Brown Sugar Pancakes

Brown Sugar Pancakes are soft, fluffy and cook perfectly every time.

There once was a time when I pancakes scared me. I mean I wasn’t scared OF them…but I was scared to MAKE them. It wasn’t some overly dramatic phobia…it was just that…well…every time I tried I epically failed.

Dang pancakes, with all their simplicity…I just couldn’t get the hang of it! I either uncooked and flipped too early, resulting in splattered batter errwherrr. OR I overcooked, burned and tried to disguise said burn with an unhealthy waterfall of maple syrup, fooling no one.


It was just one of those foods that I just preferred to leave up to the profesh staff at my local ihop. or is it iHop? APPLE YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!

Anywhooooo. Since I am not a quitter…except when it comes to diet and exercise…I grabbed a fun spatula and got back on the horse. Also, let’s just say that buying a fun spatula sometimes is all the incentive one needs. That and the promise of sugary carbs at the finish line.

ps- I know that’s “supposedly” an Omelet spatula, but let’s all move on.


Not only have I mastered the pancake…I am inclined to say I am victorious in the pancake game.

Using brown sugar makes the whole situation a little more pulled together. Like all along the pancake was just crying for brown sugar and no one listened.

I listened. I heard.


The batter is remarkably simple. No Bisquick is ever necessary. Please, let’s all say it together.

Also, the trick to pancakes for me is low and slow. Actually medium-low and slow-ish.

Oh, and butter. Isn’t that always the answer?


Just melt a little salted butter on your griddle over, say it with me, “MEDIUM LOW” and then scoop some batter onto the hot griddle. If things are browning to fast reduce the heat. Too low is better than too hot.


What you will have is a gorgeous stack of brown sugary goodness.

That you should definitely top with a little extra butter…

Perfect Brown Sugar Pancakes!

And a healthy drizzle of real maple syrup.

Brown Sugar Pancakes...the best pancakes EVER!

Or an unhealthy drizzle. No judgy.

Brown Sugar Pancakes
Serves: makes about 10 pancakes
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1½ cups milk
  • 5 tablespoons butter, melted
  • butter for frying
  1. In a large bowl whisk the flour, baking powder, salt and brown sugar together.
  2. In separate bowl whisk the eggs, vanilla and milk together.
  3. Add the wet ingredients into the dry and mix until just combined. Lastly mix in the melted butter and stir until combined, the batter will be slightly lumpy. Set the batter aside while you heat your griddle to medium-low heat. Melt a small pat of butter on the griddle and then scoop out ½ cup of pancake batter onto the hot griddle.
  4. Cook until the edges are set and bubbles form on top of the pancake. Flip and cook until browned.
  5. Serve warm.


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Real maple syrup is the ONLY option!!!
I have never put brown sugar in my pancakes….I must try!

Coco in the Kitchen

You got me at Brown Sugar.
I’m putting these fluffy cakes onto the table tomorrow morning!

Teri Giese

Agreed on 2!Always the real maple syrup,and finally do the homemade pancake! Am not a morning person and definitely not a morning chef! So was both when younger! Promise to work on that with your recipe! Thanks, I think?!?

Kathy Mader

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pancake recipe. Will def try this. I am with you, though, I love restaurant pancakes. Maybe I’m weird but I like the stretchy texture, I call it. And I’ve asked at restaurants how they do it. I’ve heard 7-Up in the batter and I’ve heard of beating the batter to death, which is totally contrary to everything we’ve ever read. Anyone know the secret to restaurant pancakes?


What a great idea, adding the brown sugar in the recipe. I like it.


They look so nice! I should treat myself with such pancakes 🙂


2 tablespoons of baking powder seems like a lot. The batter is really thick! But they are delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Alexandra Jade

You listened and heard to the pancakes calls , you are the pancake whisperer! haha


I have always had trouble with pancakes!! I keep trying and failing, blaming it on my pan, my stove, now my griddle, that was supposed to make it all better but hasn’t. Ugh! I am going to keep trying and am thinking the low and slow idea will help. Fingers crossed! These sound delicious, gonna give it a try and hope for the best! Thank you!

Candace Lopez

You had me at Brown Sugar also!!! Love brown sugar in anything. This sounds like something I must try!!!! thank you!!!!!


These look so good! Sign me up for a stack!


What a great and simple recipe! These pancakes were a hit! Thanks!

Jeri Markle

Be honest, one of your favorite snacks is mixing butter and brown sugar…right!? Mine too!
These pancakes are totes awesome. I just doubled the recipe for the busy week ahead. {parent-teacher conferences…ACK!} My kids are thrilled for pancakes all week! And I am thrilled to be done with breakfast for the week! Super win!


3tablespoon of brown sugar is enough to sweeten them?


Okay so I added an extra tablespoon of brown sugar. And another half tsp of vanilla, because I prefer a sweeter pancake. But the butter on the skillet didn’t turn out well because even though it was only on medium heat, the butter burned quickly and the pancakes blackened quickly as well. I ruined about half the batch because the pancakes cooked so quickly. The ones that didn’t burn were delicious, but I had to switch to oil for the skillet rather than butter.


These are AMAZING!! They were definitely a hit with the family…my husband said to throw away any other pancake recipe (and he is very picky about his pancakes and waffles). 🙂 Light, fluffy, super tasty, and easy! Loved the post, too…excellent directions and pictures. These are the only pancakes I’ll be making from now on. Thank you!


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I ran out of white sugar so this recipe came right on time. Turned out delicious! Thanks for sharing!!!

Susan Johnson

Had these for “breakfast for dinner” this evening. Very tasty! Not sure I could actually taste the brown sugar but the aroma of the pancakes was great. A keeper recipe.


These were sweet, fluffy, and delicious! I did add 1/2 cup more milk to the batter and I sprayed the griddle with cooking spray. Perfect!


I just finished making these and they turned out lovely! So perfect! Thanks!!!