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Stuffed Cookies

These stuffed cookie recipes are exactly what they sound like. Classic cookie dough wrapped around a delectable stuffing, then baked! The end result is soft and chewy cookies that have some seriously addictive goodness inside.

These Nutella filled chocolate chocolate chip cookies are a chocolate lover’s dream and I made these cookie dough stuffed chocolate sprinkle cookies for those of us who can’t resist eating a bite or two of cookie dough from the bowl.

Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookies to stuff because, well, chocolate chip just goes with so many things! The next time you’re tempted to make a batch of basic chocolate chip cookies, try one of these instead.

What I'm Lovely Lately

I always love coming up with new stuffed cookie ideas – and so does everyone who comes to visit. Here’s what I’ve been baking and loving lately.

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