Banana Bread Brownies

Keeping with my whole fruit situation that I have going on, I started thinking about bananas.

Which took me about 1.7 seconds.

You see, I don’t love bananas.

Actually I really don’t even like them in their natural state.  The mushiness, the smell…


Funny thing about it, is it’s actually a fruit I am not allergic to.

Yes, people, I have an actual fruit allergy.  It’s a real thing.

Anyway, I’m not a huge banana fan.


But I do like banana bread.  It’s this strange situation.  I like it even better with peanut butter cups, in case you were wondering.

So here I am. Thinking about bananas once again…

How can I eat one without having to actually EAT one?


Then I remembered this recipe that I jotted down a few years ago that went into the depths of my recipe folder…

I have no idea where I got it, no idea when I wrote it, but there it is…

Banana Bread Brownies.

So I decided to get to work.

I had these from bunch to mouth in about 45 minutes…and I didn’t even have to use my mixer.

Just get some old bananas.

Did you ever wonder if getting into banana bread was on the bucket list of bananas?  I mean they have this nice long life, get all old and squishy and then either end up in someone’s compost OR in a delicious loaf of banana bread.  Think about it, worms burrowing through your banana body or being baked with sugar and vanilla…It’s really the perfect way to go.

I think I want my death to be via banana bread.  Not today, I mean.  When I get old and squishy.


That didn’t make sense.

On a side note I have spelled banana wrong every single time I have typed it so far.  Don’t you think it looks better as bananana?
First you need to melt some chocolate chips and butter together.
I forgot to take a picture of that…so close your eyes and imagine a saucepan with chocolate chips and butter melted together.
Set that aside to cool.

Now get some elderly bananas and mush the heck of of them.
Then add some sugar and vanilla…
Mix that together, then add some beaten eggs, some flour and salt.
Then pour almost all of your melted chocolate into the batter. Set aside 1/4 cup of the chocolate to use in a minute.
PhotobucketSee, now pour the last bit of chocolate on top and swirly-whirl it in.
PhotobucketThen bake. That’s it.
See how pretty?
PhotobucketThese brownies are dense and yummy filled with just the right amount of banana flavor!



Banana Bread Brownies

  • Author: Cookies & Cups


makes 25 brownies


  • 6 Tbsp butter
  • 3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2 cups mashed ripe bananas (about 3)
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1 3/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Spray a 9×9 pan with cooking spray, set aside
  3. In a medium sauce pan, combine butter and chocolate chips. Over medium-low heat, melt together, stirring occasionally. When melted, set aside to cool.
  4. In a large bowl combine the mashed bananas, sugar and vanilla. Stir in beaten eggs until evenly incorporated.
  5. Stir in flour and salt until just combined.
  6. Pour all but 1/4 cup melted chocolate into the banana mixture and stir.
  7. Pour the batter into your prepared pan and drizzle remaining 1/4 cup melted chocolate on top, and swirl it into the batter.
  8. Bake 25-30 minutes until the center is set and a toothpick comes out clean.
  9. Brownies will be very dense.
  10. Cool completely and cut into squares.


store in an airtight container for up to 3 days

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Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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90 Responses
  1. i’m the SAME way!! i don’t like bananas because they just smell nasty nor do i like the taste but i can stand them in such things as…bread, brownies, smoothies..just can’t do them alone. i’ve had people eat a banana in my car and i literally almost gagged and pulled the car over. these look delicious though and super moist and fudgey!

  2. I’m one of the weirdos who doesn’t like bananas but LOVES banana bread also! Good stuff. These look amazing! Fudgy brownie (that just happens to have banana in it) heaven.

  3. K, I actually like bananas… but in moderation. When I THINK about liking bananas, I don’t like bananas. I know, I’m a brat. However, I KNOW I’d like these brownies because, uh, whyyyy wouldn’t I? Banana bread brownies. Even the name is mahvelous.

  4. Oh my gosh – this is a genius idea!!
    We need to talk about this fruit allergy. Does your tongue swell up? Mine does with certain fruit and it drives me crazy.

    1. shelly

      Yep, swells and gets super itchy…the allergist said it’s Oral Allergy Syndrome, for me, it’s an extension of my horrendous tree allergy. Can’t eat stone fruits at all, or even almonds. So annoying.

  5. Love, love, Shelly!! First, I’m obsessed with bananas…so I don’t understand you! 😉 But I do get you on banana bread. I have never understand chocolate chip banana bread but I can get down with this. That’s weird right? This is just genius!!

  6. elaine

    They sound divine. I was thinking of making some sort of banana bread or muffins today then ran across your recipe for banana brownies! Can’t wait to make and eat them. I don’t have any C/chips so I will be making them with walnuts. May make a cinnamon icing to go over top. Should be yummy! And with my boys they won’t last.

  7. Brilliant!! I love bananas and would love to be trown in with vanilla and sugar when I reach my squishy age. 🙂 Love it! I will definitely give this one a try. Thx!

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Shelly Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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