Cake Mix Toffee Bars

I have decided that there are 3 types of people:  Beach people, pool people and people who wish they were beach people, but sadly are not.

I am the third type.

The wish I was, but really am not, sort.

I blame the sand.



Anyway, I bit the bullet and decided to go to the beach the other day with my friends and family.  Normal beach stuff happened:  sunscreen, fistfuls of Doritos,  bikini judging, my kids building sand couches…yes, I said couches.  They can’t be normal kids and build sand castles.  A bit telling, don’t you think?


Anyway.  It was a normal beach day.



I got stung by a jellyfish.

For real.

Just like that episode of Friends…or any other time someone has gotten stung by a jellyfish.

Me, not being an over-reactor at all, was convinced that I was about to die.  I basically started wheezing and planning my funeral.

But then reality hit me.  Monica got stung by a jellyfish and Chandler peed on her and saved her life.


I hurried back to the beach where MY friends were lounging, and casually asked if they had any pee to spare.

After an awkward moment, they all avoided eye contact and said, “uhh…I…ummm just peed in the ocean”.  I’m not sure if they were more embarrassed about peeing in the ocean or the prospect of peeing on me.

Of course my husband offered, but I could never allow that to happen.  Sometimes there are places that relationships shouldn’t go.  It’s a hard limit of mine.

So, yeah, all my friends left me for dead.


By the grace of God I made it out alive, no thanks to my “friends”.  I really need a Chandler in my life.

Life lesson:  Next time you are at the beach, maybe don’t pee in the ocean…you never know when it will save a life. Plus, it’s just nasty.


Are you hungry yet?

Sorry about all the pee talk it’s all so unladylike.


Let’s talk food.

Cake Mix Toffee Bars.
PhotobucketThese are simple.  You don’t need to dirty up your mixer or anything.

Just mix some cake mix, an egg and some melted butter together and press it into a pan…

PhotobucketGet your toffee ready.  It’s the star of the show.

PhotobucketThen stir together a can of sweetened condensed milk, another egg, vanilla and your toffee.  Pour it all over your crust.

PhotobucketAnd bake.

PhotobucketThat’s it y’all.




Cake Mix Toffee Bars


makes 30 bars


  • 1 (18.25 oz) vanilla cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup butter. melted
  • 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup toffee bits or Heath Bar bits (chocolate coated toffee bits)


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Spray a 9×13 pan lightly with cooking spray.
  3. In a bowl combine dry cake mix, 1 egg and melted butter until evenly incorporated. Press this in the prepared pan.
  4. In another bowl combine sweetened condensed milk, egg, vanilla and toffee bits. Whisk together until combined.
  5. Pour this over the first layer.
  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes until edge are golden brown and center is set.
  7. Let cool completely before cutting into squares.


These bars are great if made the day before.
Store airtight, unrefrigerated for up to 3 days.


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Sorry to hear about the Jelly fish Me I would have likely lost my head……lol….. as for the bars I think I might try that sounds easy and good 🙂 Pin it 🙂

Marlys Folly

I loved your story… I am the third, wishing I was at the beach… no not really, I hate the sand and the water here at Lake Superior is much too cold for me to even think of going in and I hate just lying on the beach….. But I do love your bars and going to make them…YUM… love anything toffee.

Ali @ Gimme Some Oven

Oh nooooooooo! I so wish Chandler were there to rescue you!!! (Love that episode!!)

These toffee bars look amazing though. Hope you are feeling better! 🙂


Next time go in search of vinegar. It does the same thing as pee and isn’t gross. (I was stung my a HUGE man-of-war when I was in 7th grade and after being rushed to the hospital had welts from my neck to my upper thigh). My next beach visit I was stung on the foot by a much smaller, less poisonous jelly fish. Now I don’t go to the beach without a jar of vinegar….because, even after that, I AM a beach person!

luv what you do

My mouth is watering already. I love anything with a cake mix. My newest favorite is this cake batter fudge. Have you tried it?

The idea of using it as a crust is genious and I’m a huge toffee fan. Fantastic recipe!

Averie @ Averie Cooks

I love making cake mix bars! A box of vanilla or yellow cake and a can of sweetened cond milk have infinite possibilities. Love the toffee “soup”…I could drink that 🙂

Cookbook Queen

I would have TOTALLY peed on you, friend.

But only for a few of these bars. I mean, I have a price.


So glad u made it! These look totally fabulous and I’m bookmarking right now 😉


OMG, deliciousness. A good thing to have after narrowly losing your life.


I’m trying this recipe with Butterfingers. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


Try this recipe with a butter pecan cake mix and it will taste even better!

I am the third. I love the idea of the beach, but can’t seem to bring myself to pack up the kids, food, drink, coolers, sunscreen, toys, chairs, umbrellas…did I get it all? I’m sure I forgot something because every time I do go to the beach I inevitably forget something. Besides the fact you (and the care) never get clean and it would not surprise me that it may be possible to make a pearl by the amount of sand in your bathing suit. I hope your sting is feeling better. You need to find new friends. BTW, I… Read more »
Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

Yes please! This sounds awesome!


I don’t think it’s actually true that pee will help a jellyfish sting! I actually got stung by a jellyfish a few years ago and putting hot sand on the sting helped 🙂


Honestly…I’m really not so much of a beach person either. Sand gets in places it should never go and you find it in your hair until the middle of DECEMBER. Awful.

I’m so glad you survived! And I totally would have peed on you. I always have some to spare.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

Wow. I can’t believe your friends would rather leave you in pain than pee on you. Geez. Buuuut…maybe if you gas them these bars? Then maybe they would? I love the toffee in sweetened condensed milk mixture…and to put it on cake mix??? Genius!

Lauren at Keep It Sweet

Jelly fish completely freak me out and I actually just saw that episode!

Toffee in an easy bar always works!

Marci Johnson

These sound amazing and so simple to make. I cannot wait to make them for our trip to the Lake House next weekend. And I love recipes that will pack well!!


We just watched that episode of Friends…still cracks me up every time!!! I’m thinking if you had these bars with you, your friends would have hooked you up! I love simple cake mix recipes…especially ones with that many toffee bits in them:-)


Bummer about the no-peeing friends! Yummy recipe! 😛


Do you have any tips for spreading the mix in the cake pans. I have a heckuva time getting it to spread. I wind up with more on my fingers than in the pan half the time!


I use a small glass cup. It works really well! It very easily spreads the mix evenly and all the way to the corners. Then I just clean up the corners with my fingers. It’s super quick and cleaner than using my fingers, which, by the way, I’m never afraid to use!


Is there any rerun better than a classic Friend’s episode? And you must have read Fifty Shades of Gray, “hard limit”, LOL!

Colleen @ What

I love the simplicity of the ingredients in these bars – piece of cake! (no pun intended :)) Glad you are okay after the jelly fish scare!

sally @ sally

Cake mix is my #1 favorite shortcut for making bars. There are so many possibilities! he combo of toffee and sweetened condensed milk has me weak at the knees…….


you are a cake mix genius.

ps. I can’t believe you actually got stung! I feel like that’s only something that happens on TV or in the movies. Apparently so is peeing on your friends I guess.

Miss Overballe

My boyfriend got stung by a jellyfish 2 years ago, he still has traces of the scar 🙁
A few advices if it ever happens to anyone:
– scrape the wound/burn with a creditcard to remove traces of jellyfish material
– rub alcohol on the wound/burn
– take an antihistamin if you’ve got any

The bars look delicious 🙂

Cookie Sleuth

A delicious and easy beach treat! Sorry to hear about your jellyfish experience. :/

The Partiologist

Looks delicious and I am for sure a pool girl! Wanting to be able to see the ocean from the pool of course. Don’t EVER feel bad about being a pool girl! 🙂

Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

I would be a total spaz if that happened to me! So sorry!

These toffee bars are delicious looking 🙂


So sorry about the jellyfish ~ I’ve had that happen. Not fun at all! I haven’t read all the responses so not sure if vinegar has been mentioned. Always take that with you…really works.

The toffee bars sound divine ~ thanks so much for sharing!


Emily @ Life on Food

Oh yummy! These look super good and EASY. I just happen to have all of the ingredients in my pantry. Exciting!


As a very long-time beach girl, I always carry a small plastic jar of meat marinade in my beach bag. Easier to carry than vinegar, and no hunting for someone to pee on you! It also smells better than vinegar… and, well, pee.

The timing of this recipe is perfect. My daughter is working at a youth camp all summer and I want to send her a special treat in the mail that will still taste good in a couple of days.



I’m going to the Outer Banks of NC in 4 days and between the threat of sharks, stingrays and the dreaded jelly fish I’m pretty sure I will not be going in the ocean…I’m going by myself so I will have no one to pee on my sting either if it happens, not worth the risk! I will, however, be making these cookies, as they seem like they will be a nice treat on my 12 hour solo-drive. 🙂

Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Hubby was stung my a jellyfish years ago (still dating at the time), we had no idea what to do. He got pulled over speeding out of the National Park to figure out what to do. The cop who pulled him over told him to put meat tenderizer and vinegar on it. But he told us in the “how dumb are you” tone of voice.

Carla @ Carlas Confections

I think you need to get better friends! Leave you for dead… so unthoughtful! 😉 Glad you are ok, and Im glad you shared this with us. Great looking recipe!!!!


Not to be the Friends police or anything, but I believe it was Joey that peed on Monica when she got stung by the jellyfish. Chandler wouldn’t have done that, because like you said, there are some places a relationship just shouldn’t go! Though, at that point in the show I don’t think they were dating yet…

Okay, clearly I watch waaaaay to many reruns of Friends!

But in all seriousness, sorry you got stung! That can’t have been fun. I hope tasty toffee bars healed you up good!

Melody B

Hello there, I just made this dessert and was wondering if most of the middle should be very, very gooey? It has set up for at least 7 hours.


The bars look great. I love love toffee.


This is such a good recipe. My family has made a version of it for years. Ours are called Delicious Bars because they are amazingly delish!

Meg @ Sweet Twist

1. Those bars look amazing!
2. That is a crazy story! You had a friends moment, hilarious!!


Mine never set up either. It’s a little runny. Though my edges look slightly less brown than yours do in the picture. Another pop in the oven, maybe?


Mine were super runny too! I baked them for over 30 minutes (got nervous because they were getting too brown) and still it was “jiggly” when I took it out of the oven. They taste delightful though!


I made these! Because of the comments on making sure the middle was set, I may have overbaked just a little (on the edges). I ended up baking for 30 min, then increasing the oven temp by 25 degrees and baking 5-6 more before the middle wasn’t jiggly. But they are delicious, and so easy. Thanks!


I made these and they are perfection. Ate while still hot. Gooeyness heaven. Have not tried cooled off yet. I like to eat my baked goods hot. Strange fetish I guess.

Jen @ Fresh from the...

I made these recently and they were super yummy! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂