or black icing)
also reserve a little extra frosting…you’ll see why in a minute.
Cut an inch or so off the stick so it’s not so long.
Flatten your marshmallow slightly
Carefully press your stick into the flattened marshmallow
Next using your food writer or black frosting make a skeleton face…
Now you need to make his bones…
Slide on the pretzels.  Here’s where your extra frosting helps.  It holds the pretzels in place.
Now stick your arm-less skeleton into your cupcake.
So, he needs some arms…
Cut the top of some extra pretzels off.  Do this carefully, otherwise the pretzels break.  Trust me.  I had to eat A LOT of pretzel casualties.
Now, with some more frosting carefully attach the arms.
Your skeleton has come to life…
Aren’t they adorable??

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Those are officially the cutest Halloween cupcakes I've seen this year! LOVE them.

Tiffiny Felix

I can't believe how cute these are! 🙂 And, yes, mom's can be no better than the mean girls in high school. Loved your conversation, BTW 🙂


Are you sure you weren’t sitting at my local Starbucks watching the Tuesday morning mom group “socialize” with each other??? LOVE the cupcakes, they look fantastic.

Chic Cookies

OK, was just cracking up. Thank you for that! I'm so lucky to have recently found a solid, witty, smart, non-judgmental group of moms to commiserate with about our hitting, tantrummy toddlers! Over wine. Because I have witnessed just the same playground scenarios. Capris and running shorts and all. Agreed: Mom 1: What I'd call "Alpha Mom." Mom 2: Lacy doily on jeans never OK.
Mom 3: Mix up the Gap with some Banana Republic.
Mom 4 and 5: Find better Moms 1,2, and 3.

Oh, and I'll be sure to link to these awesome cupcakes on!


Those are the cutest halloween cupcakes ever! I love the halloween themed recipes. And the mom's sound like a bunch of mean girls from high school!


These are just waaaay too cute!!!

Poor little Spencer doesn't have a chance with a Mom like that!


This, my dear sweet Shelly, is why I have more blog friends than real life friends.
Because a lot of real moms are weird and have make very questionable fashion choices. Plus, they think they are All THAT.
And I realize that noone says ALL THAT, but it is really the best description of what's doin' with those ladies.
Anyhow, I love the cupcakes and you, as usual. They look like Jack Skellington, who is my morbid son's favoritest EVER.


These are amazing!! You are sooo talented!

Party Box Design

omg I LOVE THEM!!!
Funny mommy post!

Pink Little Cake

LOL, Love this post. I have seeing just the same playground scenario, hate it! specially when I am at the park in my only day off of the last 2 weeks.

Jen (pieKnits)

Haha, awesome.
And the cupcakes are fantastic!


Lol LOL LOL…Some Mom's are such catty little bitches!!! I know the exact ones you speak of!!! LOL
Love the 80's bangs. And the "Mom capris" CLASSIC!!!! lol


Oh lovely post dear!!! I love the skeleton cupcakes! Perfect party treat!


Those are so cool! I want to make them!

I run for cake!

Love these cupcakes, what a great idea to use chocolate covered pretzels for skeleton bones! I got a kick out of your park story too!


These are so, so, soooo cute! And your mom commentary is awesome. I feel like I got a play-by-play. I bet doily mom has a drawer full of scrunchies, or possibly banana clips.

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar
Meghan @ Domestic Sugar

Oh my gos, what a great idea!! I LOVE THIS!

Kristie Maynard

Love the cupcakes! Just adorable.
As for that Mom, I'm surprised that she didn't make the other little girl apologize to little Spencer for getting in the way of her fist. LOL! Takes all kinds doesn't it?

Kate H.

I love your personality and the mom story. Women/girls are so dramatic and gossipy, that's why i get along better with guys! lol.

Those cupcakes are too cute 🙂


The cupcakes are beyond cute! I wish I had the energy to make them. Your story is the reason I have been leery of playgroups. I can't stand the other moms!

Save the Date for Cupcakes
Save the Date for Cupcakes

That's awesome! Love them!


LOL, I was rolling on the floor laughing while reading your commentary. I know too many moms like that…it'd probably be more obnoxious if it wasn't so hilarious. 😉

Love the cupcakes too – so festive!


What a great idea for the cupcakes. Yes mean girls grow up to be mean woman and once a bully always a bully. Peer pressure exists at every age. Isn't that sad?

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar
Meghan @ Domestic Sugar

Edit to my original comment, Parents are cruel some times. I have had several strange run-ins with parents who feel that their perfect angel (in school) can do no wrong, and it must be me who failed their child on the test because I hate that child, because the child is WAY too smart to fail my test, and why did I give a test anyway, because their child is far too busy to concentrate on tests, as they have to round themselves out in dance/hockey/soccer/football/insert random after-school activity here. ARGH!


These cupcakes are SO cute!


Best judgy post ever. Love it!


Ugh. I really hope I never become that kind of mom. Never. Ever.

These cupcakes are gorgeous. And this is one of the manymanymany reasons why you are the coolest mom. Ever.


These cupcakes are so amazing. I must pass this idea on to my sister. She'd love it too.


I love these and have never seen them before. The white pretzels make the perfect skeleton. Thanks for sharing all of the steps!


Funny story. I am so glad my kids are older so I don't have to deal with that stuff anymore.

Awesome cupcakes! Love them:)


HA-HA! Yeah, yeah! HA-HA! Those ARE the cutest Halloween cupcakes and everyone else is so jealous! HA-HA!


These are just about the cutest Halloween treats I've seen! How creative you are! And I loved the run-down on all those catty moms. You and I think a lot alike. I adore people watching (even though I often feel pretty disgusted by some human behavior). Thanks for sharing! These are my favorite cupcakes of the month!


There should be a reality show about Park Moms. It would be hilarious!
These are so cute and seem easy enough to make where I won't feel violent halfway through getting them done. I may just be able to pull these off for my kids. Yay!


hahahah the 'Mums' episode was really funny! thanks for enduring the conversation and sharing it here! And those cupcakes are seriously cute!

Les rêves d
Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany)

Mums seriously can be like girls at highschool it's insane! Whilst I dislike people like that..your cupcakes are another story! Fantastic.


Oh no! I'm about to enter the world of moms and I didn't know it involved a time-warp back to high school. Maybe I'll attract really nice and friendly moms with these super creative cupcakes 🙂

Amy K

I can totally relate to this, and you know what's even better….when these types of cliquey-conversations happen at a church potluck!!! Gotta love that one!
My husband has a saying, "the quickest way to get into a conversation is by not being there"! Those "friends" of ours that as soon as they get the chance, they're talking about us and stabbing us in the back — so junior highish!!
At any rate….thanks for keeping it real, and your cupcakes are awesome, as always!

Cassie, RN, OCN

Such a funny story! Can't wait to my trip to the park today! =)

Looking forward to making these with my little one.


Those mom hang out here too but my motto is (stolen from Cougar Town) -"if I took time to worry about everyone who thought they were better than me – I wouldn't have time to do stuff" — one of the best lines ever. Cute cupcakes.

Evan B

haha I love your observation.. and these cupcakes are adorable! I saw them when I was in line at the grocery the other day and thought they were too cute!

ps found you through your friends on twitter 🙂


The skeletons are too cute! And great commentary about annoying moms. Haha, I always felt left out on preschool field trips with my daughter's class because I work and therefore wasn't able to be a part of the regular after school playgroups, etc. But listening to all of the petty gossip, I realized I wasn't missing out on much!


First off, I'm a nanny in a very wealthy town, so I hear you! I am surrounded by snobby, wealthy, obnoxious women all the time. Loudly voicing their opinions to everyone as if they rule the world. Gag! Makes me want to key their Hummers.

And second, I love these cakes. Such a creative idea!


Super cute!Love the pretzels!
And I love Halloween too, so many fun ideas!
Thanks so much for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!


Do you happen to live in my town? (except the moms here are never at the park with their kids, just their nannies) but a similar coversation could be heard at the baseball or soccer games or the PTO…! Very cute cupcakes, will need to try these 🙂

Becki D

Oh my gosh these cupcakes are AWESOME!! I am definitely going to have to try this one out.

And I'm so glad I kept reading the whole catty story…cause when I was at the part about the capris I was all, "but..but…I wear Mom capris…"


I almost wouldn't want to eat these if I had them in front of me. They are so darn cute!


SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I love them!! Fantastic job.

Camron and Lonna Connolly
Camron and Lonna Connolly

LOL! I just found your web site but I thoroughly enjoyed that post! The cupcakes are AWEWOME! But possibly your story is awesome-ER! HAHA! Gotta love moms who think the whole world revolves around them and their "super long lean legs!" haha! Loved it!


I adore these!


Oooh what long lean skeletons LOL, sorry couldnt resist!

Shame on those moms!

Those cupcakes are adorable, Ive linked to you/them on my blog hope thats ok x


Sprinkles ARE addictive. These are THE best cupcakes of the season that I have seen! Wish I had time to make them for my kids' forty classmates.

And I love the park scenario; those ladies have it all wrong. I AM god. WTF? ya know?
Mind if I follow? I like ur sense of humor.