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Banana Pie Cookies

These Banana Pie Cookies are so soft and delicious…they’re loaded with banana pudding mix and topped with a creamy vanilla frosting!

Soft Banana Pie Cookies...a thick, banana pudding cookie topped with creamy vanilla frosting!

I feel like you’re either a banana lover or you’re not. No gray area on this one. OK…maybe there’s a little gray area…let me explain…

I fondly avoid banana as a fruit, but in a baked good, I’m all in.

But NOT banana flavored candy. Ack. But totally in a smoothie.

It makes no sense, but it does.

Anyhow, today we’re taking banana flavored pudding and throwing it in a cookie. So a negative and a positive makes a positive in my math.

What? Who knew bananas were so confusing?

Anyhow Imperial Sugar asked me to whip up some Banana Pie Cookies. And I did.

They’re soft, packed with banana flavor, and topped with a creamy frosting that is perfectly vanilla and pairs beautifully with the banana! The pudding in the cookie gives it a ultra-moist texture that I know you will love. Two favorite desserts packed into one place!

Banana Pie Cookies

I am sharing the FULL RECIPE over at Imperial Sugar today, so make sure to check it out!

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19 comments on “Banana Pie Cookies”

    1. That wouldn’t be a good switch out. If you didn’t want to use the banana pudding, you could omit it and add in 1/4 cup mashed banana for the egg. They won’t have the same flavor or texture as mine, but they should work!

      1. Gotcha! Thank you for the response. I will follow the instructions and use my bananas for another recipe of yours. Cheers!

  1. I made these for a cookie competition at work – and won! 🙂
    The coworkers are always requesting them now, I make these like once a week. lol I also made them for my mom for mother’s day!
    Only thing I change is a little less sugar in the frosting to keep it from being overly sweet.

      1. I have baked a lot of cookies over the years, but have got to say, these are my new favorite! The frosting especially is so addictive! I made some for coworkers and friends and they all raved about them too.

        I did have a question…I would like to try to make these for my husband, but he doesn’t like banana anything. Could i substitute the instant banana pudding for other instant puddings, like vanilla or butterscotch?

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