2 Ingredient Chocolate Frosting

Fluffy Chocolate Buttercream ~ Only 2 ingredients for the easiest and most delicious chocolate buttercream ever!

This is pretty much the easiest post I have written in quite some time.

I realized that I have made things a little complicated lately…multiple steps, lots of ingredients…ALLTHELAYERS!

Ain’t nobody got time for complicated.


So what we’re doing today is making frosting.

I mean, why not?


Plus, this is the fluffiest, easiest chocolate buttercream ever.  And there are only 2 ingredients in there.

2 Ingredient Chocolate Buttercream?  Yep.

I talked about this frosting back on THIS POST.  But I really felt like it deserved it’s own entire post, because well, it’s THAT good.

So let’s talk Easy Chocolate Buttercream.
 photo IMG_0135_zps9e3d728e.jpgStart with a bag of chocolate chips and 2 cups of butter.

I know this seems excessive. But it’s buttercream…while it should be a food group, it isn’t.


I’d like to think that using a good chocolate makes a huge difference, and while it certainly is good when using fancy chocolate, does it make a whole lotta difference? Not in my world.

Plop those in a saucepan…
 photo IMG_0711_zpse77b6a16.jpgAnd melt over medium low until they are melted together.
 photo IMG_0714_zpsd975f012.jpgIt will be remarkably thin. I mean, you use a whole pound of butter, remember?
 photo IMG_0719_zps24453305.jpgNow, let that set up. I stuck mine in the fridge until it was a solid block.

I know it looks kind of gross..some of the butter separates to the top. It’s fine, though…I promise.
 photo IMG_0761_zps3d0839e2.jpgI even flipped it over to show you that it really is a solid block.
 photo IMG_0763_zps4c7a418b.jpgLet that come back up to room temperature and dump it into your mixing bowl.
 photo IMG_0765_zps874d2ff9.jpgBeat that up for about 2 minutes on medium speed.

Magically the color turns from dark brown to light brown.
It goes from dense and thick to light and fluffy.
Fluffy Chocolate Buttercream ~ Only 2 ingredients for the easiest and most delicious chocolate buttercream ever!As the frosting sits, the color will deepen, which is totally fine!!
You need to go make this.
Like NOW!


Try it on top of my favorite Yummy Chocolate Cupcakes!


And if you’re wondering if this works with White Chocolate Check out this WHITE CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM




  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 lb (2 cups) butter


  1. In medium saucepan, melt chocolate chips and butter over medium low heat, whisking frequently.
  2. When melted, cool completely and chill until solid.
  3. Remove from fridge and allow to come up to room temperature.
  4. Put all the chocolate in a mixing bowl and beat on medium for 2 minutes until light in color and fluffy.


Makes enough frosting to filling and frost an 8″ layer cake, or frost 24 cupcakes.
Store refrigerated, but allow to come back to room temperature before serving.

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      1. Pamela Derouen to Emily

        0.032 ounces
        1 ounce
        2 ounces
        2.66 ounces
        3.5 ounces
        4 ounces
        6 ounces
        8 ounces
        16 ounces
        35 ounces and 2 Tbsp. Pounds
        1/16 lb.
        1/8 lb.
        1/5 lb.
        1/4 lb.
        3/8 lb.
        1/2 lb.
        1 lb.
        2.21 lbs. Cups
        1/4 tsp.
        1/8 cup (2 Tbsp.)
        1/4 cup
        1/3 cup
        1/2 cup
        3/4 cup
        1 cup
        2 cups
        2 1/4 cups Grams
        1 gram
        28.35 grams
        58 grams
        75 grams
        100 grams
        115 grams
        170 grams
        227 grams
        454 grams(.45 kg)
        1 kilogram

        1. Pamela Derouen to Emily

          1/4 tsp.
          1/8 cup (2 Tbsp.)
          1/4 cup
          1/3 cup
          1/2 cup
          3/4 cup
          1 cup
          2 cups
          2 1/4 cups Grams
          1 gram
          28.35 grams
          58 grams
          75 grams
          100 grams
          115 grams
          170 grams
          227 grams
          454 grams(.45 kg)
          1 kilogram

      2. Carol

        ! bag of chocolate ships
        1 package/ brick or however you get 450/454 grams of butter in your neighbourhood.
        That’s it

      3. Desiree Boyd

        The recipe is in a 1 to 1 ratio so as long as you keep that ratio the frosting will work out so you go 500g of chocolate to 500g of butter you will be fine. Which should be equivalent to 2 cups in metric.

  1. Laura Pokas

    Looks delish and perfect on the spoon. Do you have any experience on how it holds up? Does it keep its shape if piped on a cupcake or between layers of a cake?

    1. Shelly

      It definitely keep sit shape, I piped it on cupcakes and it was fantastic. I’ve frosted a cake with it, with no issues. Like I said, the color deepens the longer it sits, but that just makes it look more chocolaty! I honestly even left my cupcakes out at room temperature overnight without refrigeration with no issues at all!

      1. Christi

        Do you have a recipe for peanutbutter buttercream? I use butter, peanutbutter, powered sugar and milk. I can never get it light anf fluffy and it is always a different consistency! Thanks

          1. Marla

            I substituted white choc chips and it worked well. Color was yellow after melting and went to white after beating.

        1. Christy

          Here is a peanut butter buttercream recipe:

          4 sticks unsalted butter, room temp
          2 tsp vanilla
          1/2 tsp+ almond extract (important!)
          6 cups powdered sugar
          1/4 cup peanut butter (probably more, to taste)

          Whip butter in electric mixer until very light in color and fluffy. Scrape down bowl, add extracts and mix for a few more minutes. Add the powdered sugar 2 cups at a time, beating well between additions and scraping down bowl. Add the peanut butter, whip… taste… adjust the peanut butter if you’d like.


          Thanks for the chocolate buttercream recipe, I’m going to give it a whirl tonight!

        2. Sarah

          You could add a peanut butter powder like PB2 or Jiff powder to your icing to up the peanut butter flavor. Just beware that it tends to thicken the icing and you may have to thin it down.

        1. Kate

          Try using ghee. I’m allergic to dairy so I make my own ghee (aka clarified butter). It’s super easy and I think it tastes even better than butter. It’s basically cooked butter that is then filtered to get all of the milk proteins and lactose out. If he’s severely allergic and even the slightest bit of dairy could put him into anaphylactic shock, definitely not worth the risk, but if he’ll just suffer a little rash and GI upset, definitely worth finding out if he can tolerate ghee. It’s a life changer when you can put ghee on everything. I even bring a small jar with me so I don’t have to eat plain veggies when we’re out at restaurants, margarine is really bad for our health. I recommend staying away from it. Good luck!

        2. maria

          You can use vegetable shortening, add a pinch of salt as well though. It won’t be the exact flavor because butter can’t be beat. Melt chocolate first then add shortening to standing mixer wait until it cools completely and whip again.

  2. Amelia

    Hello, This looks amazing!! You’re talking to a ‘buttercream connoisseur’ – for the last 10 years since I was 7, my sister and I would make a little tub of buttercream and eat it in front of the TV before mum got home..! Haha. This recipe looks so delicious, definitely trying that tonight on the cakes I just baked!

        1. Shelly

          I am not so sure about that… I bet it would be fine, but it would need to set up for a few hours before you covered it!

  3. What is this sorcery?! That looks absolute delish and I love the simple procedure – though I imagine it being hard waiting for it to get to the solid block state 😉

  4. I’ve never seen a technique like this before! This is pretty amazing. Out of curiosity, have you ever tried it using white chocolate chips? I’d assume it’d be the same result but wasn’t sure if the sugar/fat content would be off.

    Either way, this is absolutely on my Must Try list!

  5. Wow! I definitely have to try this. I’ve done the Wilton Chocolate buttercream and all I have to say is YUCK. I like the vanilla version but there’s just something about adding cocoa to it that turns it nasty! Thanks so much for the post. My mom loves whipped type of frosting and she’s turned off by the chocolate wilton version too, so now I hope we have an alternative!

      1. Laura

        This is the recipe from the old Time-Life series, Foods of the World, the American volume (page 182):

        Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

        18 oz semisweet chocolate bits
        1/4 teaspoon salt
        11/2 cups sour cream, with the fridge chill off or even slightly warmed.

        Melt the chocolate in microwave or in a double boiler. Stir in the other ingredients. Frost the cake.

        The miracle of this frosting is the texture while warm — it spreads like whipped cream. So easy and forgiving. Then, when it cools off, the chocolate firms the whole thing up to a texture like fudge. Perfect.

      2. Anonymous

        Please don’t take this as an offence but I hate the fact that you need so much butter. You could have added honey instead. I have my own baking blog and I figured out that you can use cocoa powder, a little bit of butter, and honey to make amazing buttercream. You should try it.

  6. Roma

    How much time does the frosting take to thicken in the refrigerator?
    And how long did it take to come to room temperature?
    Looks A-Maz-ing!!

    1. Shelly

      Mine took a few hours to totally solid up. To come back to room temperature, about an hour. If it’s still a bit cold, it will still be fine 🙂 I’ve done it both ways and have gotten a smoother consistency when I let it come all the way back to room temperature , though!

      1. Akila Gopalakrishnan

        Hi Shelly, Super excited to try this. I don’t have that much time to solidify the chocolate in the fridge – is it a good idea to freeze it? Thanks!

  7. Carrie

    Do you use real butter? If so, does it matter if it’s salted or unsalted? And do you taste the butter really strong?

    Definitely going to have to try this! I’ve been looking for a chocolate buttercream recipe that I love. This may be it!

    1. Shelly

      Yes, real butter, and I used salted. The butter flavor isn’t really strong, actually. I thought it would be, but it’s not. I mean, clearly you taste that it has butter in it, but it’s kinda magic how it happens!

  8. Chelsi

    This looks delicious! Have any thoughts for a white buttercream that is this simple and delicious?!! Have a birthday party this coming weekend that I am looking for a delicious black and white buttercream frosting recipe! Think I found the chocolate…

    🙂 🙂

  9. I totally agree! Buttercream and all frostings deserve their own dessert category, in my opinion (: This chocolate buttercream looks so dreamily delicious; I’d love to try it out sometime!

  10. I usually don’t like buttercream, but this looks amazing! I’m going to have to give it a try. My ultimate favorite frosting is ganache which is basically heavy cream and chocolate chips. I’m all about simplicity!

  11. Chris

    Wow, this looks divine! I have never mastered frosting, as the powdered sugar always messes me up. I think I may be able to pull this off! Thanks for sharing!

  12. You are killing me…I have died looking at the pictures. I have been off sugar for 27 days f(or health reasons) and I really want to say screw it all!!!!

    1. Tina~

      Can you use honey? I make chocolate chunks using coconut oil, raw cacao and honey, warm just to melting stage and then cool. It makes a wonderful chocolate for all purposes.

  13. Beth

    I tried this using milk chocolate chips and it tasted delicious but was REALLY soft – too soft for piping! Do u think it was because I used milk chocolate? I know when making ganache you use different ratios of chocolate: cream based on the type of chocolate (because of fat content) – I wondered if this may be the same? I will definitely try again with semi sweet because it was yummy!!

    1. Shelly

      I imagine that using the milk chocolate definitely played a part into it being a softer consistency. All in all it’s a soft frosting, but I have piped it on cupcakes in the past and it’s worked great!

  14. Would you mind if I added a couple of cups of toasted pecans to that bowl!
    Oh my goodness Shelley!
    This is the most beautiful chocolate frosting ever!
    I’ll be coming back to this recipe…over and over again!

    1. Shiloh Hand

      This is essentially a whipped ganache. I make it often. Works really well when I have to travel with a cake because it sets up quite firm when you refrigerate and softens by the time I have to serve it. You can also use it un-whipped to pour over cakes as long as you stir it frequently as it cools to prevent the separation. It will be a darker color, though.

  15. Monica Wadsworth

    Hi Shelly. 2 questions:
    Does this icing “crust” so that it can be smoothed on a cake?
    Will the icing get as hard again after it is whipped like it did when in the fridge in the first place?

    1. Shelly

      It doesn’t really crust, no, but it gets slightly stiff.
      And yes, it does get hard when placed in the fridge, but when brought up to room temperature it becomes the consistency after you whip it. I refrigerated a cake I frosted with it just uesterday and when I took it out of the fridge it was hard, but after sitting out for about 20 minutes it was perfect…just like any other frosting, really 🙂

  16. Paula B.

    So simple and with things I always have on the shelf. Sharing this one and wondering where it was last weekend when I was searching for a good frosting for my mil’s birthday cake?????

  17. Gerri Faye Oosterhoudt

    Perfect timing….I am baking my hubby a cake today and will use this recipe..One can NEVER go wrong with chocolate and butter. Will let ya’ll know the results later. THANK-YOU…:-)

  18. This looks great! I’m glad it’s super easy too–I’m horrible when it comes to making desserts. But hey, this is definitely a start! lol

  19. Ellie

    I made this for my sister’s graduation party and while it was DELICIOUS it was very runny and I had trouble piping it. ): I’m sure it was my error, not the recipe so any ideas on what I might’ve done wrong?

    1. Shelly

      Well, it is a softer frosting, but it shouldn’t have been runny… did you let the chocolate and butter chill until it was solid? Did you use real butter, as opposed to margarine?
      Are you in a warm climate…or in an air conditioned kitchen? Sorry so many questions 😉

  20. Andrea

    Holy cow this was amazing! My 10 year old made this (with pb and chocolate chips), and it’s turned out great! It tastes like Reese’s pb cups in frosting form!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  21. Checking in to say that I made a batch of this last night. And ate like half of it with no intentions of frosting a cake whatsoever. This is definitely a keeper. I wasn’t sure it would turn out for me but it did… I made sure that everything chilled until completely solid. This is now a go-to chocolate frosting for sure. Thanks so much for this recipe!

  22. Jacqueline

    OMG I’m so excited to try this icing,you are a genius!!! I’ve been trying different recipes to put on my son’s Coconut flour Birthday cake and with no success as I will not used anything artificial 🙂 He want’s red icing and I tried beets and raspberries but had no red only pink ;'( So I am now going to make your chocolate icing as I have only a week left and feel defeated!!!

  23. Tonia

    Could you add food coloring to this recipe? Someone told me to start with a chocolate buttercream when making red frosting to reduce the amount of food coloring needed. And I’m all for that, because ick – food coloring can be too bitter.

  24. Hi Shelly. Thank you for this amazing recipe. Could you please tell me which chocolate could I use instead of the chocolate chips, and how much do I need? We don’t have those widely available in Brasil, so I would have to use maybe a chocolate bar. Please advise. Thank you again.

    1. Shelly

      You could use any chocolate that has a higher percentage of cocao…like the chocolate candy melts won’t work so well!

  25. Allysia

    I’m really excited to try this out! Curious though, can you use other chips in place of chocolate (like white chocolate or butterscotch)? Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  26. Bree

    Do you think it would work with 1/2 a bag of chocolate chips & 1 cup butter? I’m a huge frosting fan but I don’t eat cake, so I would eat this by itself. I feel like doing a full one would be to much to eat.

  27. Oh Em Gee…I am going to have to make this at some point! Not right now because I have to lose weight for my vow renewal ceremony in October, but I am so making this!!! Thanks for a great recipe!!! 🙂 xo

  28. Sam

    I don’t understand all the hype. The chilling and reheating process takes forever, then the final product is less than satisfactory. It does not just ‘magically’ get that light fluffy color, you have to add lots of powdered sugar and some vanilla to even get it taste half decent. I wouldn’t recommend it. Find another recipe. While the simplicity of this recipe may be tempting, taking the easy way out doesn’t produce the best product.

  29. Kolleen

    I’d like to suggest adding the time it takes for the chocolate to become solid into the actual recipe. I hadn’t read that part in the reviews till after my frosting didn’t turn out. I ended up putting it in the freezer and re-mixing it and seemed to work out okay. I piped them on to cupcakes a day ahead of time and it seemed to hold its shape.

  30. Jennifer Ziemba

    Tried it and love it. So easy just takes a little time. My only complaint is that I thought it was too salty so I am going to try 3 sticks of unsalted butter and only one salted. I am going to try tiger white chocolate right now…. oh and thanks for the great recipe pure genius ; )

  31. Michelle

    I am not a huge fan of chocolate but love white chocolate. Do you think this would work with a good quality white chocolate?

  32. Melissa

    Mine didn’t turn out fluffy. Not as runny as when it was melted but definitely not thick… What did I do wrong? Maybe I let it sit out too long before I whipped it?

  33. Liesl

    I’m not in the US so could you tell me how many grams of choc chips it would be. I’m thinking of trying it with a dark chocolate slab….?

  34. Such a good idea… I always feel ganache with cream is harder to set. This icing with butter has such a beautiful texture that holds its form on the cake for longer. Good stuff!

  35. Nori

    Hi Shelly!

    I would like to check with you, how long will the frosting will able to hold up its shape after piping it on cupcakes? I would love to try this recipe. I am living in a warm climate country .

    1. Shelly

      My frosting held it’s shape completely for 2 days… If the climate is very warm, however, you might have an issue and need to keep it refrigerated.

  36. Carolyn

    This looks beautiful and delicious, and the consistency was accurate to your description, but I found the frosting to be very disappointing flavor-wise. This was extremely bitter and otherwise tasteless. I tried to add some powdered sugar (even though it wasn’t part of the recipe) to try and sweeten it a bit but it didnt not help. I would not recommend this or make it again in the future.

    1. Elizabeth

      I just tried to make this for a nearly-last-minute birthday cake for a friend who cannot eat corn(starch/etc). I, too, was very disappointed! Semisweet is just too, too bitter for a frosting with just the two ingredients, especially when it’s supposed to be the sweetest part of the cake! The consistency was okay, but I agree that it was bitter and otherwise flavorless. Perhaps chip brand DOES matter? Generic semisweet did NOT cut it! If I tried again, I might use my favorite brand of milk chocolate chips, a little less butter, and a dash of vanilla.

      Perhaps this would work better for dark chocolate fans?

  37. Jodi Clay

    I live in Hawaii and made this for my son’s birthday cake. I was nervous it wouldn’t work because it’s warm here, but it was superb! I did have to keep the cake in the refrigerator but it only needed to sit out for 20 minutes before serving. Having a diabetic son I was so happy to make a frosting that wasn’t full of sugar – Thank you for this easy and excellent recipe!

  38. tasneem

    HI shelly. sounds great.
    Pls can you tell me if the weight of 2 cups of choc chips in grams?
    and also if i could use cooking chocolate instead of chocolate chips, as chips are hard to get in my part of the world.
    thank you dear.

    1. Shelly

      2 cups of chocolate chips works out to be 12 oz. And it looks like 12 oz is 340 grams. I wouldn’t recommend using cooking chocolate, but if that’s all you have it will be fine. It’s simply a taste preference for me!

  39. Lianne

    Hi Shelly, Cannot wait to try out this recipe. Have you used this frosting when using cupcake toppers made out of sugar paste? I have a project which this frosting would work brilliantly with!

    Thank you

    1. Shelly

      I have never used milk chocolate.. it might not set up as stiff as semi-sweet, because milk is a bit softer, but I bet it would taste fantastic!

  40. This looks too easy! I’ve been making buttercream for years & never thought of this! Do you think you could still add a cup of powdered sugar to this & it sets up the same?

    I’ll definitely be trying this out this weekend on my cupcakes!

    Thank you!

  41. Hi Shelly I want to use a white chocolate butter cream to cover my friends birthday cake in roses the whole cake and its suppose to be warm on the day but every recipe I have found has veg shortning or egg white powder which I don’t have either of these, so I was wondering if your recipe would be a good alternative and that it would be firm enough to keep the shape of the rosettes? Thanks Candace

  42. kojak

    Shelly, I just found this recipe. I thought it was interesting.

    But what impressed me most was the amount of time and effort you spent answering all the questions. You are truly a patient teacher. (and you didn’t burn Sam at the stake).

    Sadly I cannot try this perfectly simple recipe. I am a FOG (fat, old guy) consequently I am not allowed to have anything good. The best I could do would be to replace steamed broccoli for both the ingredients. I just know it wouldn’t be the same on a cupcake 🙁

    1. Joyous

      I think it definitely seems like way too much butter…but I’m going to try this method for adding chocolate to my buttercream, just use my regular amount of butter and still add powdered sugar. I’ll report back.

  43. This is so gross, put salted butter in it the first time and it tasted so extremely salted that’s all you could taste, and then I thought it was just cause I used salted so I made it for a family event using unsalted and it takes like shit.. Thanks what a waste of cake

    1. Shelly

      Sorry you had a bad experience. I made mine with salted butter and didn’t find it too salty at all. You could try making it with unsalted and adding a bit of salt back yourself. It isn’t a “typical” frosting, but I really like it! THanks!

  44. Mindy

    Wow!!! DELICIOUS! I just wanted to let you know that I took the 3-4 hour fridge step out of the process, in case it helps some of the viewers.

    I gently melted the chips alone until they were just barely melted and then poured it over the room temp butter (not warm though/slightly chilled) right into my mixer. I used a lightly salted butter for more flavor, but you could use unsalted and add a pinch of pink salt.

    It whipped up great and got lighter in color (whipped a minute or two) and I could have used it right away if needed. I was just a tad soft because it was not quite cold enough, which I expected, so I put the entire mixing bowl with the attachment in the fridge to chill a for 30 min and then gave it another quick whip before icing my cupcakes.

    I can’t stop eating it! It’s delicious and sweet without the cloyingly sweet taste you get with powdered sugar. I used Enjoy Life Mega Chucks semi-sweet chocolate. If I ever need a firmer texture for serious decorating, I can add a cup of powder sugar to the mix before whipping, but I LOVE the taste without it!

    Thank you!

  45. cosette

    Hi,,, the recipe really very easy but I notice there is no powdered sugar to sweetened the frosting? Is it possible I can add a powdered sugar on it? And how much?

    1. Shelly

      You could add powdered sugar if you wanted to… I like this frosting without it. It’s a very unique frosting… but if you would like to add powdered sugar start with adding one cup at a time until you reach the desired flavor!

  46. Elisa

    Omg! Just made this frosting and it’s ah-mazing! I added a little orange zest to frost an orange cake! Incredible. Thx for the recipe!

  47. Lucy


  48. OneJenO

    I tried this because of all the great reviews. Made it exactly per the recipe, including step by step. This was the grossest stuff ever. NOT sweet at all, tasted like chocolate butter. Period. I salvaged it by adding about a cup of powdered sugar and some almond extract. Now its just a lightly sweet sorta chocolaty buttercream. I used good chips, and good butter, thought I put the good stuff in, I’d get good stuff out. wrong.. my additions made it usable, but still sorta “eh” not chocolaty enough for the cake recipe I was using.

    1. Shelly

      SO sorry to hear you weren’t satisfied, but glad you were able to make it work to fit your taste with the addition of powdered sugar. Yes, the frosting is completely different than a traditional buttercream, I mentioned that in the post, and so I do understand that everyone may not love it. Thanks for your feedback!

  49. Audrey

    I found this recipe a couple months ago on Pinterest and I’ve been making a quarter batch every other week to just eat with a spoon over a few days… Not the healthiest idea, but probably the most delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  50. Kathryn

    Hi Shelly,

    Planning to bake a birthday cake for my dad using this recipe, only problem is, I’ll need to carry it with me on a plane for 13 hours 🙁

    What are the chances of it surviving at room temperature for that long? I understand most buttercream can survive room temp for a few days but just wanted to make sure this could too.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

      1. Jenn

        Hi Shelly,
        It looks like you are using a paddle-type attachment to beat the frosting. I don’t have a stand mixer and there isn’t that kind of attachment for my hand mixer. However my hand mixer does have a wire balloon whisk attachment (in addition to the normal mixing rods). Would that be an appropriate substitution? Or is there no hope for me and I should just buy a stand mixer already haha.

  51. Patsy

    This is very similar to what I have been doing for years. I have a favorite chocolate ganache recipe that I make – semisweet chocolate chips, butter, corn syrup, vanilla, cream. If I don’t use all of the ganache for other purposes, I will let it come to room temp and then I whip it up into a frosting. It has become my signature chocolate frosting. But your recipe sounds just as good, and very simple. Thanks!

  52. Candice

    This looks absolutely delicious and amazingly easy!!! I recently started experimenting with swapping out butter for coconut oil, it makes me wonder if it would turn out the same. I’ve had success with cookie recipes, I’ll let you know when I try this. Thanks for the great recipe!!

    1. Shelly

      I’m not so sure it would work with coconut oil because you would lose the butter flavor that you get, but if that wasn’t an issue for you it might be ok! If you try it let me know!

    2. Sarah Werner

      Hi Candice, I can’t have dairy and was curious as to whether or not you ended up trying it with the coconut oil and if so, how did it turn out? 🙂

  53. Jane

    Could you cover a cake with this like you do with ganache? Also if covering a cake would you be able to decorate with gum paste figures etc?

  54. Kolbrun Osp

    You can also just let the butter soften to room temperature (then it will be soft) and then ad the chocolate 🙂

  55. Jenny

    I just made this and had my kids all excited to try it, but it came out BITTER. My kids actually spit it out 🙁 Can sugar or something be added? I am trying to salvage the chocolate and butter I put into it.

      1. Jenny

        Semi sweet chips like it called for… Nestle brand. It’s just not very sweet… which would be better, regular sugar or powdered?

  56. Eimear Larkin

    Hi there!!
    Am mad to try this recipe but could i ask what are the equivalent of cups are in grams for both choc and butter please and thanks?! 🙂 x

  57. doug

    (ok, so I’d be the snob that only used good dark Ghiradelli)


    what would happen if instead of firm up in fridge, it was immediately poured into KA mixing bowl sitting in an ice bath and the KA set to just whip away until ….. that’s the question, until what happens… thick and fluffy or ???

  58. Tom Kettless

    What is the weight of the chocolate? It just says 1 bag. I am in the uk and have various bags with different weights.

  59. Sandy

    I made this tonight, looked just like your pictures (used salted butter and Tollhouse chocolate chips). It was very salty. Iced the chocolate cake, put it back in the fridge to set up. The icing still tasted salty. For me this was a disaster. Any advice?

    1. Shelly

      I would say that it would work better for you with unsalted butter. I like a little salty in mine, but that’s personal preference!

  60. Misty

    How long does it take for this to become a solid block??? I have had mine in the fridge for about an hour maybe hour and a half and it’s still liquidy. I was making this for my FIL Bday tonight and it’s seemingly not going to be ready. Lol.

  61. I can attest to the fact that this recipe is one delicious miracle. I blogged about it (linking to you of course) and it was so worth it.

  62. I tried this today, couldn’t wait for the miracle of only 2 ingredients! I used good butter, and good chips …semisweet, which I agree with a prior poster that stated it was not sweet enough, it is not. I followed along with the post, and mine was picture perfect, worked like a charm. BUT the taste is what is disappointing. It tastes like a semisweet butter. I let it sit in the kitchen aid, as we eating dinner and when I got back to it, it had deflated, and ran back down the attachment. I tried chilling again, and re~whipping, but the original volume is lost. I don’t think it has anything to do with brand or flavor of chips, you are going to end up with exactly what you put in, chocolate butter. No magic. Just gross.

  63. I made an Italian buttercream for my daughter’s birthday cake, but realized that it wasn’t going to be nearly enough so I made a batch of this frosting for between the layers. I used bittersweet chips because that’s how I roll and realized there was probably only 1 1/2 cups of chips in the bag, so I took out about 1/2 stick of the butter…Thankfully it still turned out great with all my last-minute modifications 🙂

  64. trish

    As I sit waiting for the mixture of solidify I’m wondering…would you have the same results with melted chocolate, cooled of course, and room temp butter… I’m impatient

  65. Hi! Just wanted to know whether i could melt the chocolate/butter and refrigerate for a week prior before beating it? Or am i expected to whisk it on the day?

  66. Rocio

    Hello im from argentina and I have a question about this, if i let this on cupcakes for a sweet table in a party for hours, doesn’t melt???? Sorry my english…

  67. This is how I make home made lotion with coconut oil and olive, avocado, or jojoba oil. Never thought of using the same technique for frosting but it makes a lot of sense!:)

  68. Wendy

    Howdy! I made this buttercream to use as a filling for a yellow cake, which by the way, was amazing, and really yummy when paired with white chocolate ganache. I doubled the recipe so I would have some left over for an order two days later, today. This recipe is smooth, chocolatey, perfect for chocoholics in my opinion, but one tip I’d like to share is cut the butter by 1/4-1/2 for warmer times of the year, I catered cakes for a baby shower today, there was no fridge space available so I couldn’t chill the cake until ‘cake time’, and the buttercream melted off one side, lol.I took the cake to the kitchen and sliced it up, so no one was aware of the melty mishap. It’s not the recipes fault though, this is a really really delectable recipe, so, either cut the butter, or use a different recipe for summer time. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us all, I can’t wait to find other applications for it, I really like to lick the bowl 🙂

  69. Miranda

    Very quick question, after whipping up the frosting, can it be left in the refrigerator overnight? I’m making cupcakes for my best friend’s wedding and it’s a decorate your own cupcake bar so the frosting will be set out for guests. I plan on making the frosting the day before and want to make sure it won’t need to be whipped again with a mixer.

    1. Shelly

      For this recipe I used Challenge butter, but if Challenge isn’t available in your area, then I would recommend Land O Lakes…and for chocolate I used Guittard!

  70. Tianna

    How much is 1 bag of Chocolate chips? I’ve been to the grocery store and there are different size bags. Not sure which to get. But omg! I’m am so anxious to try this. It looks sooooo good!

  71. Lauren t

    Made this!! {Preface- love light creamy frosting, not quite so much the gritty super powdered sugar buttercream, which is why I tred this recipe}
    5 stars in: texture, fluff, light, color, easy.
    1 star in taste. Using the semisweet chocolate chips and salted butter, it was was just really bitter. I was dissapointed because looked so lovely and amazing. Because of everything else I love about it, I’m going to try the white chocolate version as those chips are so much sweeter, but not overly sweet. Maybe even a milk chocolate chip version.

  72. Hi, Shelly! I came across your frosting recipe the other day and was intrigued! So, I pretty much had to make an excuse to try it. 🙂 Just made it today. I halved the recipe, as I only needed to frost 12 cupcakes. Followed the directions to a T and I did get the fluffy, light, beautiful looking frosting as in the pictures above: super easy really, just needed some preplanning as it took me about 4 hours from start to finish. Maybe because I am used to the excessively sweet traditional buttercream frosting with tons of powdered sugar in it, I found this one on the bitter and somehow blander side. I added 1 tsp vanilla extract, to see if that would help the flavor a little. I guess it made some difference in terms of flavor but not in terms of sweetness (obviously). I am thinking maybe 1 cup or so of powdered sugar would solve this problem (for those of us who find this frosting lacking in this department). Or, I would try making it with milk chocolate chips or white chocolate. I am assuming that the frosting would be considerably sweeter then. Otherwise, I have to say, it came together so easily and piped so beautifully, it is definitely worth more tries and tweaking. Thank you, Shelly!

  73. hannah

    Hi Shelly, what brand chocolate did you use? and for those who said it was really bitter, what brand of semi sweet choc did you use? i’m thinking of making this in the next couple of days. tia

  74. Gnoodle

    This looks absolutely delicious and simple! If I’m short on time, could I cool this in the freezer instead of the fridge, or would that mess up the texture/consistency perhaps?

  75. Beth

    Does this buttercream crust over/dry out so its easier to smooth out with paper towels and stuff…like is it touchable? 🙂

  76. alyssa

    I have no idea what went wrong, but my frosting was gross! I made it for a birthday cake, I was so sad that it was not edible. I don’t know what went wrong 🙁


    OMGoodness – this may be an answer to my prayers! My DH is Type II diabetic and although it is easy to cook s/f for him, for years I have played around with trying to make a decent s/f icing of some sort. (The best I have done so far is whipping heavy cream and adding a large box of s/f pudding – it tastes fine and creamy but you can’t use it to pipe, etc). I have tried so many recipes not using confectioner sugar and nothing was ever right. Because he is Type II diabetic, he is supposed to eat low carb anyway (and mostly does – he is very good at this) – but on low carb (Atkins type diet), he can eat butter and chocolate (chips or block) with little to no consequences – so this chocolate icing is PERFECT for someone like him! A REAL frosting using no confectioners sugar – just amazing! I just made a huge batch of apple blondies which will be his dessert most of the week – but you can bet that the next dessert I make will be s/f cake of some kind but with THIS frosting on it! Oh now I am so excited that I can make him a great s/f cake and it can have actual frosting on it! Oh happy days! Thank you, thank you, thank you – I cannot wait to make this! (And because DH is Type II but eats low carb, I always keep 12-16 lbs of butter in one of my freezers (I stock up at Sams) – and who doesn’t keep good chocolate chips or blocks of chocolate in their freezer for baking? So voila! I don’t even need to go to the store! Oh now I am so excited about trying this ASAP!

  78. Lacey

    Hi Shelley,
    How long does it take for this to chill solid? I’ve had the melted butter and chips in the fridge for an hour and a half. What’s happened is the chocolate has sunk to the bottom and is more solid and the butter is “liquidy” on the top. Can you give me some guidance? Can I put it in the freezer to speed things up or will that wreck it?
    Thanks for your help!

  79. Tina~

    I made this using homemade GAPS/Paleo Chocolate chips and a coconut oil ghee blend that I get from Green pastures. I didn’t actually make the chips this time, just melted the coconut oil and honey, then added cacao and blended, To that liquid mixture I added two cups of the ghee blend and let it melt, then chilled and treated as above. The frosting was amazing. It ended up tasting a little rich to us so I added a few drops of organic peppermint which gave it a great taste!

    Homemade chocolate chips are eash…
    It’s a one to one ratio of coconut oil and cocoa or cacao, and honey to taste. I usually use 1/2 cup of each coconut oil and cacao, then add about one tsp of honey as we don’t have a sweet tooth, but you can add to your taste. Here is the recipe I base mine on:

  80. Andrea

    So I just made this because I didn’t have any sugar to make normal frosting. It turned out really good! I put it on a yellow sheet cake. It is a little sweeter than I’m used to and next time I will cut 1/4 of it out (ended up with too much leftover!). Overall, I’m pretty happy though!

  81. I find it amusing that there’s an ad in the sidebar of this page for Plus Size clothing . . . hmmm. But throw caution to the wind – this recipe is easy peasy and delish!

  82. Laura

    Tried this and loved it. Used unsalted butter, a splash of vanilla, and then added some salt so you could actually taste the salt (I was thinking about salted caramel or this dark chocolate w sea salt bar I like). It was so good and now I make this all the time!

    1. Shelly

      I always recommend a semi-sweet as it’s a little more stable…so if Toblerone is semi-sweet absolutely! But I would love to hear if you use a milk chocolate instead… it is just a tad softer due to the higher milk fat. But honestly I bet it would work!

  83. Mimi

    Well, I made the mistake of using salted butter (Kerrygold) and milk chocolate chips. Frosting ended up too salty. I am trying to salvage with some powdered sugar. Oh well, live and learn 🙂

  84. roy st. george

    Why chill it until solid? Why not just cool to room temperature and whip it in stand mixer until fluffy?

  85. alessandra

    Hi, if i bring this out lets say from the fridge for about 20 minutes, will it loose its consistency of fluffiness?

  86. VIcky

    Making this right now before I even bake the cake so it will have time to set up and beat when the cake is cool……yummmmm

    1. Shelly

      Semi-sweet will be marked on the outside of the chocolate chip bag. It is the typical chip that you use for chocolate chip cookies. I use salted butter, but it’s a personal preference.

  87. Ok! So I would like to try this for my daughter’s birthday cake on Saturday! But I dont have chocolate chips. Can I use a normal chocolate bar? Or a combination of bitter chocolate with normal chocolate?

    Thanks for sharing!

  88. KrissieGscakes

    After whipping the chocolate buttercream concoction and icing the cake, does it need to stay in fridge? Does this hold up under fondant?

  89. Sarah

    I made this and it ended up bitter. Where did I go wrong? I did use mini chocolate chips because that’s what I had. Too much chocolate?

  90. Bethany

    Attempted to look in the comments but got impatient lol… could you use dark chocolate chips… LOVE dark chocolate over semi sweet

    1. Shelly

      The chocolate has sugar in it 🙂 It isn’t an overly sweet frosting, so you could add some powdered sugar if you would like to make it sweeter!

  91. Christine

    This looked good so I made it. It’s gross. Don’t waste your time and money. I love buttercream frosting…this is not it. It tastes like what it is…chocolate butter. I put it into puff pastry cause I thought the butter would melt into the pastry and would be okay but nope. Still gross.

  92. Katy

    I plan on trying this recipe with the white chocolate chips and colourant for a rose piped sponge cake 8″ round (approx 3 sponges high (2″ per layer).
    Could you tell me if the quantities listed in the recipe above would cover a cake if this size please?

  93. Mandy

    I’m not sure what we did wrong. Ours tastes like butter with a hint of chocolate flavor. I’m thinking of adding some cocoa powder…

  94. Danielle

    I just made this recipe, and it totally improved with a pound and half of powered sugar. If you are going to try this I would cut recipe in half to avoid waste.

  95. Jane Simpson

    I tried this and it was exactly as easy as it looked. However I used semisweet chips and my kids said it was too bitter. I should have used milk chocolate for more sweetness but it was so easy to make. Thanks for the ease of it.

  96. Hi is it milk chocolate or dark chocolate u use for this recipe !
    Is it solid enough to hold fondant icing placed on a cake with frosting on it ! Cheers

  97. Maria Joe

    Woooow!!! This recipe is epic.
    Will it work the same if i substitute chocolate chips with chocolate bars? For eg: a dairy milk bar. If so how many cups of that will i need?

  98. Melissa

    I’m wondering if it would be better with unsalted butter or maybe half salted and half unsalted. Mine seems a bit more salty than I like, but absolutely LOVE the ease of this recipe. Thank you so much!

  99. I made this with milk chocolate chips and salted butter and it’s SOOOO salty!! I normally use salted butter in my buttercream. Anyone else had this happen?

  100. allison

    I wanted to add a pinch of sweet because I felt it needed a bit. I had a brain fart and used granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar and now its gritty. ANy recommendations to fix it or am I fresh out of luck??!

  101. Bella

    I’m thinking of using this as a filling for cupcakes. I may not be able to refrigerate them (they’d be made the morning of, eaten like 8 hours later). Would the frosting break down during that time? Any help is appreciated. 🙂

  102. Chris

    Hiiii what it hurt to add just a tinge of vanilla and maybe just a little more sweeter of some kind??
    not much… just a little!!
    but what ?

    1. Shelly

      It wouldn’t hurt to add vanilla of course. And some people have added powdered sugar. You could also use milk chocolate, which is a sweeter chocolate!

      1. Chris

        Thank you Shelly!!! After i frosted my cake, i found i did NOT NEED TO ADD ANYTHING ELSE!! Sooo delicious!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this easy delicious recipe!
        I am so grateful to have found this since I am like so many others that hated trying to make frosting work!! Sheer genius on your part thank you !!!

  103. Chrissy

    It doesn’t taste like frosting. It tastes like chocolate butter and needs to be sweeter. Worth the try but i wasn’t too happy with the taste

  104. Zia

    Hi. When I put it in the refrigerator, should I cover it? Plastic wrap? And do I need to have the plastic touching the chocolate mixture? Thank you

    1. Shelly

      you can cover it if you plan on leaving it in the fridge for any length of time, say a few days…otherwise I always leave it uncovered 🙂

  105. Shanti

    I just wanted to say THANKS so much for this recipe. I just made it to frost a Hot Chocolate Cake, and it was so light, airy, not too sweet and it even held up in the high heat and humidity here.

    This was a frosting that almost didn’t happen!I had stuck the melted choc and butter in the fridge and realized I only had less than 2 hours to go, panicked thinking I had to make another frosting, then decided to put the bowl over another bowl with ice in it and stick it in the freezer. 20 mins later it was hard, thank god, but when I mixed it up there were some bits inside that had not hardened. Panic again. However after some mixing it all became hard. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes as it was whipping in the mixer, it went so light in color and extra extra fluffy in texture. Disaster averted! Lol I had never felt so relieved. Thanks again!

    1. Shelly

      I use salted, but it’s a personal preference! If you use unsalted you might want to add a pinch to enhance the chocolate flavor!

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