Cookies and Cream Frosting

This Pillsbury cake mix is elevated with creamy homemade Cookies and Cream Frosting and an elegant chocolate ganache! I’ve partnered with Pillsbury Baking on this post, to have a device-free evening and get the family involved in some sweet fun!

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Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

This Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwich recipe is so easy and always a family favorite. Packed with flavor and simple ingredients, these will be on your weekly meal plan rotation!

Wacky Cake

WACKY CAKE! This is an egg and dairy free cake recipe (without the frosting). You make it right in the cake pan, so NO MESS! You don’t even grease the pan!

Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Southwestern Quinoa Salad is delicious, easy and a healthy dinner or side option! It’s also a Vegan recipe when using the new Hellmann’s Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread. This post is in partnership with Mirium Shopper.

Skillet Pizza Rolls

Skillet Pizza Rolls… everything you love about pizza, rolled up like a cinnamon roll! The perfect easy dinner or Game Day snack!

The Best Game Day Food!

I’ve got the best game day food for you today! Appetizers, meals and sweet treat ideas for you to make your party delicious from start to finish!

Brownie Sundae Cups

Easy Brownie Sundae Cups are the perfect little brownie bowl for you favorite ice cream and toppings! Plus, no bowl to have to clean!

No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Granola Cookies

These are Peanut Butter Cup No Bake Cookies….and they are PHENOMENAL! They are made with oats, granola (for some crunch), peanut butter and cocoa powder (plus a few other little extras). These are a huge weakness for me!

Twix Blondies

Twix Blondies are what sweet caramel dreams are made of! Take a buttery, brown sugar blondie, load it up with tons of chopped Twix Bars, sea salt and chocolate chips. They’re chewy with crunchy bits of shortbread baked inside!

Oreo Pudding Cookies

These Oreo Pudding Cookies are a family favorite! They are crispy at the edge, but adding pudding mix directly into the batter keeps them soft and chewy in the center!

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake is a simple, classic cake that can be frosted or dusted with powdered sugar. It’s dense and chocolaty…basically a cross between a brownie and a piece of cake!

My 2016 Favorites

Oh yes, I’m a little late. I mean who does a gift guide AFTER Christmas? Makes no sense. But alas, here we are. I, of course, meant to post this early December, but then I got busy/lazy and didn’t. BUT I’ve decided it’s worked out better, because I got a...
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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Hot Chocolate Cookies are made with hot chocolate mix right in the dough! Load them up with milk chocolate chunks and mini marshmallows and you have the cookie version of everyone’s favorite hot beverage!