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Introducing the cutest dessert you will ever see in your lifetime… Krispie Treat Chicks. These bite-sized marshmallow krispie treats are made with Cadbury eggs, mini M&Ms, and more! They’re the perfect snack for Easter!

I have a favorite hobby this time of year.

It’s called “Eat As Many Cadbury Eggs As Humanly Possible”.

Trust me it’s a thing.


I remember in high school, back when my metabolism appreciated excess amounts of junk food, hammering those things into my face until I was sick.


But as you get older, you grow to know your limits.  So instead of keg-standing Cadbury Eggs, I eat them in controlled excess… pacing yourself and all that.

Cadbury Chocolate Egg Krispie Treat Chicks

And the perfect way to get your daily Cadbury Egg quota is slipping them into other unassuming treats.

Like Krispie Treats.  I mean, duh.


So today, I decided to get a little crafty while incorporating my 2 most favorite guilty pleasures…and made Krispie Treat Chicks…stuffed with a Mini Cadbury Egg.

IMG_8227These are totally simple and perfect for the season…

How to Make Krispie Treat Chick Desserts:

Just make a batch of Basic Rice Krispie Treats…but when your marshmallow is almost melted, tint it yellow, using some yellow food coloring.  I used a gel based color.

 photo IMG_8150_zps1047a330.jpgThen mix in your cereal, as you normally would…

 photo IMG_8153_zpse7517ec6.jpgLet that cool for just a few minutes, so it’s not quite so warm and get your Mini Cadbury Eggs ready…

 photo IMG_8144_zps0576aa22.jpgUnwrap them, and try not to sneak any…

 photo IMG_8157_zps33d37fdf.jpgGrab about 1/4 cup of the Krispie mixture in your hands…you could spray you hands with cooking spray to help it not stick…just becareful not to use too much spray, because you will need to stick the eyes and the beak onto the krispie, and if you use too much they won’t stick.

Form a ball around one egg…

 photo IMG_8162_zps97704f39.jpgPlace them on a wax paper or parchment lined baking sheet.

 photo IMG_8163_zpsc5878cd9.jpgFor the chick faces I used some fun chocolate covered sunflower seeds and Mini M&Ms.

 photo IMG_8159_zpsebcefff4.jpgI thought the seeds were the perfect shape for their little beaks…and the M&Ms for their eyes (you could also use mini chocolate chips).

Just press them into the krispie mixture.  Mine stuck with no problem, but if you used a lot of cooking spray on your hands to form the balls, you might have some trouble.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-19_zpsc02bfb3a.jpgAnd that’s it!


I placed each into a white mini cupcake liner to look like an eggshell…

So simple, and you get 2 treats in one!


Krispie Treat Chicks

  • Author: Cookies & Cups
  • Prep Time: 20 min
  • Total Time: 20 min
  • Yield: makes 24 1x
  • Category: Dessert
  • Cuisine: American


Introducing the cutest dessert you will ever see in your lifetime… Krispie Treat Chicks. These bite-sized marshmallow krispie treats are made with Cadbury eggs, mini M&Ms, and more! They’re the perfect snack for Easter!


  • Ingredients for 1 batch Basic Rice Krispie Treats
  • Yellow food coloring
  • 24 MIni Cadbury Eggs, unwrapped
  • Chocolate covered Sunflower Seeds
  • Mini Brown M&Ms or mini chocolate chips
  • Mini white cupcake liners


  1. Make Krispie Treats according to directions, but as soon as the marshmallows are ALMOST melted, add in you yellow food coloring. Use as much or little as you would like to reach desired effect.
  2. Immediately add in cereal and allow to cool for just a few minutes, so the Cadbury Egg doesn’t melt.
  3. Using about 1/4 cup of krispie mixture, form a ball around each Cadbury Egg, placing on a parchment lined baking sheet.
  4. Press orange sunflower seed vertically on to ball, to mimic a beak, and 2 Mini M&Ms or chocolate chips for the eyes.
  5. Place each in a mini white cupcake liner for presentation.


Store airtight for up to 2 days, although, best if eaten the same day, as is with any krispie treat.

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  1. I’ve been avoiding cadburys because I know once I have one…it’s all over. These chicks though…total cadbury portion control. And so cute too! Love it!

  2. Adrienne

    Just made these in time for tomorrow’s celebrations. Couldn’t find covered pine nuts here in Ireland but orange tic-tacs worked a treat!!

  3. sallyann

    oh wow, these are fab , ive stumbled across your blog and just found this. oh my…when i was in high school id eat 2 full size cream eggs for my lunch nearly every day….the shame of it ! lol. so how about big chicks with full size eggs?….or am i being greedy.
    thats a great tip also…the person up there who said use tic tacs…brilliant.

  4. Tammy Strickland

    These are so cute!!!! I’m going to make them for my 2 grand daughters, I know they will love them… I love your site also.. Happy Easter & baking

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