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October Favorites

I’m sharing my October Favorites with you today! This month I’ve got beauty and lifestyle favorites for you and not a ton of foodie stuff! My diet has consisted mostly of Halloween candy that I bought in advance, “so I was prepared”…which is really a thin veil for I bought candy ahead of time so I could eat it all month.

Please do NOT ask me how many Reese’s Pumpkins I consumed this month. It’s not pretty folks, not pretty at all. AND on this day after Halloween, I am furiously trying to eat all the good candy out of my kids baskets, because we all know diets can’t start until there are only Tootsie Rolls and Spree left in the Halloween bowl. That’s just the way life works. I don’t make the rules.

But I will say that while I am sad October is over (omg in a blink) I am SO so excited for November and December! I have some really fun stuff coming up the next few months, and I want to enjoy every second of it! Today I am headed into NYC to a fun retreat with 7 other bloggers, and I can’t wait. Getting to spend time with girls from across the country that do the same strange job as I do is pretty great!

AND next week I head to Chicago for a few days to do some TV spots for my friends at Fleischmann’s Yeast! I LOVE Chicago and wish I had more time there, but it’s also a busy time here at home, so I need to get back.

I’m also gearing up for all the HOLIDAY COOKIES! I am going to do my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies series again because it was such a big hit last year. I have my cookie list ALMOST set, but I’ve got a few slots left. Hit me up with any cookies you would like to see!

But onto my favorites from October!

  1. I did a little damage the other day in Nordstrom at the Jo Malone counter…They just released Ginger Biscuit again! It’s a Limited Time fragrance and seems to come out during the holidays, but always sells out super fast, so I grabbed a bottle! The name perfectly describes the smell…it’s a warm, kinda spicy, kinda sweet (but in a grown up way) perfume. And who doesn’t want to smell like a sophisticated cookie everyday of their life? I mean….
  2. I ALSO grabbed Jo Malone’s newest holiday fragrance White Moss & Snowdrop. I am beyond obsessed with this right now. My friend Jenny texted me and told me to get to Nordstrom and try this asap, so I listened and am smitten. It smells like winter in the prettiest way possible. Like kind of a little like a forest, but also ambery, and slightly powdery as it settles on your skin. AND to be extra extra, if you layer it with Pomegrante Noir it’s literally how I want to smell for the rest of my life. So yeah, I bought 3 perfumes. I wish I was sorry about it. Also get to your Nordstrom counter, spray the White Moss & Snowdrop, and then layer it with Pomegranate Noir, walk around for 10 minutes and let it relax and mix then tell me you aren’t in love. The PERFECT winter scent!
  3. So this Wine Sweatshirt is my favorite piece of clothing rn. I mean…
  4. Also, order now, thank me later…these black joggers are the cutest, most comfy joggers ever to happen. I ordered a small petite and they are perfect. The petite hit me at my ankle with a little extra length, and I would say that you are 5’4″ or under the petite would be perfect for you. They aren’t for working out, more for lounging and running errands. LOVE them!
  5. This month I finally hit 100k on Instagram (woohoo) but I rewarded myself with a very pricey pair of tennis shoes. I have been obsessed with them for a while, and decided to splurge. They are cuter in person than I even hoped they would be and I have worn them everyday since I got them. OBSESSED.
  6. Also another HUGE splurge for me this month during the Sephora VIB sale, was pulling the trigger on the Dyson Super Sonic Hairdryer. I have been so back and forth on this, because the price is out of control and also I have purchased (and returned) some pretty spendy hair dryers in the past, hoping they would be life changing (they were not). Anyhow, I asked you guys on Instagram and so many of you were so passionate about the Dyson I went ahead and used my 20% off VIB code and bought it. And the verdict: I LOVE IT. I was honestly ready to try it, and then promptly take it back to Sephora, but I love it so much. It dried my hair very quickly, but also, made my hair smoother, and shinier than any other dryer I have ever used.
  7. Also during the VIB sale I picked up the new Huda Beauty Overachiever concealer and LOVE it!! I usually don’t like concealers packaged in tubes like this is, but the coverage is amazing without being thick. Like my under eye circles were GONE. Definitely a keeper!
  8. And one more VIB sale purchase was the new Sephora Pro New Nudes Palette. I need another eye shadow palette like I need a hole in the head, but the colors are so perfect. I played with it for the first time yesterday and know this will be an eye shadow palette that will get a TON of use. It has all the colors I love and need!
  9. Another loungy, but cute top I got is this adorable Varsity top from Gibson. It’s super soft and looks adorable with leggings, jeans, or my new black joggers!
  10. Ok, also can we talk a minute about these “Romperalls“. you KNOW I love a good overall…and you KNOW I love a cozy romper. Well, my faves Smash + Tess have done it again with this perfectly perfect mashup. SO freaking cute!!
  11. I have been LOVING this Neutrogena HydraBoost Hydrating Tint lately! It’s a medium coverage foundation that makes you skin look glowy, but not dewy and has the perfect “your skin but better” finish!
  12. OMG another Gibson find this month is this crazy soft, totally cute turtleneck. It drapes perfectly, and the wrap back detail is so cute. I have been loving the Gibson Line at Nordstrom lately…their knits are like BUTTER, and they aren’t overly expensive!
  13. And of course another sweatshirt…this “Maybe Later” sweatshirt from Madewell is super comfy, and also Maybe Later is my life’s motto.

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2 comments on “October Favorites”

  1. I know this is an old post, but I have to tell you I bought the joggers based on your recommendation and loved them so much I gave them to my mom, sisters, and aunts for Christmas. Everyone raved about them, they’re the best. Thanks for making gifting easy this year 🙂

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