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Apple Pie Bread

This Apple Pie Bread needs to happen in your life ASAP!

A loaf of Apple Pie Bread with a slice cut

This bread.
You guys….

It’s SO good.

It’s called Apple Pie Bread… and it’s less a bread more a cake that we can call a bread and be totally fine eating it for breakfast.

Was that a run-on sentence?


I’m guest posting over at Better Homes and Garden’s food blog, Delish Dish today.

Hop over for the full tutorial, lots of pictures and the recipe!

Don’t make me look bad y’all.. it’s Better Homes and Gardens!


Go now!!


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27 comments on “Apple Pie Bread”

  1. I really enjoy this blog (it is my absolute favorite) and have tried many recipies with great success. I baked this Bread… following every step and ingrediant exactly. I never appreciate people who leave comments about a recipie (good or bad), who dont actually follow the recipie. The bread comes out looking exactly the like the picture (always nice). The texture is wonderful, it is a moist cake. The flavor was to say the least on the bland side. I would not bake it again. This is a product that does not taste as good as it looks (even with the biscoff topping).

  2. Wish you would have reposted the Apple pie bread recipe here so I could save it with ZipList. Can’t do it in one click from BH&G….

  3. Streusel recipe: Combine 3T flour, 1/4c. brown sugar, 1/2t pie spice; cut in 2T butter {can also toss in some instant oats}. I used tip from Better Homes & Garden CookBook, 14ed. and substituted equal amt vanilla yogurt for the buttermilk + vanilla. Other tip if you were out of buttermilk was to add some lemon juice to milk.

  4. This bread looks delicious! I noticed that in the comments that some people have made it and I would love to but I can’t seem to find the streusel topping in the recipe. It seems like the ingredients for the streusel are the same as the ones for the bread. Am I looking in the wrong place?
    I hope I’m wrong because I’d love to make this.

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