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Valentine’s Krispie Treats

Valentine's Heart Krispie Treats with cupid arrows on a pink napkin

Here’s the thing.

This past weekend I flew down to Arkansas to visit Kristan.

Flying isn’t my favorite, I have to say.  I get sweaty and nervous and spot bad guys pretty much at every turn.

Which kind of forces me to engage my spy-sensibilities…

It might be possible that I have been watching too much Homeland lately, but I am convinced I would be a fairly good CIA agent.

I like to solve crimes.  I like to interrogate people, I mean, just ask my husband.  And although I don’t enjoy pant suits, I’m fairly certain with a cute statement necklace or a few fun bangles I could make it work.

Anyway, I was so busy planning escape routes, take-down plans and choreographed karate kicks while sipping complimentary Diet Cokes that the flight was over.

So while I was in Arkansas visiting Kristan, we decided that it would be fun to bake together.

And of course as food bloggers we needed a baking theme.  Of course.

So in preparation for the most annoying holiday of the year we decided on Valentine’s treats.

A whole week of Valentine’s treats.

Are you rolling your eyes yet?

To kick off the fun week of Valentine’s treats I made Krispie Treats.  Valentine’s Krispie Treats.  Totally.

These honestly couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is make some basic krispie treats.  Here’s my recipe.

Heart-shaped cookie cutter in a pan of rice krispie treats
Heart-shaped rice krispie treats dipped in white chocolate
Red drizzle being added to heart-shaped rice krispie treats

I cut them out with a heart cookie cutter…If you don’t have a cutter, you can easily hand cut them…
Then melt some candy melts and dip the tops…
I melted some pink melts as well to drizzle on top…
While those set I made the arrows.

Lollipop sticks on a pink background
Lollipop sticks with pink triangles
Pink arrow feathers on lollipop sticks

Cut some Popsicle sticks in 2 inch segments…
Use some card stock or construction paper to make the arrow tips…
and the feathery thing on the back of an arrow…
I used glue dots to attach the card stock to the Popsicle stick, but you could use hot glue.

Lollipop stick being dipped in melted white chocolate

Then dip the end of the stick into a little melted chocolate and press it carefully into the krispie on the diagonal…
That’s it!

Heart-shaped rice krispie treats with cupid arrow

Hope over to Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and check out her Red Velvet Cake Batter Hearts!!

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26 comments on “Valentine’s Krispie Treats”

  1. cyrus from Hydraulic Jacks

    LOvelyyyyy!!!!! Want to make them though there’s no valentine for me this time.. Okay.. Valentine for one.. I’m going to make this beautiful candy and eat all by myself 😀

  2. Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

    These are too adorable! Plus, I’m so jealous that you guys had a get together…and I drove right through AR (I just moved away from there but I drive back every few weekends)!
    I need a krispie treat now. One with a cute arrow through it, preferably.

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